Alternative energy sources
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Hybrid cars use the electric motor to help stop the car. Acting as a generator it captures the energy lost in braking and uses it to charge the batteries. ...

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What is a hybrid vehicle l.jpg

Any vehicle that uses two or More Power Sources

Gas engine and electric motor

What Is a Hybrid Vehicle ?

Examples of hybrid vehicle s l.jpg
Examples of Hybrid vehicle’s

  • Automobiles

  • Mopeds

  • Locomotives

  • Buses

  • Submarines

The hybrid system l.jpg
The Hybrid System

  • Gasoline Engine drives the automobile during highway speeds when minimum Horsepower is required

  • Electric Motor works with the Gasoline Engine while accelerating from a stop and during periods when extra acceleration is required

Hybrid components l.jpg
Hybrid Components

  • Generator

    • Only used as an electricity producing component

  • Batteries

    • Store Energy to power Electric Motor

  • Transmission

    • Drives Vehicle directly from the gasoline engine or electric motor

  • Gas or Diesel Engine

  • Electric Motor

Slide6 l.jpg


A machine that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy to do work.

Slide7 l.jpg

Gas Engine

A machine that changes chemical energy into mechanical energy to do work. Through the burning of gasoline.

Generator l.jpg

  • A machine that changes mechanical energy into electrical energy

    • It must be turned or driven by an outside source

Regenerative braking l.jpg
Regenerative Braking

  • Traditional Car brakes- the faster a car is going the more kinetic energy it has, the brakes remove the energy and release heat.

  • Hybrid cars use the electric motor to help stop the car. Acting as a generator it captures the energy lost in braking and uses it to charge the batteries.

Slide10 l.jpg


  • Take the power from then motor or engine and transfers the power to the wheels.

  • A mechanical device that is designed to change a vehicles drive wheel speed and torque in relation to the engine speed and torque.• Torque - A turning or rotating force

Honda insight l.jpg
Honda Insight

  • 61mpg/city

  • 68mpg/highway

  • 3 Cylinder VTEC-E

  • Integrated [electric] Motor Assist


  • $19,080 Base Price

Toyota prius l.jpg
Toyota Prius

  • 45mpg/city

  • 52mpg/highway

  • 4 Cylinder VVT-I

  • Toyota Hybrid System (THS)

  • Power Splitter connects motor and generator together for a constant variable transmission

  • $20,480 Base Price

Hybrid maintenance l.jpg
Hybrid Maintenance

  • Both Honda and Toyota offer good warranties on there hybrid vehicles.

    • Insight offers a 8yr/80,000 mile warranty on the power train, electric motor and batteries. A 3yr/36,000 mile warranty on everything else.

  • The electric motors and batteries shouldn’t require maintenance over the life of the vehicle.

  • But if the batteries do need to be replaced after warranty it would cost a few thousand dollars.

  • The brake pads may also last longer on hybrids because of regenerative braking.

Parallel hybrid l.jpg
Parallel Hybrid

  • Uses fuel for the gas engine, and batteries for the electric motor.

  • Both electric motor and gas engine connect to transmission.

  • Both power sources can power the transmission simultaneously or individually.

Series hybrid l.jpg
Series Hybrid

  • Gasoline engine turns a generator which can either charge batteries or supply power to the electric motor.

  • The electric motor powers the transmission.

  • This means the gas engine never has a direct connection with the transmission.