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With your host Mr. Bass !. Jeopardy. Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin. Vocabulary. Industrial Revolution. Inventions. Immigration. Manifest Destiny. The West `. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point.

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With your host Mr. Bass !

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With your host

Mr. Bass !

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Choose a category.

You will be given the answer.

You must give the correct question.

Click to begin.

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The West


10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

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The clearing of trees due to

expansion and the Industrial


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What is


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To leave one country and settle in another country

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What is immigration?

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19th-century doctrine that says the

United States had the right and

duty to expand throughout the

North American continent.

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What is Manifest Destiny?

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Word associated with farming

or agriculture

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What is agrarian?

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Person of the elite or privileged

upper class

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What is an


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Americans built canals, roads and ______ to help increase industry

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What is railroads?

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The rise of cities and the Industrial Revolution led to harsh labor practices, disease, and ______

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What is pollution?

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Characteristic that best exemplifies the Southern lifestyle of farming

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What is large plantations?

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New inventions and machines led to the _______ system

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What is factory?

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Canal that connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes

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What is the Erie Canal?

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The cotton gin increased the need for ______ in the South

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What is slavery?

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Idea that parts could be changed and replaced easily

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What are interchangeable parts?

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New England relied greatly on _____ to power their early factories

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What is water (rivers or streams)?

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Inventor of the steamboat

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Who is Robert Fulton?

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Inventor of the mechanical reaper

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Who is Cyrus McCormick?

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Waves of immigrants from Europe increased diversity in the _______

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What is the North?

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Reason why Irish immigrants left Ireland

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What is the potato famine?

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Job type that forced people to migrate into the cities

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What is the Embargo Act?

What are factory jobs?

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Immigrated to America to flee from harsh rulers

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Who are the Germans?

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Number of German immigrants that entered America during 1848

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What is 60,000?

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Expansion west led to a series of _____ with various foreign countries

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What is wars?

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Forced removal of Cherokee Indians due to westward expansion

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What is the Trail of Tears?

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First expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase and

took 3 ½ years

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What is the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

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Country that ceded Florida to the

United States

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Who is Spain?

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Country that ceded Alaska to the

United States

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Who is Russia?

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Reason why thousands of American families headed west in wagon trains

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What is Oregon Fever?

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River that the Lewis and Clark

Expedition followed

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What is the Missouri River?

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Mexican settlements on the Western frontier were rich with cultural ______

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What is traditions?

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Laura Wilder and Annie Bidwell

celebrated the role of pioneer

women by _______ _____

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What is writing books?

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The Old Spanish Trail led travelers from Utah to ________

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What is Los Angeles?

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Final Jeopardy

Make your wager

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Final Answer

Leader of the Mexican Army

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Final Question

Who is Santa Anna?

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