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Green initiatives and sustainability should be among the top

concerns for our businesses. Implementing green practices is

beneficial for your operation as it helps to reduce operating

costs. One cost-efficient and effective practice is to operate

your business from a shared office space.

Shared office spaces are growing in popularity with

businesses of all sizes. A shared office solution allows you to

reduce your energyusage. Compared to a traditional office

environment, the eco-friendly advantages of a shared office

co-working space at iQ Office Suites include:

 Shared resources such as common areas and

boardrooms mean your energy usage is significantly less,

thereby helping you to reduce your business’ carbon


 Most of our offices are on or near windows, allowing you

to rely upon natural sunlight to illuminate your work

area, rather than having to use overhead or desk lights.

 Motion activated lights throughout our space ensures

lights are not left on in spaces which are not in use.

 Scents in iQ facilities are generated by infusing naturally

occurring oils avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

 Natural building elements such as exposed brick and

concrete walls are retained in place of further

construction materials which draw more from the

environment. 416.238.1111

 Collaborate with others in your shared work

environment to develop new eco-friendly business

practices that benefit everyone.

Tips for Making Your Shared Office Space

Tips for Making Your Shared Office Space



In addition to the eco-friendly advantages gained with a

shared office solution, there are specific things you can do to

help make the space greener.

1. Turn off and unplug any electronic device you are not

currently using.Simply turning off your device is not

enough because a device that is plugged in will still draw

a small amount of energy.

2. Get in the habit of shutting off surge protectors at the

end of your work day. The lights on surge protectors use

electricity, not to mention power still flows through to

the plugs even when nothing is plugged in.

3. Bring in a green plant or two to put on your desk. Liven

up your work space with green plants, like bamboo, but

avoid flowering plants, as others can be allergic. 416.238.1111

4. Pack snacks and lunches using food you obtained from

local farmers’ markets. Buying from local farmers not

only helps support them, but also helps the environment

because it means the food did not have to be shipped in,

thereby reducing fuel costs and carbon footprints.

5. Try going “organic” and choosing beverages and foods

produced using natural processes. Organic foods use

greener production methods and are healthier for both

you and the environment.

6. Rely upon public transport or biking for your commute to

work. You can further reduce your carbon footprint, not

to mention avoid potential parking fees.

Shared offices, and the implementation of green practices are

the ideal way to reduce your business’ operating costs, as well

as your carbon footprint. For more information about shared

office and co-working spaces in Toronto, feel free to contact

iQ Offices today at 416.238.1111.


friendly-solution/ 416.238.1111 416.238.1111

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