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Design municipal infrastructure (water distribution lines, water treatment) ... holding the marble flotation device over a pulley (old inline skate wheels) ...

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What is engineering l.jpg
What is Engineering?

  • Problem solving

  • Design

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Application of math and science

  • Teamwork and Leadership

  • Communication

  • Professional

What do engineers do l.jpg
What do Engineers do?

  • Work in industry, government or consulting

  • Develop surgical instruments

  • Design municipal infrastructure (water distribution lines, water treatment)

  • Remediate a contaminated site

  • Design a robotic systems for a production line in a factory

Engineer or scientist what s the difference l.jpg
Engineer or Scientist – What’s the difference?

  • Science – understand concepts, learn about theory and principles, have expertise

  • Engineering – applies principles of math and science to solve real-life problems

  • Engineers and scientists often work together as part of a team

  • Engineering is a profession – P.Eng

Innovation in l.jpg
Innovation in...

  • Waste management

  • Transportation

  • Communication

  • Production of: food, tools, machinery

  • Human health

  • Space travel and exploration

  • Computers in everyday life

Traditional engineering programs l.jpg
Traditional Engineering Programs

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

Non traditional engineering programs l.jpg
Non-Traditional Engineering Programs

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Biological or Biomedical Engineering

  • Engineering Systems & Computing

  • Computer or Software Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

Engineering at guelph l.jpg
Engineering at Guelph

  • Biological Engineering (Biomedical or bio-process areas of interest)

  • Engineering Systems & Computing (Biomedical, software or mechatronics areas of interest)

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

What do you need l.jpg

OAC Requirements

New Curriculum requirements

OAC English


2 of OAC Physics, Chemistry and Biology


OAC Calculus

Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus

OAC Algebra & Geometry

Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

1 additional OAC credit

1 additional grade 12 credit

What do you need?

Design engineering l.jpg
Design Engineering

  • Design courses starting in first year

  • First year - marble launcher

  • Second year - windmill powered battery charger

  • Third year - design of soccer playing robots

  • Fourth year design courses

The mission l.jpg
The Mission:

  • Design, build and test a device to transport a marble from less than a foot off the floor into a column of water

  • Slow the descent of the marble to the greatest extent possible

  • Maximum time under water, not touching the bottom

The rules l.jpg
The Rules:

  • You may attach a device to the marble

  • You may not change the marble

  • Human energy can only supply potential energy to the launch mechanism

  • If you add something to the water, it must be added with the marble

  • No explosives can be used

More rules l.jpg
More Rules:

  • Made entirely by recycled materials

  • Constructed by the group

  • Total equivalent cost less than $50

  • Safe for a nine year old to use

  • No animals may be used/harmed in the design

The column l.jpg
The column

  • Column 4 feet high

  • Water to within 2” of the top

  • A shallow sheet metal funnel will be attached to provide a greater entry radius

  • Launch mechanism can touch the metal funnel but not the column or the water

The criteria l.jpg
The Criteria

  • How long does the marble take to descend to the bottom of the water column

  • Cost (cheaper is better)

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Simplicity of design

  • Unique, innovative design

What is engineering17 l.jpg
What is Engineering?

  • Problem solving

  • Design

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Math and science

  • Teamwork and Leadership

  • Communication

Solution 1 elastic launcher l.jpg
Solution 1 – Elastic launcher

  • Launching arm on an elastic band, potential energy by drawing back the arm launches the marble

  • Adjustable to change the range of the launcher and improve accuracy

Solution 1 cork floater l.jpg
Solution 1 – Cork floater

  • Marble attached to cork – buoyant forces counteract the weight of the marble

  • Flat piece of cork acts to provide drag in the water

Solution 2 weight pulley on a ramp l.jpg
Solution 2 – Weight pulley on a ramp

  • Weight (pop bottle filled with nails) attached by string to ½ popcan holding the marble flotation device over a pulley (old inline skate wheels)

  • As weight falls, the can with the marble leaves the floor, rises to the column and tips the marble device into the column

Solution 2 oil capsule l.jpg
Solution 2 – Oil capsule

  • Spherical capsule filled with canola oil (lighter than water)

  • Fishing weights and paperclips to balance weight

Solution 3 counter weight lift device l.jpg
Solution 3 Counter-weight lift device

  • Elevator type lift – wooden structure with a angled platform

  • Free weights attached by string to the platform

  • Once released from the top of the structure, the weights fall, and the platform rises, releasing the flotation device into the column

Solution 3 water balloon l.jpg
Solution 3 – Water balloon

  • Marble in a large water balloon, diameter slightly less than the diameter of the column

  • Attached to a PVC pipe capsule containing alka-seltzer

  • When balloon is released, water leaks into capsule through a drilled hole

  • Reaction with alka-seltzer releases gas, increasing the balloon diameter

The winner l.jpg
The Winner

  • Solution 3 – Maximum suspension (5 min)

  • Second runner up – Solution 2 (4 min)