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TeliaSonera Acquisition of MCT Corp.Coscom in UzbekistanIndigo and Somoncom in TajikistanRoshan in Afghanistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan complement current map in Central Asia ... 60% interest in CJSC

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TeliaSonera Acquisition of

MCT Corp.

Coscom in Uzbekistan

Indigo and Somoncom in Tajikistan

Roshan in Afghanistan

Strategic acquisition rationale l.jpg



(Scandinavia, Baltics)





Strategic Acquisition Rationale

  • TeliaSonerawill be the leading operator in Central Asian markets

    • Now: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan

    • Existing via Fintur: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan , Georgia and Moldova

    • Existing direct & unconsolidated: Turkey (incl. Ukraine indirectly) and Russia (incl. Tajikistan indirectly)

  • Attractive Growth Opportunity in terms of Addressable Market

    • 10%-20% mobile penetration

    • Less than 10% Fixed Line Penetration  wireless is attractive

  • Natural Addition to TeliaSonera’s Eurasian Footprint

    • Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan complement current map in Central Asia

    • Significant economic/cultural ties between Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

  • Company and Shareholders Honoring International Business Practices

    • Company’s operations developed by international practices: audited, subject to US rules

Acquisition cost l.jpg
Acquisition Cost



  • Acquisition of 100% of MCT Corp for a enterprise value of approximately SEK 2.0 billion (USD 300 million)holding interest in four Eurasian mobile operators:

    • 99.97% interest in Uzbek-American Joint Venture “Coscom” LLC (Coscom) in Uzbekistan

    • 60% interest in CJSC “Indigo-Tajikistan” (Indigo-Tajikistan) in Tajikistan and

    • 59.4% in CJSC Joint Venture “Somoncom” (Somoncom) in Tajikistan

    • 12.25% interest in “Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Limited” (Roshan) in Afghanistan


Holding BV


MCT Corp.Delaware Corporation

Venture Holdings

Local Ventures

Management and

Financing Companies100%

MCT Dev. Corp.Delaware Corp.100% Coscom


CATD B.V.Netherlands60%



Telecom Dev. Co.Afghanistan B.V.12.25%



Coscom 99.97%

MCT Telecom Corp.Delaware Corp.100%

New mobile markets l.jpg




New Mobile Markets

Mobile market consists of four operators, including three GSM and one CDMAoperators.

Mobile market consists of nine operators;

5 GSM/UMTS (2 belong to MCT)


Five GSM licenses, two of which were to commence operations in 2007.

Market Share of Mobile Operators

Market Share of Mobile Operators

Market Share of Mobile Operators

As of May 2007E

As of May 2007E

As of May 2007E

Perfectum (CDMA), ~ 4%


AWCC, ~38%

Coscom, ~ 11%


Uzdunrobita (MTS), ~52%


Areeba, ~12%


Unitel (Beeline), ~ 33%



* Indigo and Somoncom combined

Coscom uzbekistan l.jpg
Coscom, Uzbekistan

  • First GSM operator in Central Asia

  • Leader in serving Uzbekistan corporate segment

  • High quality customer service

  • Well established distribution network in main cities

  • ISO 2001 quality certification

Somoncom tajikistan l.jpg

  • First GSM operator in Tajikistan

  • Leader in the North Tajikistan

  • Seamless network with Indigo

  • Strong Coverage Area

  • Strong Distribution Network

Indigo tajikistan l.jpg

  • Seamless network with Somoncom

  • 40% corporate customer share

  • Strong Coverage Area

Roshan afghanistan l.jpg
Roshan, Afghanistan

  • The leading mobile operator in Afghanistan

  • Strong network coverage

  • Strong brand

  • Strong management

Corporate social responsibil ity l.jpg
Corporate Social Responsibility

  • TeliaSonera has a transparent way of working in CIS countries

    • We are committed to our Code of Ethics & Conduct

    • We will ensure solid internal control environment

  • TeliaSonera recognizes its corporate social responsibilities and will keep acting as a good citizen in the new markets

The mct acquisition underlines teliasonera s strategy in eurasia l.jpg
The MCT acquisition underlines TeliaSonera’s strategy in Eurasia

  • To be the leading Eurasian mobile operator

  • Create shareholder value by considering all possible value enhancing alternatives

  • Combine Eastern positions to create stronger platform for growth

  • Evaluate new acquisition opportunities

  • Continue the profitable growth within the current footprint

Appendix country information l.jpg
AppendixCountry information

Appendix 1 overview of the new countries l.jpg
Appendix 1. Overview of the New Countries

Source: CIA World Factbook

Appendix 2 new countries demographics l.jpg
Appendix 2. New Countries-Demographics

Source: CIA World Factbook