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Application to the GFATM. The Haitian Experience. The context in Haiti. Challenges General socio-economic situation in country ‘Stigmatization’ of government and national NGOs. Challenges. Extremely short deadline Urgency to put in place the CCM

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Application to the GFATM

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Application to the GFATM

The Haitian Experience

The context in Haiti


  • General socio-economic situation in country

  • ‘Stigmatization’ of government and national NGOs


  • Extremely short deadline

  • Urgency to put in place the CCM

  • Need to be inclusive – this takes time

  • Information gaps

  • Assuring a good quality application

  • Submission of the project in English

Facilitating factors:Engagement of highest political authorities

  • National Strategic Plan recently completed

  • Broad participation of all partners in elaboration of NSP

  • Consultative group on NSP = core of CCM

  • Commitment of political leadership

  • Support by UNAIDS and UN system

Guiding principles

  • Additionality

  • Determining the gaps

  • Demonstrating impact

  • Partnership

  • Competitiveness of GFATM applications

The process of elaborating the application

  • Information on GFATM available in French on the internet – mid-February

  • Discussions at MOH re: Haiti application

  • Decision taken by MOH to apply only for HIV/AIDS

  • (TB and malaria in future rounds)

The process of elaborating the application

  • MOH requests support from UNAIDS Theme Group, CPA and Secretariat

  • UNAIDS provides technical guidance and financial support for preparing submission

  • Full support and involvement of Minister of Health

  • MOH Cabinet coordinates and leads the process

  • Compilation of all information needed through intense consultation with all partners

  • Bilateral donors take the lead on collecting info on costing and budget

  • Working group holds intense discussions on

    • CCM composition

    • Identifying appropriatefunding/fiduciary mechanism

    • Financing priorities andbudgetary needs

  • Assuring good content and quality of application

The process of elaborating the application

  • Working group reviews drafts

  • Broad consensus meeting held with all partners to review draft (7 March)

  • Draft adapted to reflect changes

  • All signatures collected

  • Application submitted on 10 March (after only 2 weeks)

The process of elaborating the application

  • Application reviewed by GFATM-TRP

  • GFATM Board in NYC approves application ($ 67 million for 5 years) and recommends funding for first 2 years ($ 24.4 million)


Lessons learnt

  • CCM

    • hard to put in place quickly

    • needs to have broad representation including government, civil society, PLWA, private sector and international partners

    • need to involve everyone from the beginning

  • ensure patronage of high political leaders

Budget and financial management

  • Identify a trustworthy financial management institution

  • Identify a potential auditing mechanism to ensure transparency

  • Involve donors, UN and other partners to identify ‘gaps’ and ‘additionality’

  • It helps to have an NSP with a budget and costing information

  • Provide additional detailed budget information for each element (in annexes)

Quality of application

  • Link application to NSP

  • Partnership between government, NGOs, UN and international partners

  • Identify a top-quality writer to draft application

  • Ensure technical input from UN system and all relevant partners

  • Include well known ‘star’ NGOs – this gives legitimacy

Quality of application

  • Combine intensive ‘scientific’ aspects (e.g. PIH – Harvard) and

  • ‘Extensive’ service delivery aspects (e.g. MOH – GHESKIO)

Quality of application

  • Combine prevention and care

  • Include solid monitoring and evaluation plans

  • Include annexes with additional detailed information, workplans and budgets for each element/partner

  • Ensure that application is well presented  

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