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The Ultimate Guide to L1 to H1B Change of Status

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The Ultimate Guide to L1 to H1B Change of Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you possess special skills within your professional field, you may be eligible for an H1B or L1 visa. Both visas are excellent options for companies who wish to hire experienced foreign workers.

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How to Find Out if You Have

EB-1 Green Card Eligibility


Employment-based options are

typically the quickest and easiest


EB-1 Green Card Categories

Extraordinary Ability - Reserved for people who hold specialized and

superior ability in either science, business, education, art, or athletics.

Outstanding Professor and Researcher - Reserved for individuals who are

renowned doctors, scientists, or scholars.

Multinational Executives or Managers - Reserved for people who are of an

executive or managerial level of a multinational company that is opening a

new office location within the United States. You could also qualify for this

category if you are an executive that is being transferred to United States

office in order to impart specialized knowledge.


Benefits of Choosing EB-1

One of the biggest advantages of the EB-1

category is that you do not have to go through

the PERM Labor Certification in order to be




Certification process is to determine if a U.S.




necessary for the foreign worker\'s intended

position. It is usually a cumbersome and costly

process that can potentially eliminate a foreign

worker\'s eligibility for a position. The fact that

EB-1 does not require this certification process

is a tremendous benefit.

If you are interested in the Extraordinary Ability

category, you do not need to have a permanent

job offer in order to be eligible. The is an

advantage because it allows you to apply on

your own rather than having to rely on an

employer to apply on your behalf. However, if

you are interested in the Outstanding Professor

and Researcher category or the Multinational

Executives and Managers category, you will

need to have a permanent job offer on the

table--the intended employer will need to file

your application for you.







You have received an award for excellence of international

notability within your field.

You hold membership to group(s) that require outstanding

achievement within your field.



A major prize or award for a significant achievement in

your professional field.

Membership to a group or association that requires you to

have made an outstanding achievement in your field.

In order to meet the requirements for

EB-1 green card eligibility in the

Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding

Professor, Multinational Executives

and Managers category, you will need

to meet the following conditions:

You must have been employed as a manager or executive

for a company outside the U.S. for at least one year within

the last three years.

Your intended position in the U.S. will be of a managerial

or executive level.

Your intended U.S. employer has been in business for a

minimum of one year.


Extraordinary Ability: If you are applying for the

Extraordinary Ability group, you will have to file Form

I-140 (Petition for Alien Worker). Because this group

does not require PERM labor certification, you may file

the form on your own behalf.

EB-1 Green Card

Process Summary

Outstanding Professors and Researchers: This group

also does not require perm labor certification. However,

it does require a permanent job offer. Because of this,

you will need to have a U.S. employer file form I-140

(Petition for Alien Worker) on your behalf.

If you wish to pursue an EB-1 green

card, we’ve put together a few steps to

get you started based on which EB-1

category you choose:

Multinational Manager or Executive: Like the

Outstanding Professors and Researchers group, this

group requires that your intended employer offer you a

permanent position and file form I-140 on your behalf.

Those hoping for EB-1 green card eligibility in this

group will have to have been employed as a manager or

executive for a company in a country outside the U.S.

for at least one year within the last three years.


For more information about the

requirements of EB-1 green card

eligibility, contact the experienced

professionals at Katz Law Office

Ltd. today for a free consultation.



Contact us:

Katz Law Office, Ltd.

4105 West 26th Street Chicago,

IL 60623

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