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Preventing Diabetes. What is Pre-diabetes?. Topics. What is diabetes and pre-diabetes? What are the risk factors for diabetes? How can you delay or prevent type 2 diabetes?. Diabetes. What is Diabetes? Blood glucose (sugar) levels higher than normal

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Preventing diabetes l.jpg
Preventing Diabetes

  • What is

  • Pre-diabetes?

Topics l.jpg

  • What is diabetes and pre-diabetes?

  • What are the risk factors for diabetes?

  • How can you delay or prevent type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes l.jpg

  • What is Diabetes?

  • Blood glucose (sugar) levels higher than normal

  • Not enough insulin to allow glucose to enter cells to be used for energy

Types of diabetes l.jpg
Types of Diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Usually diagnosed in children and young adults

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Most common form

  • Most often diagnosed in adults

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Can appear during pregnancy

  • High risk for type 2 diabetes later in life

Pre diabetes l.jpg

  • What is Pre-Diabetes?

  • Comes before type 2 diabetes

  • Blood glucose higher than normal, but not yet diabetes

  • You can have pre-diabetes and not know it

Diagnosing l.jpg

  • How are diabetes and pre-diabetes diagnosed?

  • Diabetes

    • Fasting blood glucose of 126 mg/dl or higher

  • Pre-diabetes

    • Fasting blood glucose of 100 - 125 mg/dl

Preventing diabetes7 l.jpg
Preventing Diabetes

  • What is your fasting blood glucose?

  • When was your glucose last checked?

Get checked l.jpg
Get Checked

  • Get your blood glucose checked for pre-diabetes if you are

  • Age 45 or older and overweight

  • Age 45 or older and not overweight – ask your doctor if you need to be tested

  • Under age 45, but overweight and at increased risk for diabetes

Risk factors l.jpg
Risk Factors

  • A parent, brother or sister has diabetes

  • You are African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Asian American or Pacific Islander

  • You had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds or had gestational diabetes

  • You have high blood pressure (over 140/90)

  • You have low HDL (good) cholesterol (40 or lower)

  • You have high triglycerides (150 or higher)

Pre diabetes10 l.jpg

  • If you have pre-diabetes, what does it mean?

  • You might get type 2 diabetes soon or sometime in the future

  • You are more likely to get heart disease or have a stroke

Preventing diabetes11 l.jpg
Preventing Diabetes

  • Diabetes is serious

  • You will be healthier if you delay or prevent diabetes

  • Diabetes is common

  • But you can reduce your risk by losing weight

Preventing diabetes12 l.jpg
Preventing Diabetes

  • Delay or prevent type 2 diabetes with

  • Regular physical activity,

  • such as walking almost

  • every day

  • Weight loss

Preventing diabetes13 l.jpg
Preventing Diabetes

  • The Diabetes Prevention Program study showed

  • 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity along with a 5 to 10% weight loss produced a 58%reductionin diabetes

Losing 5 to 1015 l.jpg
Losing 5 to 10%

  • How much do you weigh?

  • How much is 5 to 10%?

Strategies for losing weight l.jpg
Strategies for Losing Weight

  • Cut back on calories and fat

  • Be active most days of the week

  • Eat breakfast daily

  • Keep records of:

    • What you eat and drink

    • Daily physical activity

    • Your weight

Strategies for losing weight17 l.jpg
Strategies for Losing Weight

  • Implementing a weight-loss program

    • On your own or

    • Through an organized weight loss program (e.g., Weight Watchers)

  • A combination of meal planning and physical activity is most successful

Keeping a record l.jpg
Keeping a Record

  • Records helps keep you on target

  • Write down

  • Everything you eat and drink including serving sizes

  • Your physical activity – what kind and how long

  • Your weekly weight

Keeping a record19 l.jpg
Keeping a Record

  • Use

  • A small notebook or

  • ADA’s “My Game Plan: Food and Activity Tracker” or

  • Anything that works for you!

Review l.jpg

  • You can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes with regular physical activity, such as walking almost every day, and weight loss.

Review22 l.jpg

  • Learn all you can to help:

    • lose weight

    • be more active

    • eat healthy

Learn more l.jpg
Learn More

  • Other Preventing Diabetes Programs:

  • Cutting Calories and Fat

  • Being Active

More help l.jpg
More Help

  • A new powerful risk assessment tool

  • Enter your personal health information.

  • Receive a personalized “Results Overview” showing your current risk for diabetes, heart attack, and other health problems.

  • Change items in your profile (such as walking more or losing weight) to see how making these changes would impact your future.

Diabetes phd l.jpg
Diabetes PHD

  • Online at

For more information l.jpg
For More Information

  • For more information

  • about preventing diabetes please call

  • 1-800-DIABETES or visit

For more information27 l.jpg
For More Information

  • Contact your local ADA at

  • 1-888-DIABETES to learn about activities and volunteer opportunities in your community