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Where does the moon get its light? Do moon Rocks Glow? It ... Moon. Waning Gibbous. Last Quarter. Waning crescent. Lunar eclipse. How Does the moon ...

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Moon folklore

The Werewolf

Lots of Babies

Bad things can happen

Epileptic seizures

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Man in Space.

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Many planets have moons.

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Moons: Objects caught by the gravitational pull of a planet.

Where did these objects come from?

These objects then rotate around that planet as the planet spins.

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Now that we know where the objects could have come from, what is this gravity that pulls them in.

Gravity the attraction of a smaller object to a larger one l.jpg

Gravity: The attraction of a smaller object to a larger one.

Example: A large truck passing you on the freeway.

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Where does the moon get its light?

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Do moon Rocks Glow?

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It actually gets its light from the sun.

How Does it do that?

Just like a mirror.

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New Moon

Waxing crescent l.jpg

Waxing Crescent

First quarter l.jpg

First Quarter

Waxing gibbous l.jpg

Waxing Gibbous

Full moon l.jpg

Full Moon

Waning gibbous l.jpg

Waning Gibbous

Last quarter l.jpg

Last Quarter

Waning crescent l.jpg

Waning crescent

Lunar eclipse l.jpg

Lunar eclipse

How Does the moon change its phase?


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