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Oregon Department of Corrections. Document Imaging Presentation OAGITM January 27, 2005 Andrew D. Brock ODOC, ISSD Senior Database Administrator. Agenda. Review FileNet Document Imaging Costs Q/A. Review. 1997 – ODOC defines need for document imaging 1997 – Purchase of FileNet

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Oregon Department of Corrections

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Presentation Transcript

Oregon department of corrections l.jpg

Oregon Department of Corrections

Document Imaging Presentation

OAGITM January 27, 2005

Andrew D. Brock

ODOC, ISSD Senior Database Administrator

Agenda l.jpg


  • Review

  • FileNet

  • Document Imaging

  • Costs

  • Q/A

Review l.jpg


  • 1997 – ODOC defines need for document imaging

  • 1997 – Purchase of FileNet

  • 2003 – ODOC reviews document imaging, lays out new requirements for document imaging

  • 2004 – New document imaging project begins

Filenet l.jpg


  • Features

    • Good image handling capabilities

    • Some workflow ability

    • Court approved WORM drive for image storage

Filenet cont l.jpg

FileNet Cont.

  • Drawbacks

    • Cost, Purchase and Maintenance

    • Unix, Optical Drives

    • Cost per user

    • Speed issues

    • Not intuitive

    • Not easily configurable

New document imaging user requirements l.jpg

New Document Imaging User Requirements

  • Easy to use, Intuitive

  • Flexible

  • Robust workflow, and approval process

  • Version control (Configurable)

  • Redaction, permanently remove portions of a document

  • Configurable user alerts

  • Configurable ownership of documents

  • Business unit control, Maintainable by group designee

  • Easy access for all designated users

New document imaging issd requirements l.jpg

New Document Imaging ISSD Requirements

  • Enterprise Document Management Solution

  • Integrated Security, Single Sign on

  • Scaleable, to multiple platforms

  • Inexpensive per user

  • Inexpensive Operations, servers, licensing, maintenance

  • Fits current systems (Windows, Java)

New document imaging issd requirements cont l.jpg

New Document Imaging ISSD Requirements Cont.

  • Easy end user training, Multiple ways to receive training

  • Easy Desktop support

  • Easy integration into other solutions/projects

Solution l.jpg


  • Adobe Professional

  • Intel, Windows Server

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Java Application to scan, convert, push to MS SharePoint

    • JNI to the necessary C++ controls

    • C++ for Image control

    • C++ interface to SharePoint

Adobe l.jpg


  • Standard Software, small learning curve

  • Easy access to training

  • Easy desktop support

  • Redact capability

Intel server l.jpg

Intel Server

  • Currently

    • A dual processor (3+GHz)

    • 2 gig Ram

    • 200 gig drive

  • Future

    • Multiple distributed Clusters

    • Terra-byte arrays

Microsoft sharepoint interface l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint Interface

  • Plug-in allows for use thru windows applications such as Word, Excel, Adobe

  • Web interface allows use with zero client, All HTML

  • Easy to create document profiles and categories for search and retrieval

  • Full text search and retrieval

Microsoft sharepoint interface13 l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint Interface

  • Easy to use, Windows interfaces

Slide14 l.jpg

Windows Explorer


Slide15 l.jpg

Internet Interface

Microsoft sharepoint l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Email alerts

    • Ability to subscribe to a folder and receive alerts when a file is added, updated, deleted, accessed

Microsoft sharepoint17 l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Robust versioning control

Microsoft sharepoint18 l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Robust workflow and approval processes

Microsoft sharepoint19 l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint

  • 2003 uses MS SQL server backend (Scaleable)

  • Flexible, Business unit can customize their portal

  • Cost effective, Very low end user cost

Sharepoint additional benefits l.jpg

SharePoint Additional Benefits

  • SharePoint is a File Management Solution

    • Supported file types, All

      • XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, TXT, HTML, etc…

  • Access

    • via Web, and/or dashboards

    • Plug-in to Windows for Explorer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, etc…

Microsoft sharepoint21 l.jpg

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Robust Search capability, including full text search of all files.

Java application l.jpg

Java Application

  • Simple one stop interface

    • Twain scanning interface

    • Quick image display, and manipulation

    • Drop down lists populate from SharePoint servers Document profile

    • 3 click publishing to SharePoint server

    • Easy Batch manipulation, new PDF, insert, delete of pages, etc

Java user interface l.jpg

Java User Interface

  • Easy configuration for Multiple SharePoint services

    • Server name

    • Workspace/Portal Name

    • Document Profile

Slide24 l.jpg

Document Interface

Java application25 l.jpg

Java Application

  • Drop down lists populate from SharePoint servers Document profile

Slide26 l.jpg

Document Publishing

Added benefits l.jpg

Added benefits

  • Portable Java classes

    • easy to re-use classes, several other applications have need of barcode/OCR/ICR/forms recognition

    • SharePoint Java classes allow for easy integration for other applications

Scalability l.jpg


  • SharePoint 2003, uses MS SQL which is scaleable to most needs

    • Multiple CPU

    • Multiple Terra-byte disk arrays

    • Multiple Cluster capability

  • Intel platform clustering

Costs l.jpg


  • Intel server Terra-byte disk array

    • Less than $15,000

    • Backup system $???

  • SharePoint

    • Server less than $10,000

    • CAL per user, $30-$55

  • Java Application

    • State Property, no runtime fees

Cost cont l.jpg

Cost cont.

  • C++

    • Pegasus Imaging DLL’s

      • Imaging, $1,299 SDK, no runtime cost

      • Barcode, $1,299 SDK, $345 per scanning station

      • OCR/MCR/ICR, $2,999 SDK, $345 per scanning station

    • SharePoint

      • Free SDK, no runtime cost

Future enhancements l.jpg

Future enhancements

  • Barcode recognition


  • Forms recognition

Questions and answers l.jpg

Questions and Answers

  • Login