tips for staying warm this winter
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TIPS FOR STAYING WARM THIS WINTER- Distincthvac - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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tips for staying warm this winter


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There are several different things you can do around your home to ensure your home remains warm throughout the winter. Oftentimes, the reason for costly winter heating bills is due to air loss, either warm air seeping out of the home or cold air coming into the home. (403) 477-3810

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Look for sunlight coming in around doors and windows-If you can see sunlight around doors and windows, it means there are gaps where air can enter or leave the home. One easy fix is to replace worn-out weather-stripping with new weather-stripping. For bigger gaps around windows, you may need to reseal them using spray foam insulation and caulk. (403) 477-3810

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Check for drafts around wall outlets and light switches-Depending on the age of your home, electrical outlets and light switches may not have sufficient insulation around them. When there is no insulation, cold air can get into the home. You can easily fix this problem by removing the cover plates and placing foam gaskets around the outlet or switch, and then put the cover plate back over the outlet or switch. (403) 477-3810

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Check for holes in exterior walls where plumbing, electrical, and cables come into the home-Quite frequently, the caulk placed around these inbound connections wears out and cracks, creating air leaks. Remember to pull up the decorative rings on water pipes you might have under the sink or under the toilet, too. The best way to fix gaps around these items is to use spray foam insulation to seal up any gaps. (403) 477-3810

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Verify windows are securely closed-You would be surprised how cold air can get into the home from windows that are not shut correctly or tightly. Keep in mind the weather-stripping could also need replaced on older windows. (403) 477-3810

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Upgrade your thermostat and humidistat-Today’s digital thermostats and humidistat are much more precise and allow you to program your furnace and humidifier to maintain different comfort levels within the home at different times of the day and night. Utilizing these features helps improve the efficiency of your furnace and humidifier and can even reduce your energy bills. (403) 477-3810

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Schedule your annual furnace tune-up and maintenance service with Distinct Heating & Cooling-Our experienced technicians perform a detailed inspection of your heating system to ensure it is operating correctly to provide optimal comfort throughout the winter and helps avoid unexpected breakdowns. (403) 477-3810

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By taking the time to do a walkthrough of your home after reviewing the following tips, you might just discover one or more areas that need your attention. Do not hesitate to contact us, here at Distinct Heating & Cooling, with any questions or concerns about your furnace and heating system or to schedule your annual furnace tune-up by calling (403) 477-3810 today!Source:- (403) 477-3810