Plug and Drive Conference

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History, Background and Status. 469,851,833 passenger vehicles incl. ... World Bicycle and Automobile Production, 1950-2007. Much of the recent growth has been ...

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Plug and Drive Conference

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Slide 1:

Plug and Drive Conference Nov 9, 2010 Future Commercial Opportunities? Ross Bradsen Ontario Centres of Excellence

Slide 2:Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Inc. established over 20 years ago as a separate non-profit agency outside of the Ontario government

Leading driver of the research to commercialization process with a strategic focus on improving Ontario’s competitiveness through innovation and new thinking. Key partner with industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, investors and governments. OCE Facilitates Movement of IP and HQP from Academia into the Commercial Realm in Ontario Excellence in Energy Technology

Slide 3:Ontario Plug N Drive Partnership: History, Background and Status

469,851,833 passenger vehicles incl. light trucks (e.g. SUVs) 6,649,337 trucks (6 wheels) 2,169,670 combination trucks 6,686,147 motorcycles 485,356,987 Total Typically 10-15 million new vehicles sold per year in NA *US Bureau of Statistics 2006 **Federal Highway Administration 2006 US Vehicle Parc

Slide 5:World Bicycle and Automobile Production, 1950-2007

Much of the recent growth has been driven by the rise in electric, or “e-bike” production, which has doubled since 2004 to 21 million units in 2007.

Slide 7:Barriers to Deployment of PEVs

Slide 8:Why Smart Cars need to communicate with Smart Grids: Customer Choice!

Slide 9:Electric Charging of Vehicles: The Potential Impacts on LDCs

Slide 10:Key Goals of this Plug N Drive Meeting

11 Power = 1/2?a.Cd.A.v3 + µ.M.g.v + M.g.v.Sin? ?a – density air Cd – Coefficient of drag A – Frontal Area V – velocity µ - rolling resistance M – mass g – acceleration due to gravity ? – angle of inclination

Slide 36:Opportunities

Plug in stations operator business model – who makes $? flexible: re vehicle type and charging mode e-vehicle support technologies e heating/cooling e steering e brakes Energy Storage battery use when vehicle not used

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