Effects of Ozone depletion

Effects of Ozone depletion PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Damage to aquatic plants essential to ocean food websBreaks down plastics and other polymersIncreased global warming -ice melts increase in ocean volume -ocean front property erodes -midwest becomes desert -Canada/siberia becomes breadbasketsPremature aging and brown spots.

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Effects of Ozone depletion

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1. Effects of Ozone depletion Increase eye cataracts Suppression of the Immune system Increase skin cancer Increase eye burning Decrease in crop yields i,e., corn, rice, soybean

3. Factors that effect your exposure to the sun Clouds, haze, pollution block some UV Angle of the sun -equator vs. N. pole -winter vs. summer -morning vs. noon vs. evening Altitude Time in the sun

4. Solutions for Stratospheric Ozone Stop producing CFCs properly recycle old CFCs Use safe alternatives Educate other governments for environmental policies

5. Solutions for Tropospheric Ozone Car pool Mass transit Walking/biking Buy cars with better gas milage Alternative cars/fuels Fill tanks in the morning or at night

6. Solutions for UV Not going out when your shadow is less than the length of your body Barriers – cap, clothing, sunglasses Sun tan lotion, lip balm - > spf 15 No sun tanning beds Identify skin type

7. Warning signs a mole might be malignant Change in color, shape, or size Oozing Won’t heal

8. Effects of solar UV radiation on cells Organisms have developed ways to repair damaged DNA from UV UV sensitive yeast can be used to test your “I Wonder” ideas. The “repair mechanism” has been removed from specialized yeast.

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