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ANCIENT GREECE. Geography of Greece. Archaic Greece: 1650 BCE - 700 BCE. Bronze Age Greece. Crete: Minoan Civilization (Palace at Knossos ). Knossos : Minoan Civilization. Minoan Civilization. No fortified walls A bureaucracy led by a king Written form of communication.

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Geography of Greece

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1650 BCE - 700 BCE

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Bronze Age Greece

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Crete: Minoan Civilization(Palace at Knossos)

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Knossos: Minoan Civilization

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Minoan Civilization

  • No fortified walls

  • A bureaucracy led by a king

  • Written form of communication

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Mycenaean Civilization

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  • Fortified walls

  • Warriors

  • Murals of war scenes

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Homer: The “Heroic Age”

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Age of Homer

  • Oral poetry

  • Singing tales

  • Sharp class system

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Courage - Arete

Protection of family and possessions



“Always be the best and distinguished above others.”

Homeric values

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700 BCE - 324 BCE

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ATHENS: Yesterday & Today

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Piraeus: Athens’ Port City

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Early Athenian Lawgivers


  • “draconian”


  • created the first democracy

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Persian Wars: 499 BCE – 480 BCE

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Through 5th century, Athens and Sparta were both concerned with keeping independent of foreign threat – Persia

First Persian War

Athenian victory

Persian emperor Darius sent army to Greece

They were defeated at Marathon in 490 BCE

Victory for the Athenians (Nike!)

Persian Wars

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Golden “Age of Pericles”:460 BCE – 429 BCE

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Great Athenian Philosophers


  • Know thyself!

  • question everything


  • The Academy

  • The Republic philosopher-king

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  • Meaning of life

  • Purpose of government

  • Define human nature

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  • Well known philosopher in Athens

    • Then Pericles dies

    • A plague hits Athens

      Socrates is arrested for corrupting the minds of Greek youth

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Great Athenian Philosophers


  • “Golden Mean” [everything inmoderation].

  • Logic

  • Scientific method

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Athens: Arts & Sciences


  • Aeschylus

  • Sophocles

  • Euripides


  • Pythagoras – Pythagorean theorem

  • Hippocrates  “Father of Medicine”

    • Hippocratic oath

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Phidias’ Acropolis

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The Acropolis Today

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The Parthenon

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The Agora

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Classical Greek “Ideal”

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Olympia: Temple to Hera

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Ancient Olympics:Athletes & Trainers

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The 2004 Olympics

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Other Religious Festivals

  • Delphi

  • Corinth

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Helots Messenians enslaved by the Spartans.

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Peloponnesian Wars

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Peloponnesian War431-404 BCE

  • No harmony among Greeks after Persian Wars

    • Leaves them vulnerable

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Macedonia Under Philip II

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Final Act in Classical Greece

Philip of Macedonia turned it into effective, aggressive state

  • Took over most of mainland

    From now on, Greece would almost always be under foreign rule

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324 BCE - 100 BCE

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Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great’s Empire

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Alexander the Great in Persia

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The Hellenization of Asia

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Pergamum: Hellenistic City

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Economy of Hellenistic World

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Hellenistic Philosophers

Epicurians  Epicurus

  • avoid pain & seek pleasure.

  • all excess leads to pain!

  • politics should be avoided.

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Hellenistic Philosophers

  • Stoics  Zeno

    • get involved in politics, not for personal gain, but toperform virtuous acts for the good of all.

    • true happiness is found ingreat achievements

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Arts & Sciences

  • Scientists / Mathematicians:

    • Aristarchus  heliocentric theory.

    • Euclid  geometry

    • Archimedes  pulley

  • Hellenistic Art:

    • More realistic; less ideal than Hellenic art.

    • Showed individual emotions, wrinkles, and age!

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Breakup of Alexander’s Empire

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