7 tips for cheap affordable web design
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Rapidsoft Technologies is Mobile & web app development company who have passionate, results-oriented digital marketing team based in IndiaWe deliver end-to-end website design, development & digital marketing solutions that are focused on client goals and objectives. From strategy and design to internet marketing and mobile development, our team of specialists delivers client success on every project assigned. We will help you exceed your expectations.

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web app development company

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7 Tips For Cheap & Affordable Web Design

Web Development Company india

Want to Have a Website Done….. But~~~~~~~ Having Some Budget Restraints?

Web Development Company india

  • Creating a professional looking website ain’t easy and web designers might charge you a bit extra depending upon your requirements. A great looking website might cost you around a thousand bucks which depending upon the work that will be there for the Web designer seems appropriate enough.

Web Development Company india

If you don’t have this kind of money than read on as I will mention you some very useful tips using which you can have an affordable Web Design done…




Web Development Company india

First & Foremost…!

**** Make sure you want a Static or dynamic website as there is a huge price difference between both of them.

**** Static websites take less time to be done with as less work is involved with limited functionality.

**** Dynamic websites are whole different ball game. They will take more time and will need some serious technical expert help to get the job done.

**** For smaller businesses Static websites are the thing to go for.

Web Development Company india

You can pay for less…!

If you have website with simple functions and graphics rather than going for Web 3.0 or some other fancy stuff and slideshows etc.

Web Development Company india

Time decides money involved…!

Depending upon the deadline you want to set with your web designer, the shorter the time you give him to get the job done the more the expense and vice versa..

Web Development Company india

Get an Intern to create a website…!

For a small business as many Web Designing students work for their projects during summers and holidays.

They will be most obliged to work on a actual live project.

They won’t cost much as you are giving them an opportunity.

Students have fresh thinking and are creative so they can really come up with some creative ideas for your website plus they are continuously in touch with the latest technology & know-how of the market..

Web Development Company india

Shop for Website Design Templates…!

There are many companies out there who are willing to provide you affordable Web Design Templates.

These templates types are extremely customizable and will cost you far less than if you have some web designer build it from scratch. You can get a decent one for five hundred bucks or so. You can use Word Press as well which provides a huge variety of templates and designs. They have plugins and other features you can use as well such as widgets and e-commerce carts and more…

Web Development Company india

Exchange For Services…!

You are a business, then you can provide your services free of cost to a Website Designer or company in order to exchange theirs to build your site.

Or if you have some skills that you can trade for with others or which others may require you can exchange it for their skills in Web Design.

Web Development Company india

Create your own basic site first…!

You can also create your own basic site first by learning a bit of simple HTML and CSS. It is fairly easy.

Or you can get a free template off a royalty free website and work on it by getting familiar with some basic HTML and CSS.

You can work with a simple site for now and when you have money, you can hire an expert to develop it further.

Web Development Company india

I believe this covers everything on affordable website design that you can do…..

Web Development Company india

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