The real deal on marijuana
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The Real Deal on Marijuana Cannabis Pot, herb, weed, grass, widow, ganja, hash, dank, mota/moto, hierba, pasto, etc. STRUCTURE OF THE ACTIVE REAGENT THC Concentration is Different in Various Preparations of Marijuana “Ordinary” marijuana ~3%

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The Real Deal on Marijuana

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  • Pot, herb, weed, grass, widow, ganja, hash, dank, mota/moto, hierba, pasto, etc.

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THC Concentration is Different in Various

Preparations of Marijuana

  • “Ordinary” marijuana ~3%

  • Sinsemilla (seedless female plant) -7.5% average, up to 24%

  • Hashish (cannabis buds)- 3.6% average, up to 28%

  • Hash oil (non-polar extract of marijuana or hashish)- 16% average, up to 43%

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Cell Biology: Marijuana is a drug that binds receptors

on cell membranes


Binding of the drug to the receptor

causes changes within the cell


Structural changes

Functional changes


Effects of smoking cannabis l.jpg
Effects of Smoking Cannabis

  • Euphoria followed by tiredness, passivity

  • Eye reddening (a hallmark)

  • Increased heart rate, dry mouth and eyes

  • Dizziness

  • Defects in short-term memory and cognition

  • Lung Disease

  • Hormone abnormalities (gynecomastia)

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Pathway Of Marijuana In The Body







other organs/



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Normal Lungs and Physiology

Lungs are the site of gas exchange: oxygen enters blood and

carbon dioxide leaves blood

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Marijuana Damages the Lungs

  • Marijuana contains tar, carbon monoxide, and

  • carcinogens that damage the lungs

  • Marijuana smoke contains 50 to 70% more toxic chemicals

  • than tobacco smoke

  • Marijuana use increases the risk of lung disease

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Diseased Lung

Healthy Lung

The heart i l.jpg
The Heart I

Right side of heart pumps blood to the lung where it picks up oxygen; left side of heart pumps blood to the entire body.

Marijuana harms heart function l.jpg
Marijuana Harms Heart Function

  • Increases heart rate (tachycardia)

  • Vessels dilate (enlarge), disturbing heart


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Marijuana Affects the Brain

  • Marijuana Acts On :

  • Cerebellum (coordination)

  • Basal ganglia (motor)

  • Hippocampus (memory)

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Marijuana Can Cause Brain Damage

  • Loss of short-term memory

  • Cognitive deficits

  • Apathy

Hormone problems are associated with marijuana use l.jpg

Altered hormone levels

Enlarged breasts in males (gynecomastia)

Hormone Problems are Associated with Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana l.jpg
Medical Marijuana

  • THC is available by prescription (Marinol)

  • Antiemetic (prevents vomiting)

  • Glaucoma

  • Muscle relaxant

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information

Adolescent Counseling Services

650-424-0852 or 650-424-9853 (Fax)

4000 Middlefield Road Rm FH, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Stanford Chapter of Student National Medical Association

Aileen Green

[email protected]

ChaRandle Jordan

[email protected]


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