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University at Buffalo The State University of New York

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VAWNYHS. School of Medicine & Biomed. Sciences. University at Buffalo The State University of New York. Buffalo-Niagara Medical Center. FLIESLER, Steven J, PhD: Lipid/sterol metabolism; photoreceptor membrane trafficking; animal models of retinal degenerations.

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School of Medicine

& Biomed. Sciences

University at Buffalo

The State University of New York


Medical Center


FLIESLER, Steven J, PhD: Lipid/sterol metabolism; photoreceptor membrane trafficking; animal models of retinal degenerations.

  • GONZALEZ-FERNANDEZ, Federico, MD, PhD: Photoreceptor - RPE interactions; vitamin A (retinoid) cycle; Interphotoreceptor matrix; structure and function of retinoid binding proteins; Xenopus and zebrafish model systems; human ocular pathology.
  • MU, Xiuqian, MD, PhD: Retinal development; retinal ganglion cell differentiation; gene regulatory networks; transgenic and knockout mouse models.
  • *PATEL, Sangita P., MD, PhD: molecular basis of corneal hydration control; corneal endothelial cell physiology:
  • REYNOLDS, James D., MD:Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)- multi-center treatment trials, CRYO-ROP, LIGHT-ROP, ET-ROP, natural history and its implications for screening.
  • SULLIVAN, Jack M., MD, PhD:  RNA drug discovery for retinal/macular degenerations; gene silencing/gene therapy; humanized mouse models of retinal degeneration; retinal electrophysiology.

BAIER, Robert E., PhD: [Oral Diagnostic Sci./Biomaterials] Interfacial biophysics; structure and function of macromolecules at biosurfaces; anterior tear film structure; biomaterials compatibility with ophthalmologic contact tissues.

  • GOSH, Debashis, PhD:[HWI]X-ray crystallographic studies of protein structure-function relationships
  • MEYER, Anne E., PhD: [Oral Diagnostic Sci./Biomaterials] Surface analysis; biomaterials; biofilms/biofouling; ophthalmologic friction and lubrication.
  • SEIGEL, Gail M., PhD:[Center for Hearing & Deafness] Cancer stem cells; retinoblastoma; retinal cell differentiation. [Established the R28 rat retinal precursor cell line (available for collaborative efforts)]
  • SLAUGHTER, Malcolm M., PhD: [Physiology & Biophysics] Information coding in retina; role of synaptic receptors in synaptic labeled lines.
  • TITUS, Albert H., PhD: [Electrical Engineering/Integrated Nanostructured Systems] Analog VLSI Design, Silicon-based neuromorphic visual processing systems, Neural networks, Electronic routing and packaging design, Electron beam lithography, Sensors, Optoelectronics.
nih grant support
NIH Grant Support


  • FLIESLER, SJ - NIH/NEI RO1 EY007361 Isoprenoid Metabolism in the Retina
    • NIH/NEI RO1 EY013623 (subaward) Proteasome Function in the Aging Retina

Interphotoreceptor Retinoid Binding Protein: Structure and Function

  • SEIGEL, GM-NIH/NEI R21 CA127061 Tumor-Initiating Cells in Retinoblastoma
  • NIH/NCI U54 CA143876 (subaward) Center on the Microenvironment and Metastasis
  • SLAUGHTER, MM- NIH/NEI R01 EY005725 Synaptic Mechanisms in Retina
  • NIH/NEI R24 EY016662 UB Vision Infrastructure Center


MU, X- NIH/NEI NIH/NEI RO1 EY020545 Interaction of Isl1 and Pou4f2 in Retinal Development

SEIGEL, GM- NIH R01 CA138230 (Subaward) Immune Targeting of Tumor Stem Cells in Retinoblastoma

SULLIVAN, JM- NIH/NEI R01 EY13433 A Ribozyme Rescue Strategy for Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa


New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences  (CoE)

Hauptman-Woodard Medical Research Institute (HWI)


Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)

  • UB Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology (UBCAT)

  • UB2020 Integrated Nanostructured Systems
potential r24 collaborative projects
Potential R24/Collaborative Projects

*RNA Drug Discovery for Ocular Diseases

[J. Sullivan, P. Reinach, J. Danias, M. Srinivas, and others]

*Stem Cell Therapy for Glaucoma

[X. Mu, J. Danias, G. Seigel, and others]

Structural Biology and Molecular Modeling

[F. Gonzalez-Fernandez, D. Gosh, and others]

Animal Models of Dysregulated Metabolism

[S.J. Fliesler, B. Knox, J. Danias, and others]

* More immediate therapeutic development potential