Tips for avoiding sneaky holiday scams
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Tips for Avoiding Sneaky Holiday Scams PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Tips for Avoiding Sneaky Holiday Scams

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Tips for Avoiding Sneaky Holiday Scams

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Tips for Avoiding Sneaky Holiday Scams (416) 489-6312

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year for many people. As you are sitting down making you gift lists, preparing holiday travel plans, decorating your home, or getting ready for friends and relatives to visit, make sure you are not fooled by one or more of these sneaky holiday scams that can prey on your good nature during this festive time of year. 489-6312

Free/Discounted Cruises and Beach Vacations  Sure, who wouldn’t mind spending the holidays far away from the cold Canadian winter on a warm sandy beach in Florida or the Caribbean. 489-6312

This time of year, there are often an increase in these types of scams that want you to join a vacation club or invest in a time-share, sight unseen. Unfortunately, some of these offers are bogus and result in potential identify theft and lost vacation deposits. If you want to take a holiday vacation, it is best to book it through trusted travel sites or an actual travel agency. 489-6312

Personalized Letters from SantaAround the holidays people will start to get emails offers or see popups on some sites advertising personalized letters from Santa. There are all sorts of variants, but two of the more common ones are either asking for a payment in advance for a letter you never actually receive, or not requesting payment information. 489-6312

But asking for personal information, like the names, addresses, and dates of births for both parents and children. These types of scams often end in identify theft and fraudulent credit/debit card charges. If you want to surprise your child with a personalized letter from Santa, consider asking a friend to pen the letter so your child will not recognize the hand writing. 489-6312

Fake Non-Profits and Charitable OrganizationsThe holidays often bring out the best in people and their desire to help those less fortunate at this time of year. 489-6312

Be aware of solicitations for donations you get on the phone or through email messages. While there are actually legitimate organizations calling, or sending emails, it is often hard to discern the real ones from the fake ones. Instead, make donations directly yourself to those organizations you want to support. 489-6312

Holiday E-CardsE-cards are a popular way to wish friends and family a happy holiday season. They are also a great way for hackers to install bots and malware on your computer, should you open an email and click on the link for the e-card. 489-6312

Some hackers have even gotten creative enough to make it look like the email came from one of your friends or relatives. Before opening an e-card, verify with the sender whether they actually sent it by calling or texting them directly. Avoid replying to the email, since they could infect their computer, too, if they click on the link. 489-6312

For more information for other types of scams, please feel free to explore our blog articles or contact Technical Action Group at 416-489-6312 to learn more about our diverse range of customizable outsourced IT support services to help protect your business and data.Source:- 489-6312

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