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Hi8us Midlands Ltd Creativity and the Economy May 2007 Emma Wright - Projects Manager. Contents. About Hi8us StripSearch Project History Successes Future . About Hi8us.

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Hi8us Midlands Ltd

Creativity and the Economy May 2007

Emma Wright - Projects Manager

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  • About Hi8us

  • StripSearch Project

    • History

    • Successes

    • Future

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About Hi8us

  • A national charity established in 1996 to produce innovative media with young people in their communities, across the UK and within Europe

  • UK’s leading practitioner in the field of collaborative professional media with young people

  • Strong links with the sectors relevant to young people and media across the country and in Europe

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Our Core Aims

  • To reach young people at risk of social exclusion to enable them to articulate their experiences, a chance to tell their stories

  • To enable talented young people to use the experience of creating media as a catalyst for change in their own lives and in their communities

  • To create groundbreaking television, film and new media through a unique collaboration between professional filmmakers, web-designers and non-professional participants

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Network organisation

Hi8us is working across the country through locally based entities. The closely linked network consists of:

  • Hi8us Projects

  • Hi8us Cornwall

  • Hi8us Midlands

  • Hi8us North

  • Hi8us South


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Benefits of our network organisation

  • Operates and delivers projects at a national, regional and local micro level

  • Has proven capacity to manage transnational partnerships

  • Influences policy at a national and regional level

  • Provides a raft of new creative opportunities for young people across the country

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Hi8us Projects

A registered charity responsible for research development work and transnational projects

Beyond the Numbers Game

A research project looking at the efficacy of existing performance measures for participatory media work

Successful transnational partnership

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Hi8us Midlands (1/3)

An arts and media production company in Birmingham

Three strands of work

Participatory community based projects

The production of e-learning tools

Training and support delivered using a range of methods

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Hi8us Midlands (2/3)

Scheme that supports and nurtures amateur talented comic illustrators in West Midlands


An innovative online multi-user role-playing tool

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Hi8us Midlands (3/3)

An interactive animation about bullying


Gives a voice to communities based in Stoke-on-Trent through the media of film www.projectingstoke.com

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StripSearch Project (1/8)

  • www.animatix.org.uk

    Reacting to young people’s need

  • StripSearch—unique bespoke

    professionally led comic illustration scheme

  • Offers opportunities to talented amateur illustrators

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StripSearch Project (2/8)

Originally open to talented amateur illustrators from Birmingham.

Competitive Process, based on talent and ability to succeed in the industry.

10 places available,100 people applied,

13 took part.

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StripSearch Project (3/8)

Only 5% of applicants were from women.

Only 1 female finalist on StripSearch scheme.

Focus of StripSearch 2 was to appeal to and recruit more female participants, through direct marketing.

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StripSearch Project (4/8)

Second round of StripSearch nearly 50% applicants from women, direct marketing worked.

50% of finalists were women.

StripSearch has continued to attract attention from female comic illustrators.

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StripSearch Project (5/8)

  • 3rd year:

    • Produce their own comic books, rather than a collaborative book

    • Business support modules

    • Mobile exhibition

    • Birmingham and Bristol comic conventions

    • Website

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StripSearch Project (6/8)

  • Supported over 60 artists from the West Midlands and increased levels of participation

  • from Women

  • Recognised and supported

    by UK Comics Industry

  • Nearly all participants have gained

    illustration work

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StripSearch Project (7/8)

  • 3 Consecutive Female winners at IMAF Awards

  • First Female participant has deal with


  • First Female Comic Illustrator

    (with own page) in the Beano is a StripSearch Graduate

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StripSearch Project (8/8)

  • What Next?

    Feasibility Study into UK wide Comic School and Franchise opportunities.

    Attending San Diego (Worlds Largest Comic Convention to promote StripSearch Scheme).

    Raising funds to continue scheme. Ideas include:

    • StripSearch Juniors

    • Combining StripSearch and Animatix

    • Transnational Crossover scheme

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StripSearch Project

For more information contact:

Jemima Cattel

Hi8us Midlands Ltd

T: ++44 0121 753 7700

E: [email protected]

W. www.hi8us.co.uk