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Human security for Haiti. This situation requires a complete departure ... Haiti like a patient in an emergency room. Treatment requires two tracks: Immediate ...

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Haiti: A new beginning

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Haiti a new beginning l.jpg

Haiti: A new beginning

Report to the Prime Minister

UN Country Team

25 September 2008

Perfect storm of development challenges l.jpg

Perfect storm of development challenges

  • Poverty

    • 56% below $1 per day

    • 77% below $2 per day

  • Extreme inequalities

    • Rich vs poor

    • French vs Creole

    • Light vs dark

    • Urban vs rural

  • Economic stagnation

    • Negative economic growth

  • Aid dependency

  • Emigration

Perfect storm l.jpg

Perfect storm

  • Political instability

  • Distrust of national institutions

  • Widespread corruption

  • “Culture of violence”

  • Environmental degradation

  • Susceptibility to natural disasters

Perfect storm4 l.jpg

Perfect storm

  • Health and education in crisis

    • Low life expectancy

    • Malnutrition widespread

    • High and worsening infant and maternal mortality

    • High HIV/AIDS prevalence

    • Low primary school attendance

    • Low literacy rates

  • Regression in HDI: 146/177

Eye of the storm crux of crisis l.jpg

Eye of the storm: crux of crisis

Crisis is systemic, with two root causes:

  • Complete alienation of the population


  • Complete lack of legitimate, functioning institutions


Lack of a legitimate, valid social contract

Human security for haiti l.jpg

Human security for Haiti

  • This situation requires a complete departure

  • No more business as usual

  • Apply a human security strategy

  • Freedom from fear, freedom from want

  • “Downside risks” to human development

    Seven dimensions of human security:

  • Ideal fit with Haiti’s development challenges

  • Economic

  • Food

  • Health

  • Environmental

  • Personal

  • Community

  • Political

Two track approach l.jpg

Two-track approach

  • Haiti like a patient in an emergency room

  • Treatment requires two tracks:

    • Immediate stabilization

      • Address urgent threats to human life and security

      • Dramatic scaling-up existing programs

      • Proposal: four urgent measures

    • Measures to cure the underlying disease

      • Founding the country anew

      • A bold new beginning

      • Forging a new social contract

Track one stabilization l.jpg

Track one: Stabilization

Scaling up to address urgent threats to life and security

  • Improving security and justice

    • Police strengthening and training

  • Livelihood support

    • Food for work

    • Road construction

    • Reforestation

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Election assistance

Slide9 l.jpg

Track two: “New beginning”

Three programs to establish credibility, build confidence, forge a new social contract:

  • Anti-corruption and transparency

  • Capacity strengthening for institutions at local level (communes and departments)

  • National human security consultations

    • Centerpiece of our proposal

National human security consultations l.jpg

National human security consultations

  • “Voice of the people”

  • Conduct national representative consultations

    • 40,000 sample so fully representative

    • Broad enough so process is also advocacy

    • One-to-one personal interviews

    • Sufficient for disaggregation across all dimensions

  • Citizens themselves identify risks, set priorities

  • Preliminary conclusions subject to wide consultation in ten departments as well as centrally with all actors national dialogue

National human security consultations11 l.jpg

National human security consultations

  • Department and national authorities build on consultations to derive 10 + 1 action plans

  • “Human security action plans” validated at national and departmental level

  • Yields course of action shared between government and citizens …

  • … forging a new “social contract”

Un country team for haiti l.jpg

UN Country Team for Haiti

Thank you for your attention.

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