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The church and leaders must own change before they can embrace it. ... of FBA Mentoring Ministry is to coach and mentor/facilitate spiritual leaders ...

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Help I am THE Leader

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Slide 1:Help! I am THE Leader?

NOBA 2007 Association Summit January 6-8, 2007 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas

Slide 2:Help! I Am THE Leader?

If you are GROUCHY, IRRITABLE, or just plain MEAN there will be a $10 charge for putting up with you!

Slide 3:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

RELATIONSHIPS DEFINED The way in which two or more people feel and behave towards each other. A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other. The condition or fact of being associated or connected.

Slide 4:Common Pitfalls in Relationships

• Lack of Communication: The church and leaders must own change before they can embrace it. Inadequate Reponses to Resistant People: Hear the hurts of people & be flexible. Too Much Too Soon: God’s wisdom must be sought to discern the pace of change and leadership initiatives.

Slide 5:Common Pitfalls in Relationships

Over Dependence on Methodologies: Evaluate them critically in light of the church's uniqueness and the parameters of Scripture. Borrowing Vision: God's vision for each church is unique. Help churches and leaders to establish their God given vision.

Slide 6:Common Pitfalls in Relationships

Lack of Commitment: Leading a church to growth can be a long-term process. Many pastors want to either climb the ecclesiastical ladder to a larger church, or are satisfied with the status quo and are unwilling to “rock the boat.” Summary: Most pastors, staff, and church leaders lack listening and people skills.

Slide 7:Relationships in Ministry

Ministry is Communication Communication is Relationships Relationships is Action Action is Ministry We are responsible to challenge and precipitate a continuous flow in leaders.

Slide 8:Relationships in Ministry

Be proactive with every Pastor and staff member in your association. Begin building relationships by spending time in their office and at lunch with them. Let them know that you are their Pastor and your utmost desire is to help them become effective as leaders.

Slide 9:Relationships in Ministry

Establish a routine of contacting pastors and church staff personally by phone and e-mail. Send birthday, wedding anniversary, and tenure greetings to all pastors and staff. Become committed to being a mentor and coach to pastors, staff, and church leadership on a personal level and through a mentoring circle.

Slide 10:Purpose Statement

The purpose and process of mentoring is a biblical principle that God has ordained for His ministers to gain insight and experience to effectively fulfill God's call on their life! In essence, the Scripture says, “Iron sharpens iron.” (Proverbs 27:17)

Slide 11:Purpose Statement

The mission of FBA Mentoring Ministry is to coach and mentor/facilitate spiritual leaders and equip them with the heart and skills to lead God's Church effectively in the 21st century.

Slide 12:Mission Statements

The mission of our Mentoring Ministry is “to coach, mentor, and equip by sharpening ministry skills.” Amaxa Leadership was begun to “coach leaders to reach their maximum potential.”

Slide 13:Mentoring Covenant

The following agreements can be modified only in the beginning: 1.) Meet on the fourth Thursday each month (excluding June, July, and December) from 9:00 a.m. until Noon. 2.) Meet for a minimum of nine months, except June July & December 3.) Participate in telephone consultations if desired. 4.) Commit to 100% attendance: barring illness or “hopelessly ditched oxen.” 5.) Commit to openness and honesty in discussion. 6.) Commit to 100% confidentiality concerning things shared in the group.

Slide 14:Mentoring Covenant

7.) Commit to assigned readings and tapes in advance of sessions. 8.) Commit to participate in projects. 9.) Commit to attend every meeting—to the bitter end! 10.) Commit to one-on-one “make-up” (by phone if not in person) if a meeting is missed. 11.) There will be no cost for meetings. 12.) Signed: Date:

Slide 15:Help! I Am THE Leader?

Strengths and Weaknesses: What area do you consider to be your strongest area of giftedness? In what areas do you feel least gifted? For what kind of ministry skills are most fully developed? In what ministry skills do you feel you most need to improve? 

Slide 16:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

Influences: What Christian leaders have influenced you the most? What preachers do you most admire? In what ways would you hope to benefit from participation in a mentoring circle? 

Slide 17:Help I Am THE Leader?

Most pastors realize that some type of change must take place in their churches to effectively reach a growing, unchurched population. Many pastors face two major obstacles: People Skills/Relationships The inability to apply known principles of change and communication

Slide 18:Help I Am THE Leader?

