Technology in the music classroom
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Used effectively, technology can make certain aspects of the music curriculum more exciting for students. ...

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Two free resources l.jpg
Two Free Resources



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  • From Phonographs to iPods: A rationale for the use of technology across the music curriculum.

  • Make It Transparent!

Why technology l.jpg
Why Technology?

  • Used as a teaching tool, technology provides opportunities for students which would be difficult using traditional teaching materials.

  • Used effectively, technology can make certain aspects of the music curriculum more exciting for students.

  • Parents & Administrators love seeing their often huge investment in technology being used as frequently as possible.

Technology as a teacher l.jpg
Technology as a Teacher?

  • At the moment, technology is useless without an effective and creative teacher. Other inventions promising huge improvements in education have come and gone.

  • Technology is a tool, not a panacea.

  • “Computers and synthesizers are the crayons of music education.” - Tom Rudolph

Technology in the music curriculum where does it belong l.jpg
Technology in the Music Curriculum: Where does it belong?

  • General Music

    • Student use in Grades 3 and up.

    • Teacher use in all Grades.

  • Instrumental Music

    • Get your piano players in the band and orchestra!

    • Building Ear Training and Music Theory skills.

    • Monitoring Student Practice.

    • Archiving performances.

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  • Vocal Music

    • Building Ear Training and Music Theory skills.

    • Archiving performances.

  • Alternative Performance Ensembles?

    • School of Rock

    • Electronic Music/Synthesizer Ensemble

  • Music Technology Class

    • Digital Audio

    • Composition

    • Film Scoring

    • Multimedia Lab

Make it transparent l.jpg
Make It Transparent!

  • Use technology as a tool to help you deliver instruction, not just for the sake of using technology.

  • Videos, CD’s, and instruments are all examples of technologies that are available to teachers. Use computers and other technologies in the same way.

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Practical Applications for the Music Classroom

  • Teacher Use Exclusively

  • The One-Computer Classroom

  • Individual Practice Stations

  • Using the School Computer Lab Effectively

  • Purchasing a Music Technology Lab

What do you need l.jpg

What Do You Need?

What are the practicalities of technology in the music classroom?

The basics l.jpg
The Basics

  • At least one Computer with at the very minimum:

    • 2 gHz, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, Cable/DSL/T1 Modem, CD ROM.

  • Software

  • MIDI Synthesizer (w/General MIDI) or USB Keyboard Controller

  • MIDI USB Interface

  • Digital Audio Interface

  • Lab Controller - GEC3

  • Speakers

What did i have l.jpg
What Did I Have?

  • 12 Macs minis

  • 12 Korg X5D GM synthesizers

  • 12 Midiman MIDI interfaces

  • GEC3 Group Controller from SoundTree

  • 24 MIDI cables

  • 24 pairs of headphones

  • Software

  • Internet access

  • File Server

Finding funds l.jpg
Finding Funds

  • School Level Administrators

  • District Level Administrators

  • School Board

  • PTA/Foundation

  • Grants

    • It’s not how much you ask for, it’s how you ask for it.

    • Don’t ask for gear, ask for and idea.

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