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Find and restore Microsoft Office SharePoint items, list, libraries and folders back to your production SharePoint server or to another file system ...

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two products with a common idea
Two Products with a Common Idea

Two simple, yet powerful tools to help you minimize the time and costs needed to recover, search and restore data

For Exchange

For SharePoint

Copy, search, recover and analyzing email and other mailbox items directly from Microsoft® Exchange server backups, un-mounted databases (EDB) and Information Store file

Find and restore Microsoft Office SharePoint® items, list, libraries and folders back to your production SharePoint server or to another file system

introducing ontrack powercontrols for sharepoint product overview
Introducing Ontrack PowerControls - for SharePoint!Product Overview
  • Find, recover and restore SharePoint items, lists, libraries and folders back to…
    • Your production SharePoint server
    • A different SharePoint server
    • A file system
  • Works with SharePoint Server 2007 backed up using SQL Server® 2005
  • Like Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange, runs on any Windows workstation
demands for sharepoint recovery business demands
Demands for SharePoint recoveryBusiness Demands
  • Business demands
    • Recover deleted documents
      • Due to accidental or intentional deletion
    • Locate documents meeting specified criteria
      • Examples:
        • Docs authored by a particular employee
        • Docs referencing or including specified keywords
        • Docs modified in the last 30 days
    • Migrate docs to new SharePoint sites
    • Analyze SharePoint data
    • Disaster recovery
demands for sharepoint recovery compliance and legal demands
Demands for SharePoint recoveryCompliance and Legal Demands
  • Internal and external regulatory compliance demands
    • Verify employee compliance with internal content management and use policies
    • Ensure proper data retention and accessibility as required by Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and other regulations
  • Legal demands
    • Quickly process electronic discovery requests for data
    • Produce documents meeting specified criteria
    • Maintain data integrity
      • No changes to metadata
key benefits
Key Benefits
  • Minimize time and cost needed to restore individual SharePoint documents, items, lists, folders and libraries
  • Eliminate same site restore constraints
  • Minimize time required to locate documents meeting specific criteria
  • Maintain data integrity of the SharePoint source
  • Easy to use and install with no changes to existing backup procedures
key benefits sharepoint restoration
Key BenefitsSharePoint restoration
  • Minimize time/cost needed to restore individual SharePoint documents, items, lists, folders and libraries
    • Many users will cut restore times by more than 50%
      • Your exact time savings depends on how long it would normally take to restore the data you need
    • Restore only what you need
    • No full site restoration or recovery server required
    • Quickly restore MDFs from tape to an alternate location using ExtractWizard
key benefits no same site restore constraint
Key BenefitsNo same site restore constraint
  • Eliminate same site restore constraints
    • Restore directly to production SharePoint server, other SharePoint server or to a file system
    • Many SharePoint backup and recovery programs only allow you to restore the data to the same or a duplicate server
      • Ontrack PowerControls does not have this constraint
        • No need for an expensive recovery server
        • Reduce the number of steps required to separately import sites back into SharePoint
key benefits powerful searching
Key BenefitsPowerful Searching
  • Minimize time required to locate documents meeting specific criteria
  • Use the Agent for Advanced Search (included at no cost) to search across multiple content databases – rather than bringing an old backup back online for analysis
  • Search by a variety of criteria
    • Load all of the item types that exist in your source files, then search on specific types
    • Search by item type, keywords, subject, dates, specific users, and file/attachment data
  • When you find what you need, simply drag-and-drop (copy/paste) items into your target location
  • Choose to restore all versions of an item or only specific versions
key benefits data integrity
Key BenefitsData integrity
  • Keeping item metadata in tact can be critical when meeting legal or regulatory demands
  • Maintain data integrity of the SharePoint source
    • Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint restores items without changing the metadata
    • Performs read-only operations on the source files
    • When exporting items, a file containing the metadata associated with the item will be created
key benefits ease of use
Key BenefitsEase of use
  • Easy to use and install with no changes to existing backup procedures
    • Ontrack PowerControls does not install on your SharePoint server
    • No changes to existing backup procedures
    • No complicated pre-installation configurations of SharePoint or SQL Server
    • No extra storage required
    • Runs on a Windows workstation
    • Simple user interface
    • Drag-and-drop functionality
extractwizard and other agents
ExtractWizard and Other Agents
  • Ontrack PowerControls includes two important agents to enhance the product functionality at no extra cost
    • Ontrack PowerControls ExtractWizard Agent for Native SharePoint backups
    • Ontrack PowerControls Agent for Advanced Searching for SharePoint
  • ExtractWizard will extract information from your existing native SQL Server 2005 backups and also from STSADMIN created farm-level backups
  • Advanced Searching agent allows you to search the contents of documents and attachments