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Corvinus is the highest reputed university in its various fields in Hungary ... Corvinus is the highest reputed university in its various fields in Hungary ...

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Introduction l.jpg


Corvinus University, Budapest

Éva Nagy and Róbert Mántó

Budapest l.jpg

  • Capital city of Hungary

  • 1,9 Million inhabitants, 19% population of the country

  • Divided by the Danube

  • Has 9 bridges

Corvinus university l.jpg
Corvinus University

  • 17,000 students

  • 7 faculties

  • Corvinus is the highest reputed university in its various fields in Hungary

  • 160 partner universities

Slide9 l.jpg

Alumni Association

Éva Nagy and Róbert Mántó

Why do the university need an alumni association l.jpg
Why do theUniversity need an Alumni Association?

  • Illustrate and enhance the value of a Corvinus University degree

  • Communicate the University’s key messages to alumni and to the broader community

  • To give insight to the former students, into the present life of the University

Why do alumni need an association l.jpg
Why do alumni need an Association?

  • Stay connected to Corvinus University

  • Build up valuable relationships

  • Meet people with same field of interest

  • Organizing group or class reunions

  • Receive preferment

  • Belong to a community

  • Recruit work force

Benefits for alumni l.jpg
Benefits for Alumni

  • Free membership

  • Free Alumni card

  • Discounts in dormitories ,restaurants,sport centers, shops

  • Free usage of the library

  • Jobs (in Hungary and in Europe)

Marketing strategy l.jpg
Marketing strategy

  • Create a comprehensive and consistent online and offline marketing and communications strategy to increase the number of members

    • Online and offline Introduction

    • Intensive and interactive communication with members and potential members

    • Unique and satisfactory services, which are valuable for our possible members

    • Maintain the financial viability of the association

Online introduction recruitment of members l.jpg
Online introduction:Recruitment of members

  • Club website on the university’s server

  • Target E-mails

  • E-mails to Corvinus web mail

  • Ads on IWIW

  • Banners on business websites

Offline introduction recruitment of members l.jpg
Offline introduction:Recruitment of members

  • Articles in Corvinus magazines

  • Advertising on business fairs

  • Articles in business newspapers

  • On campus advertising

    • Ads, flyers

    • Information desk with video, photo demonstration

    • Programs, training for students

Enhance communication with high quality it mechanisms l.jpg
Enhance communication with high quality IT mechanisms

  • E-newsletter/Class notes

  • Computer conferencing

  • Make a Portal

    • Online application form for alumni

    • Online directory

    • Quick poll

    • Calendar of the association programs

    • Personalization

    • Online events

Make a portal l.jpg
Make a Portal

What is a portal?

  • “Portal” in Latin translates to a gate orgateway

  • An internet portal “provides users with broadaccess to an array of internet tools as well as deep access to tools specific to a user’s educational role” (Fickes, 2001)

    Why a portal system rather than a website?

  • “When you move from a webpage to a portal, you move from a tool that is institution-centric to one that is user-centric”(Fickes, 2001)

  • A portal allows userimmediate access to information that is pertinent to their collegiate experience, while at the same time challenging the user to utilize all facets of the module.

What is a good alumni portal like l.jpg
What is a good Alumni Portal like?


  • Up-to-date

  • Personalized

  • Enhance the value of the Corvinus University

  • Increase Alumni pride


  • Userfriendly

  • Have Multimedia interface

  • Use high quality IT solutions

  • Have a clear profile

  • Have a logo

Online registration form l.jpg
Online registration form

  • Customize members according to field of interest

  • Easy to fill out

  • Example: Alumni for Europe registration form

Personalization l.jpg

  • User logon page that members

    get access to restricted data

  • Personalized starting page

    • Consider a breakdown of navigation based on user role (student, alumni member, staff, etc.),

    • Consider former participation on events or activity on webpage

Online community23 l.jpg
Online community

  • Build network of friends and friends of friends (e.x. Facebook)

  • Get a forwarding address

  • Stay connected with alumni e-mails according to interest

  • Request a Corvinus Alumni Association Membership Card – discount on purchases, services

  • Online library

    • Articles

    • Publications

    • Newsletters

Promote events online l.jpg
Promote events online

  • Club calendar

  • Upcoming events’ information

  • Archived events’ information

  • Online registration form for events

  • Online payment for events/donations with for example PayPal

  • Photo Gallery from events

Key focuses in career services l.jpg
Key focuses in career services

  • Career development

  • Networking opportunities

  • Mentoring opportunities

Career development l.jpg
Career development

  • Virtual Employment Center

    • Job-posting service

    • Alumni can search for relevant employment opportunities at this virtual center.

  • Alumni-Employer speaker panel

    • Provides insight into the transaction from school to work. Alumni discuss their own career path and provide contacts with relevant prospective employers.

Networking l.jpg

Industry best practices:

  • Hungary: IWIW

  • World: FOAF, Friendster, LinkedIn, Orkut

  • Recommendations to our system:

    • Show social relations

    • Useful for business purposes

      • Can upload and search CVs

      • Can help building-up research and business teams

      • Can help job finding and workforce recruiting

    • User friendly and multimedia interface

      LinkedIn provides such solutions

Linked l n and iwiw l.jpg
Linkedln and IWIW

Mentor program l.jpg
Mentor program

  • To provide current (MBA) students a mentor within the students’ field of work interest.

  • To provide students with a mechanism for developing and enhancing their networking and organizational skills.

  • The portal should provide:

    • Registration and a system which would help the assigning and selection process of the protégés and the mentors

    • Premium services assigned to the protégés-mentor pair

      • Large briefcase

      • Private messaging service

      • Help synchronizing time constraints of both

Financial aspects l.jpg
Financial Aspects

  • Corvinus Alumni Association is a non profit organization

  • Incomes:

    • Government / EU funds

    • University funds

    • Donations

    • Banners on the homepage

    • Sponsorship

    • Merchandise

Financial aspects32 l.jpg
Financial Aspects

  • Costs:

    • Constantly maintain and develop the IT solutions with an IT specialist

    • Cost of the ads

    • Cost of acquiring new donors

Keep your donors l.jpg
Keep your donors

  • Acquiring new donors is expensive:

    Cost per $1 raised of …

    • Major gifts in established programs $.05 - .$20

    • Renew last year donors - $.10-$.35

    • Reacquire lapsed donors - $.20-$.65

    • Acquire new donors (phone) - $1.00-$2.00

    • Acquire new donors (mail) - $1.00-$10.00+

      (University of Michigan Alumni Association)

  • Monitor yourdonors through the portal, give special rules for the best ones

  • CRM with the most paying donors, which can be supported with online tools

  • Solution l.jpg

    • A complex, multi-task portal that is easy to navigate and easy to use

    • Increase the number of users with visibility, high marks for attractiveness, responsiveness, high level of programs, benefits of membership and career services

    • Educate future graduates about the benefits of the Alumni Club

    • A versatile system capable of evolving with the changing needs of an important and vibrant institution

    • Support the system with consistent marketing and communication strategy