new media technologies online politics
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New Media Technologies: Online Politics

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New Media Technologies: Online Politics. COM 300 Kathy E. Gill 11 May 2006. Agenda. Review Monday Continue Lecture/Discussion Small Group Exercise. Recap: Community Defined. Dyson: the unit in which people live, work and play Esther’s website, Release 1.0

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new media technologies online politics

New Media Technologies: Online Politics

COM 300

Kathy E. Gill

11 May 2006

  • Review Monday
  • Continue Lecture/Discussion
  • Small Group Exercise
recap community defined
Recap: Community Defined
  • Dyson: the unit in which people live, work and play
    • Esther’s website, Release 1.0
  • Sardar: communities are shaped by a sense of belonging – to a place, common struggle, tradition, and history, in other words, it’s more than just having common interests
technology as block 1 2
Technology As Block (1/2)
  • SJMN - Feb:
  • “It\'s called the Great Firewall of China - a barrier constructed with the help of Silicon Valley companies to block China\'s Internet users from information about taboo topics such as human rights and democracy.
  • The participation of U.S. technology giants Google, Yahoo, Cisco and Microsoft in the Chinese government\'s online censorship and surveillance programs is drawing increasing criticism. Officials from the four companies were scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing on Wednesday.”
technology as block 2 2
Technology As Block (2/2)
  • Thomas Paine - Feb:
  • “Microsoft’s contribution to Chinese political repression follows Yahoo’s role in the sentencing of a dissident reporter and Google’s decision not to display search results that are blocked by what has become known as the “Great Chinese Firewall.” Indeed, China has developed the world’s most sophisticated system of Internet blocking and censorship, thereby hiding information unfavorable to China’s rulers from all but the most technologically savvy.”
technology as enabler 1 2
Technology As Enabler (1/2)
  • WSJ - Feb (proquest)
  • “Freegate [is] a software program that thwarts the Chinese government\'s vast system to limit what its citizens see. Freegate -- by connecting computers inside of China to servers in the U.S. -- enables Zivn and others to keep reading and writing to Wikipedia and countless other Web sites.
  • Behind Freegate is a North Carolina-based Chinese hacker named Bill Xia. He calls it his red pill, a reference to the drug in the "Matrix" movies that vaulted unconscious captives of a totalitarian regime into the real world.”
technology as enabler 2 2
Technology As Enabler (2/2)
  • “The resources behind Freegate and others hacktivists could increase if Congress revives a bill to create an Office of Global Internet Freedom.”
  • Other systems:
    • Cicumventor
    • “Adopt-a-blog”
    • Tor
  • Read this candidate overview from the Seattle Times
  • Visit candidate websites:
    • Cantwell and McGavick
  • In a blog post:
    • Note first impressions
    • Detail opportunities for interaction with voters
    • Pick an issue that is important to you and find candidate position. How hard/easy was this task? Which candidate provides the most thorough explanation?
    • Which candidate do you trust more? Why?
  • Impressions?
  • Ease of use?
  • Interaction?
  • Trust?
  • Work on Friday’s assignment or project
  • Podcast folks to the front. :)