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You want to decorate your house? You want to give your indoors a new fresh look? Well, before thinking painting, carpet or window coverings, you should think MOULDING, an inexpensive way to make your home look beautiful. Just Moulding is the expert in decorative moulding in the Washington DC area. We will take care of your walls, your ceiling, your windows and doors frames and there will be no mess in your house, because we cut everything in our workshop! Learn more in this presentation!

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About Us

  • Founded in 2005 by Kevin Wales & Mark Rubin

  • We are the only branded full-service trim carpentry company in the Mid-Atlantic

  • We have installed over 300,000 feet of moulding

  • We have worked in over 1200 homes

  • We began franchising our concept in 2008

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Nothing can transform a room from an empty box to a richly textured living space like mouldings can.

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Architecture 101 – A brief overview of moulding types and functions

  • Wall Trim

  • Ceiling Trim

  • Door & Window Casing

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Baseboard functions

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Chair Rail functions

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Wainscoting functions

  • Bead Board

  • Shadow Boxes

  • Wall Frames

  • Raised Paneling

  • Recessed Paneling

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Bead Board functions

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Shadow Boxes functions

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Wall Frames functions

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Raised Paneling functions

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Ceiling Trim functions

  • Crown Moulding

  • Tray Ceilings

  • Coffered Ceilings

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Crown Moulding functions

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Two Piece Crown functions

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Tray Ceilings functions

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The Old Way functions

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Measuring functions

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Pricing functions

  • Our average job is $2000

  • Jobs range from $400 to $25,000

    • Includes materials, installation, caulking and putty

    • Wood is primed and ready for paint

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Our Guarantee functions

  • We guarantee our work, forever and ever.

  • If something ever goes wrong with our work, we will fix it.

  • Fully transferable.