Unit 6 women half the sky
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the Brooklyn Bridge. Pre-Reading Activities. Listen to the recording ... 2. What price have women had to pay for their wisdom? 3. What happens to them if you try ...

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Unit 6 women half the sky l.jpg

Unit 6Women, Half the Sky

Text A

Im Going to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge

Text B Beginning Anew

Text a l.jpg

Text A

  • Im Going to Buy

  • the Brooklyn Bridge

Pre reading activities l.jpg

Pre-Reading Activities

  • Listen to the recording and then think over the following questions:

  • 1. Why cant woman be ignored?

  • 2. What price have women had to pay for their wisdom?

  • 3. What happens to them if you try to break their will?

  • 4. How women realized their dreams?

While reading activities new words and expressions l.jpg

While-Reading ActivitiesNew Words and Expressions

  • 1. item n.

  • 1) a single piece of news

  • E.g. There is a fascinating news item in Todays China Daily.

  • 2) a single article or unit on a list or among a set

  • E.g. There are at least 50 items on her Christmas shopping list.

Slide5 l.jpg

  • 2. draft n. a rough outline or version

  • E.g. My student emailed the first draft of his thesis to me yesterday.

  • This is only the first draft of my speech, but what do you think of it?

Slide6 l.jpg

  • 3. undo v.

  • 1) (fml) disturb or upset greatly

  • E.g. My daughters idea about wealth undid me.

  • 2) untie, open

  • E.g. Would you please undo this knot for me?

Slide7 l.jpg

  • 4.hit/strike home

  • (of marks, etc.) have the intended effect

  • E.g. His criticism hit home. I was really selfish.

  • I could see from her expression that his comments had hit home.

Slide8 l.jpg

  • 5. incredible adj. unbelievable

  • E.g. It seemed incredible that people would still want to play soccer during a war.

  • There has been an incredible amount of interest in the information highway during the last few years.

Slide9 l.jpg

  • 6. consume v.

  • 1) eat or drink

  • E.g. Michael consumes nearly a pound of cheese per day.

  • 2) use up

  • E.g. The human body consumes energy in the form of carbohydrates.

Slide10 l.jpg

  • 7. care for

  • 1) take care of

  • E.g. The college students volunteered to care for the elderly in their community.

  • 2) like or love

  • E.g. She had two sons and didnt care for either.

Slide11 l.jpg

  • 8. corporation n.

  • a large business or company

  • E.g. Several multi-national corporations are located in the new district of Pudong.

  • Its easier for students graduating from well-known universities to get positions in large multinational corporations.

Slide12 l.jpg

  • 9.rarely adv. not happening often

  • E.g. Rarely have I seen a student who is so absorbed in history.

  • He very rarely wears a raincoat because he spends most of his time in a car.

  • Its strange that the couple were rarely seen together.

Slide13 l.jpg

  • 10. decorate v. add (sth.) in order to make a thing more attractive to look at

  • E.g. They are going to decorate the classroom for Christmas.

  • The boy decorated his room with pictures of his favourate sports figures.

Slide14 l.jpg

  • 11. client n.

  • a person who buys goods or service

  • E.g. Our company is CITI Banks most valued client.

  • The company requires clients to pay substantial fees in advance.

Slide15 l.jpg

  • 12. lap n.

  • 1) the flat area formed by your thighs when you are sitting down

  • E.g. Sitting on her mothers lap, the little girl was quiet.

  • 2) a part of long journey, between two points where you stop

  • E.g. The first lap of our trip is from New York City to Boston.

Slide16 l.jpg

  • 13. theory n.

  • a formal idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain sth.

  • E.g. Einstein formulated the theory of relativity in 1905.

Slide17 l.jpg

  • 14. harmony n.

  • 1) pleasant combination of different notes of music played at the same time

  • E.g. The kids are singing in harmony.

  • 2) a state or condition of agreement, cooperation, or peacefulness

  • E.g. Since they moved to this community they have lived in harmony with their neighbours.

Slide18 l.jpg

  • 15. by nature

  • as a result of inborn or inherent qualities; innately

  • E.g. He is by nature rather an aggressive person.

  • Im not by nature a violent man, but these insults were more than I could bear.

Slide19 l.jpg

  • 16. get ones act together (infml)

  • organize oneself and ones activities so that one does things in an effective way

  • E.g. Steve will have to get his act together if he is going to pass the exam. He cant just sit about doing nothing all day.

Slide20 l.jpg

  • 17. military adj.

  • relating to the armed forces of a country

  • E.g. The president has not ruled out the possibility of military action.

  • Your working day will need to be organized with military precision.

Slide21 l.jpg

  • 18. put pencil/pen to paper

  • start to write

  • E.g. The instant he put pencil to paper, his four-year-old son would sit beside him quietly.

  • When I put pencil to paper yesterday, vivid memories came flooding back of my first day in school.

Slide22 l.jpg

  • 19. at intervals

  • 1)sth. that happens at intervals happens occasionally

  • E.g. The interview continued, with Smith breaking off at intervals to consult his notes.

  • 2) used to state the precise gap in time or distance between things

  • E.g. There were red warning lights at intervals along the street.

Slide23 l.jpg

  • 20. set aside

  • put (time or money) away for a special purpose

  • E.g. I have a little money set aside for emergencies.

  • My husband set aside half an hour every morning to do sports.

Slide24 l.jpg

  • 21. race the clock

  • do sth. quickly in order to finish it in the available time

  • E.g. The deadline will be due tomorrow. We have to race the clock.

  • The semester is coming to an end. We have to race the clock every day to prepare for our final exams.