We desire to encourage and motivate ministers to implement principles of people skills, change, and transition by way of a long-term, deliberate process one step at a time. The initial part of this process begins with you as a PERSON in your relationship to God and then moves into your PARTNER and PARENTAL relationships. This process culminates with your PROFESSIONAL relationships as a PASTOR/MINISTER.

Slide 19:Overview of the Year

Personal: Ministry/purpose statement, identifying gifts and character traits, spiritual energy. Partner/Parental: Ministry at home, shepherding the family.

Slide 20:Help I Am THE Leader? Overview

Pastor/Professional: Motivation and discovery to develop interpersonal and leadership skills as iron sharpens iron. Problems/Preferences: How to deal with, equip, and motivate sheep; organizational streamlining; communication; people skills.

Slide 21:Help! I Am THE Leader? Mentoring Ministries

Time Frame of a Typical Mentoring Meeting: 1st Quadrant: Bonding Time Go around a circle and allow each person to share what is going on in his life, family, and ministry. 2nd Quadrant: Problem Solving Through brain storming, put a ministry challenge or problem someone is dealing with on the table and let the group “attach it” with combined insights and expertise. 3rd Quadrant: Teaching Input Teaching input by facilitator. Curriculum is based primarily on needs and requests of participants. 4th Quadrant: Season of Prayer Emphasis is put on prayer requests and answers to prayer.

Slide 22:Perennial (Ongoing)

Purpose: Write individual and church purpose statements. (Mission) Priority: Prioritize my purpose in ministry (Vision) Plans: Categorize objectives into one-year, three-year, five-year, and ten-year segments (Priorities)

Slide 23:Help ! I Am the Leader?

Procedures: List systematically how to accomplish your plans (goals). Process: List a method(s) for checking your progress. Accountability is a must. Promotion: Determine how to promote your vision and motivate others to develop their vision.

Slide 24:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

Assignments: Read accountability booklet. Write personal profile Develop mission and philosophy statement. Required reading of at least one book of 200 + pages OR 2 100 + pages per month. Write one page bibliography on books read to be shared with fellow classmates.

Slide 25:Help! I Am THE Leader?

Begin each session with a heart check-up. Enumerate what is happening in you life, family, and ministry. What are your greatest fears? What are your greatest joys? What are your greatest challenges?

Slide 26:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

Conduct personal and leadership profiles. Adult Disc Survey by Ken Voges Uniquely You by Mels Carbonell, PH.D Intimacy Needs Assessment – Brad Riza, Director of Missions, Paluxy Baptist Association, Texas

Slide 27:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

Unhealthy Thinking Assessment – Brad Riza, Director of Missions, Paluxy Baptist Association, Texas Leadership Traits Inventory – Brad Riza, Director of Missions, Paluxy Baptist Association, Texas Team Profile System – Clint Anderson, Director of Missions, Williamson Baptist Association, Texas Church Strategic Planning – J.W. Minton, Director of Missions, Bluebonnet Baptist Association, Texas Accountability (Developing Relationships for Spiritual Growth & Protection) – David Atchison and Billy Beacham 800-880-8736

Slide 28:Help ! I Am THE Leader?

Recommended Books: Bellman, G.M. Getting Things Done when You Are Not in Charge Bolton, R. People Skills Susek, R. Firestorm: Preventing and Overcoming Church Conflicts Sande, K. The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict Ford, Layton. Transforming Leadership Haugk, Kenneth C. Antagonists In The Church: How to Identify & Deal with Destructive Conflict

Slide 29:Relationships in Ministry

Johnson, Spencer. Who Moved My Cheese Piper, John. Let The Nations Be Glad Piper, John. Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors For Radical Ministry Cymbala, Jim. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Anderson, Lynn. They Smell Like Sheep Foster, Richard. Celebration of Discipline Rainer, Tom. Eating the Elephant

Slide 30:Relationships In Ministry

Warren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Church Mandino, Og. The Greatest Salesman in the World Wilkes, Gene. Jesus on Leadership Wilkes, Gene. Paul on Leadership Blackaby, Henry. The Power of the Call Easum, William M. Scared Cows Make Gourmet Burgers: Ministry Anytime, Anywhere by Anyone Elmore, Ted. Mentoring: How to Invest Your Life in Others

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