Agritourism ideas for making money and providing fun eric barrett osu extension
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Agritourism: ideas for making money and providing funEric Barrett - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shopping with the Farmer. Tomatoes that have not been shipped 2,000 ... Range --Downsized economy breeds new generation of home chefs but more savvy ...

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Agritourism ideas for making money and providing fun eric barrett osu extension l.jpg

Agritourism: ideas for making money and providing fun!

Eric Barrett – OSU Extension

Our agenda l.jpg
Our Agenda

  • Stages of retail agriculture

  • The concept of agritourism

  • Your family & mission

  • Keys to profitability

  • Trends to watch

  • Activities to evaluate

Stages of retail agriculture4 l.jpg
Stages of Retail Agriculture

  • Level 1

    • Simple – roadside stand, being a good grower, maybe a small school tour – mostly no interaction w/customer

  • Level 2

    • Intermediate – PYO, Wagon rides, Corn mazes, festivals, shopping, animal areas, prepared foods

  • Level 3

    • Complex & Sophisticated (many will never reach this level) – Major shopping, full service restaurant, permanent restrooms, paved parking

Slide7 l.jpg

  • Agritourism: money?Getting the public closer to agriculture through on-farm experiences.

  • If this is agritourism in general—what is the mission of your farm? Why do you exist?

Slide10 l.jpg

Some keys to profitability l.jpg
Some keys to profitability money?

  • Stay true to your mission

  • Know your limits

  • Be know as GREAT

  • Be a destination

  • Extend your season(s)

  • Grandparent market for tours

  • Family market for local foods

  • Price to make a profit

Marketing is l.jpg
Marketing is… money?

Anything you do that increase the perceived value of your product

Slide15 l.jpg

Somewhat our grandparent’s ag! money?

…with a twist!!

Slide16 l.jpg

Shopping with the Farmer money?

  • Tomatoes that have not been shipped 2,000+ miles

  • Tomatoes that taste flavorful – not hard and rubbery

  • Tomatoes that split and dent when you drop them


Trends the food channel l.jpg
Trends - The Food Channel money?

  • Home on the Range --Downsized economy breeds new generation of home chefs – but more savvy

  • Foodie 2.0 --Growth of virtual and non-virtual food communities

  • Going, Going Green --Kitchens go eco-conscious

  • Living La Vida Locavore --Eating locally/seasonally – home & away

  • TMI? – Calorie Counts on menus

Slide19 l.jpg

Reduce money?







  • FrankenFood -- The rise of bioengineering and genetically modified

  • Food Philanthropy -- Individuals & companies address world hunger

  • Food Insecurity -- The call for tighter food controls – food safety! GAPs

  • Brewing Business --The divide widens between the ‘wants’ and day-to-day food needs

  • Where in the World ... -- is the next flavor trend coming from?

Taking these to the farm l.jpg
taking these to the farm… money?

  • cooking/canning/preserving help

  • offer seconds for preservations

  • sell comfort foods and small portion meals

  • veggies & berries

  • food safety

  • tout the healthfulness

  • natural, local and other key marketing words

Grandparent market l.jpg
grandparent market money?

  • generations removed

    • today’s public cannot “feel” their grandparent’s experiences – thus, they don’t mean as much!

  • ag practices have changed

    • this is our challenge

    • what is a good image to project – old or new?

  • education should be our priority!?

What do consumers want l.jpg
what do consumers want? money?

to understand agriculture?

  • Ag in the classroom

  • Farm Bureau, growers assns., etc.

  • 4-H & Extension

  • agritourism!

    • why not?

    • encourage near large farms?

What are travelers looking for l.jpg
what are travelers looking for? money?

trends in travel

  • shorter trips

  • increasingly using cars to get there

  • planning at the last minute

  • looking for new experiences

  • strengthening family ties

What are travelers looking for24 l.jpg
what are travelers looking for? money?

things experienced on trip

The experience economy l.jpg
the experience economy… money?

  • people will pay more for experience than product

  • want vs. need (all retail)

  • marketing farm products with an experience attached

    • -eliminates “commodities”

  • wal-mart struggles with providing an experience other than “convenient and cheap”

the world is a stage…

why sit and watch?

Implications for you l.jpg
implications for you money?

  • know who your customer is

  • pay attention to media

  • follow instincts

  • act like a retailer

  • browse retail publications



Top 10 agritourism opportunities l.jpg
Top 10 Agritourism Opportunities money?

  • No particular order…

  • PYO

  • Educational Tours

  • Interactives - Mazes & Games

  • Local Foods

  • Cooking

  • Wineries

  • On-Farm bakeries & Coffee Shops

  • Farmers Markets

  • Specialty & Ethnic Veggies

  • Locally focused meats

Some evaluation criteria l.jpg
Some Evaluation Criteria money?

  • Fits mission

  • Manageable liability concerns

  • ‘Pencils’ out

  • Fun for customers in target market

  • Staff to manage activity?!

  • Length of season available

  • Potential customer base

  • Fun for you!

Slide41 l.jpg
PYO money?

  • One of the healthiest fresh foods

  • Tons of promotional materials available

  • We are good growers

  • Family experience

  • Berries, veggies, etc…

  • Overcoming the ‘grannies stocking up’ old paradigm for pyo

  • Charging enough

Farm tours activities l.jpg
Farm tours & activities money?

  • People long to be close to the farm

  • Grandparents

  • Alternative to non-interaction entertainment

  • Liability

  • Infrastructure

  • Mindset

Farm stays bed breakfasts l.jpg
Farm Stays / Bed & Breakfasts money?

  • People will…

    • Volunteer to help you

    • Pay to work

    • Continue to love farmers

    • Want a different experience

    • Talk your ear off!

    • Ask lots of questions

The internet and you l.jpg
The internet and you… money?

  • the customers who really spend live here

  • they long to be somewhere else

  • sometimes we aren’t comfortable

  • still expensive to promote site

  • moving forward to texting & pda’s

Contact me l.jpg
Contact me: money?

[email protected]

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