Slide25 l.jpg

  • 22. possess v. (fml) have or own

  • E.g. It is said that Michael possesses a fortune of more than two billion dollars.

  • The number of nations that possess nuclear weapons in on the rise.

Slide26 l.jpg

  • 23. bide ones time

  • wait patiently for a chance

  • E.g. His political rivals are biding their time until after the election for a chance to attack his policies.

  • She bided her time, planning revenge.

Slide27 l.jpg

  • 24. charm

  • 1) v. attract; give pleasure to

  • E.g. I was charmed by her slim figure and soft voice.

  • 2) n. pleasing quality; attractiveness

  • E.g. Snowwhite and Seven Dwarves has never lost its original charm.

Slide28 l.jpg

  • 25 take in (usu. passive) cheat

  • E.g. She was so smart that she couldnt be taken in by her colleagues.

  • The students played a trick on their teacher.Unfortunately he was taken in completely.

Slide29 l.jpg

  • 26. despite adv. in spite of

  • E.g. Despite the fact that she fell midway through the race, she won.

  • They had a wonderful holiday, despite the bad weather.

  • Despite wanting to see him again, she refused to reply to his letters.

Slide30 l.jpg

  • 27. have sth./little/much/nothing to do with

  • have some/little/much/no connection with

  • E.g. I am not sure what her job is, but it has something to do with marketing.

  • His decision to move overseas has a lot to do with his financial problem.

Slide31 l.jpg

  • 28. achieve/have ones hearts desire(s)

  • get sb./sth. you want very much

  • E.g. To achieve her hearts desires, she had to work from morning to night.

  • When she agreed to marry him he felt he had achieved his hearts desire.

Slide32 l.jpg

  • 29. a piece of cake

  • sth. that is very easy to do

  • E.g. Getting in tough with his overseas friends via email is a piece of cake for the old man.

  • Shopping on line is a piece of cake for the five-year-old.

Slide33 l.jpg

  • 30. sophisticated adj.

  • 1) worldly-wise; showing knowledge of the world

  • E.g. Richard was still young, but he was sophisticated enough to know when people were not telling the truth.

  • 2) advanced or complicated

  • E.g. The missile has a sophisticated guidance system.

Slide34 l.jpg

  • 31. move on to

  • stop doing one thing and begin dealing with the next

  • E.g. Were about to move on to the second stage of the project.

  • She ran this shop for ten years before deciding to move on to the real estate business.

Slide35 l.jpg

  • 32. investment (in) v. putting money in sth.

  • E.g. More and more people have the desire to buy a house as an investment.

  • Buying shares in blue-chip companies is always a sound investment.

  • Total foreign investment in America still constitutes only a small portion of US assets.

Cultural note feminism l.jpg

Cultural NoteFeminism

In the 1960s feminism (=the belief that women and men are equal in abilities and should have equal rights and opportunities) became the subject of intense debate when the womens liberation movement encouraged women to reject their traditional supporting role and to demand equal status and equal rights with men in areas such as employment and pay.

Slide37 l.jpg

  • Since then the gender gap between the sexes has been reduced. However the battle between feminist and traditional views of a womans role continues. It is widely accepted by younger people that women should, if they wish, be allowed to

    develop their careers and not give

    up work when they have a family.

Slide38 l.jpg

  • Feminism has brought about many changes in the English language. Many words for job titles that included man have been replaced, for example, police officeris used instead of policeman and chairpersonfor chairman. He is now rarely used to refer to a person when the person could be either a man or a woman. The title Ms is used for women instead of Miss or Mrs, since it does not show whether a woman is married or not.

Post reading activities text organization l.jpg

Post-Reading ActivitiesText Organization

Translation l.jpg


  • achieve ones hearts desire

  • a piece of cake care for

  • corporation despite

  • get ones act together

  • race the clock undo

Slide41 l.jpg

  • (multi-national) (MBA)

Slide42 l.jpg


  • Barbara has dreamed of becoming a CEO for a long time. To achieve her hearts desire, she applied for a job in many a multi-national corporation, but failed to get it. However, nothing seems to be able to undo her. With a loan from a local bank she opened a restaurant not long ago. While doing business she is having two young children to care for. Also, she is working at/studying for an MBA degree. Despite all this she manages to get her act together. Nevertheless, even to her, racing the clock is by no means a piece of cake. Its a very exhausting job.

Text b l.jpg

Text B

  • Beginning Anew

Words and phrases l.jpg

Words and Phrases

  • live for take/get/gain credit (for sth.)

  • party die of quit reaction

  • plead temporary renew soak up

  • at every opportunity weigh down

  • semester expensive stir plentiful

  • take back set out to do (sth.)

  • in control (of sth.) seek after

Comprehension check l.jpg

Comprehension Check

  • 1. We can infer that the writer used to

  • prefer ____.

  • a. Mondays to Tuesdays

  • b. Wednesdays to Tuesdays

  • c. Fridays to Saturdays

  • d. Mondays to Sundays

Slide46 l.jpg

  • 2. The writer did not go to college at the usual age because ____.

  • a. she was a young mother

  • b. she had to go to work to earn a living

  • c. she preferred to train as a journalist

  • d. she preferred having a good time to study

Slide47 l.jpg

  • 3. The word snap (para 8) here means ____.

  • a. a matter of great importance

  • b. a very tough job

  • c. a piece of cake

  • d. a heartbreaking thing

Slide48 l.jpg

  • 4. Looking back over her decision to leave work and return to college she ____.

  • a. has no regrets

  • b. realizes she should have saved more first

  • c. feels sorry she made no friends

  • d. wishes she hadnt broken down under the pressure

Slide49 l.jpg

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