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The Demand and Market of .TW IDN. Anthony S. Lee TWNIC. Contents. Why IDN? IDN to be localized Language demand Language barrier The benefits of IDN Explore the market Challenges to the IDN IDN registration .tw IDN Demo. Why the Internationalized Domain Name?. Native Language

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The Demand and Market of .TW IDN

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The demand and market of tw idn l.jpg

The Demand and Market of .TW IDN

Anthony S. Lee


Contents l.jpg


  • Why IDN?

  • IDN to be localized

  • Language demand

  • Language barrier

  • The benefits of IDN

  • Explore the market

  • Challenges to the IDN

  • IDN registration

  • .tw IDN Demo.

Why the internationalized domain name l.jpg

Why the Internationalized Domain Name?

  • Native Language

  • Friendly use

  • More convenient communication

  • Easy to be accepted by local customers

  • New trends to promote localized products and services

Idn to be localized l.jpg

IDN to Be Localized

Example:> English-> Globalization

宏碁.tw->Chinese-> Localization

Chinese language demand l.jpg

Chinese Language Demand

  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore

  • Chinese users around the world

  • Either traditional or simplified Chinese character

  • The demand of Chinese characters to those who use Chinese in everyday life mentioned above

The idea of flow of information l.jpg

The Idea of Flow of Information

  • The information related industry is facilitating the flow of information among and between individuals and institutions in any given community and society.

  • The barriers of physical location, language, legal limitation, and economy.

  • The barrier of language is a focus existing the idea of information.

The dominant languages l.jpg

The Dominant Languages

  • In international communication, the three dominant languages are English, French, and Germany.

  • The Internet content is also dominanted by the three language especially the English language.

  • The domain name is also dominated by so-called English alphabet..

The benefits of idn l.jpg

The Benefits of IDN






Tw idn category l.jpg

.TW IDN Category

New service explores the market l.jpg

New Service Explores the Market

  • How many people use Chinese around the world?

  • The answer should be more than the number of 100000000…(One Billion)

  • Persuade people to register Chinese domain name to increase the volume of registration

  • Should this service increase registration and be accepted by registrants?

Would you register a idn l.jpg

Would You Register a IDN?

Let’s think about this:

The IDN Will be Accepted by Market?

Idn organizations l.jpg

IDN Organizations

  • JET

    • Joint Engineer Task Force

    • Members:


  • CDNC

    • Chinese Domain Name Consortium, Since May 2000

    • Members:


Tw idn task force l.jpg

.tw IDN Task Force

  • TWNIC IDN Task Force

    • Chair: Prof. Tseng Li-Ming

  • Variant Table Working Group

    • Since Feb. 2002

    • Chair: Prof. Tseng Li-Ming and Prof. Ho Jen-Ming

    • Members: Sinica, Nation Center University, Taipei Computer Association, IBM Taiwan, CMEX

Challenge to tw idn l.jpg

Challenge to .tw IDN

  • The use of Chinese characters around the world makes the IDN implementations difficult.

  • Tradition/Simplify Chinese mapping

    • Ex: 台  臺 (platform, stage)

  • Writing variant mapping

    • Ex: 峰  峯 (peak)

Slide16 l.jpg


  • In another aspect, they are the same meaning , however, there are different writing character in different countries.

  • In China:

    • 劝(529D) (persuade,advise)

  • In Japan:

    • 勧(52E7)

  • In Taiwan:

    • 勸(52F8)

Tw idn registration l.jpg

.tw IDN Registration

  • Registrants register a domain name like below, the traditional and simplified characters will be included:

    Name to be registered: 台網中心.tw Traditional character will be included: 台網中心.tw Simplified character will be included: 台网中心.tw

Tw idn registration18 l.jpg

.tw IDN Registration

  • In addition to traditional and simplified characters, a Chinese character also has different writing around the Chinese language community. Thus, the recommended characters will be listed for registrants to choose by their needs.

  • Make global Chinese users access to the specified website with their understandable word-writing.

Reserved words l.jpg

Reserved Words

  • Those words are in relation to country domain (country, province, county), government’s organizations, educational organizations, and some reserved by TWNIC that are forbidden to register.(currently reserved about 14918 words)

Tw idn demo l.jpg

.tw IDN Demo.

  • Please visit below website:

Thank you l.jpg

Thank You!

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