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SLBS / NMI, NSB and NLMS. SIM T & F Workshop March 2010, Lima, Peru Presenter: Anselm Gittens, SLBS. About Saint Lucia. Mountainous island with area of 616 km 2 Population 160 000 (in 2001)

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Slbs nmi nsb and nlms l.jpg


SIM T & F Workshop

March 2010, Lima, Peru

Presenter: Anselm Gittens,


About saint lucia l.jpg

About Saint Lucia

  • Mountainous island with area of 616 km2

  • Population 160 000 (in 2001)

  • Main economic activities are tourism, financial services, telecommunications services, agriculture, agro-processing, construction, beverage production and manufacturing

  • Independent country in the British Commonwealth

  • Official language English but French Kweyol is also spoken by the majority

The pitons world heritage site l.jpg

The Pitons/World Heritage Site

History l.jpg


  • 1911: Weights & Measures Ordinance gives Police Force responsibility for weights & measures

  • 1970s: Price Control Dept (now Consumer Affairs) commences weights & measures activities

  • 1994: SLBS begins joint verification with Consumer Affairs Dept. Four employees.

  • 2000: Metrology Act No. 17/ 2000 repeals Ordinance

  • 2001: Metrology Regulations No. 113/2001. Eleven employees.

  • 2004: Relocated to new building. Area of 929 m2

  • 2010: Staff of 22 persons, three in Metrology Dept

Slbs exterior l.jpg

SLBS Exterior

Strategic goals 2010 2011 l.jpg

Strategic Goals 2010/2011

  • Align our metrology programmes with national economic and social priorities

  • Sensitize the private and public sector policy makers to the importance of metrology in trade and industry

  • Advance the metrication of Saint Lucia (through Metrication Board)

Programmes l.jpg


  • Pattern Approval of Measuring Instruments

  • Verification & Calibration of Measuring Devices

  • Measurement Assurance

  • Measurement Disputes Investigation

Verification calibration measurement capabilities l.jpg

Verification/Calibration & Measurement Capabilities

  • Initially developed to meet legal metrology requirements for commerce, health, safety and environment

  • Growing demand by local industry for verification/calibration services and testing

  • Prohibitive regional transportation costs have favoured development of local NLMS/NMI capability

Slbs capabilities l.jpg

SLBS Capabilities

  • Mass (weight): verification/calibration of weights, laboratory, counter/platform & hopper scales, weighbridges

  • Volume: verification of fuel dispensers & flow meters, test measures

  • Force: verification of compression machines

Customer calibration testing requests needs l.jpg

Customer calibration & testing requests/needs

  • Temperature: thermometers (for labs & food industry)

  • Pressure: manometers (on boilers), barometers, aviation

  • Electrical: digital multimeters, energy meters

  • Torque: torque wrenches

  • Dimensional: gauge blocks, micrometers, EDMs

  • Volume: large storage tanks, flowmeters

  • Mass: large mass (hopper scales)

  • Chemical: spectrometers, pesticide residues, heavy metals, water quality, biochemical, CEHI

Time frequency l.jpg

Time & Frequency

  • NMI should have national time & frequency standard

  • Provide traceability to power company, telecommunications providers and regulators (ECTEL and NTRC)

  • Calibration of time & frequency equipment

Utilities l.jpg


  • Power company maintains grid frequency at 50 Hz +/- 3 % through System Control Centre equipped with SCADA and GPS receiver

  • Telecommunications providers’ time reference through fibre optic network and interconnection

Telecommunications regulators l.jpg

Telecommunications Regulators

  • ECTEL responsible for spectrum management, licensing, interconnection and other policy issues across five sovereign OECS countries

  • NTRC responsible for enforcement and type approval in individual countries

  • NTRC does spectrum monitoring through spectrum analyzer

T f challenges for slbs l.jpg

T & F Challenges for SLBS

  • Temperature stability of laboratory

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) vs generator

  • Need to demonstrate relevance and impact of time & frequency capability

  • Personnel

Way forward l.jpg

Way Forward

  • SIM Time & Frequency Measurement System donation through SIM Time & Frequency Working Group

  • Installation & commissioning of SIM T&F Measurement System

  • Active participation in SIM T&F Network and TFWG


  • Provide T&F traceability to industry

  • “Time by the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards is…”

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