FDR – The New Deal
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The New Deal PP

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The new deal pp 4932851

Questions & Answers:

Just what will we discuss and find out during our study of FDR & The New Deal

The new deal pp 4932851

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

  • Raised in upper NY

  • Attended Harvard & Columbia

  • Lawyer

  • Governor

  • Contracted polio

  • Elected President in 1932

  • Pledged to America; “I Pledge to you, I pledge to myself, to a new deal for the American people”

  • Stated in Inauguration Speech –”We have nothing to fear but fear itself”

The new deal pp 4932851

  • Something to think about…..

  • How would you have handled the situation?

The new deal pp 4932851

The New Deal Plan

  • “Brain Trust”

  • First Hundred Days

  • Relief, Recovery, Reform


The new deal pp 4932851

The new deal pp 4932851

Success of the New Deal Plan politically?

  • Overhauled Banks (Emergency Banking ACT)

  • Addressed unemployment (FERA)

  • Promote recovery (National Recovery Administration) (Agriculture Adjustment Administration)

  • Wagner Act

  • SEC

  • FDIC

  • The New Deal restored a sense of security as it put people back to work. It created the framework for a regulatory state that could protect the interests of all Americans,

  • rich and poor, and thereby help the business system work in more productive

  • ways. It rebuilt the infrastructure of the United States, providing a network of

  • schools, hospitals, and roads that served us well

  • for the next 70 years.

The new deal pp 4932851

Failures of the New politically?Deal

  • Negative Effects:

  • National debt grew.

  • Government’s power grew tremendously.

  • Opened up new issues like welfare abuse

  • Didn’t end the depression

  • Harmed the poor people even more

The new deal pp 4932851

In your opinion, was The New Deal a success of failure? politically?

What would you have added or taken away to make the New Deal better?

The new deal pp 4932851

How the New Deal Plan affects the US today politically?


  • New Deal helped pave the way to an understanding of how to address severe deflation

  • FDIC

  • Social security


  • Social security

  • Un-employment

  • Welfare

  • Food stamps

The new deal pp 4932851

List and explain three New Deal programs still politically?used today.

What are the positives and negatives of these programs?

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