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FFA... More Than Agriculture… It’s You!

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FFA... More Than Agriculture… It’s You!. The FFA is a big, broad organization that is part of Agriculture/ Agribusiness Education. What one learns in Agriculture/ Agribusiness class leads to activities in the FFA.

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the ffa is a big broad organization that is part of agriculture agribusiness education
The FFA is a big, broad organization that is part of Agriculture/ Agribusiness Education.
activities in ffa
Activities in FFA
  • Field trips
  • Contests
  • Become a leader
  • Earn money
  • Compete for awards
  • Travel
  • Serve your community
  • Recreation
areas of agriculture
Areas of Agriculture
  • a. Production
  • b. Sales and Services
  • c. Mechanics
  • d. Processing
  • e. Horticulture
  • f. Forestry
  • g. Natural Resources
  • h. Other (professional)
farming is defined as growing saleable crops in fertile soil with the help of sunlight and water

Farming is defined as: growing saleable crops in fertile soil with the help of sunlight and water


Before school integration in the 1960’s, black students in Vocational Agriculture had their own organization --called The New Farmers of America (NFA).

official dress
Official Dress
  • female: black skirt, white blouse with official FFA blue scarf, black shoes and official jacketzipped to the top- Black slacks may be worn for outdoor activities
  • male: black slacks, white shirt, blue FFA tie, black shoes and socks, and the official FFA jacket zipped to the top
ffa degree requirements
FFA Degree Requirements
  • Greenhand (bronze pin)
    • Earn $50 on SAE
    • Knowledge of FFA Organization
  • Chapter FFA (silver pin)
    • Earn $500 on SAE
    • Participate in FFA activities
ffa degree requirements1
FFA Degree Requirements
  • State FFA (gold pin)
    • Earn $1500 on SAE
    • Has been an officer or chairman of a major committee
    • Participated in 5 activities above the chapter level
ffa degree requirements2
FFA Degree Requirements
  • American FFA
    • Earn $7500 on SAE
    • Has been out of high school for more than a year with dues paid
    • Has been very active in FFA, having a combination of at least 10 activities, offices, committee chairs, etc.
wearing medals on the official jacket
Wearing Medals on the Official Jacket
  • Greenhand and Chapter degrees should be worn BELOW the member name along with two other medals:
    • Highest office
    • Highest honor
    • Highest degree (Greenhand or Chapter FFA)
  • If a member has the State FFA or American FFA degree, that pin ONLY is to be worn above the member’s name.

The supervised Agricultural Experience Program is the foundation for advancement in the FFA, and into your career

benefits of saep
Benefits of SAEP
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Skill Development
  • Personal Recognition
  • Degree Advancement
  • Occupational Preparation
suggested committees
Suggested Committees
  • SAE- Organizes activities that encourage FFA members to plan SAE and conduct good experience programs.
  • Cooperation -extends beyond the classroom.
  • Community Service -plans chapter activities that will benefit the community by helping make it a safer, more attractive place in which to live and work.
suggested committees1
Suggested Committees
  • Earnings, Savings and Investments -development of activities that will enable the chapter to earn and manage funds in the best interest of the members.
  • Scholarship- plans activities and incentive programs to encourage members to achieve scholastically.
  • Recreation- plans recreation activities for members.
suggested committees2
Suggested Committees
  • Public Relations -handles public relations with news media.
  • State and National Activities - maintains award applications and up-to-date calendar of application deadlines, contests events and other related activities. Encourages members to participate.
suggested committees3
Suggested Committees
  • Alumni Relations -works to bring FFA Alumni members into close working relationship with the chapter.
  • Leadership- provides activities for opportunities and practice for all members to become better leaders.
  • Conduct of Meetings -arranging for special programs and encouraging involvement of all members.

All FFA contests are to be a natural outgrowth of the instructional program in agriculture/ agribusiness education.

4 skills ffa contests develop
4 Skills FFA Contests Develop
  • Technical knowledge attained in the classroom
  • Ability to make sound judgments
  • Ability to defend decisions by giving a convincing set of reasons
  • Actual experience in learning to be a gracious winner or a good loser

Thought and preparation, in addition to time spent in the classroom learning the basics, will be necessary if you expect to place high in an FFA contest.

national contests
National Contests
  • Ag. Mechanics
  • Dairy Cattle
  •  Farm Business
  •  Horticulture
  •  Livestock
  • Meats
  • Milk Quality and Dairy Foods
  • Poultry
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural Communications
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Agronomy

The Agricultural Mechanics Contest is designed for students who have special interest and skill in the application of mechanics to Agriculture.

ag mechanics skills
Ag. Mechanics Skills
  • Arc and oxyacetylene welding
  • Hot and cold metal work
  • Plumbing and pipe fitting
  • Carpentry construction
  • Concrete construction
  • Masonry
  • Electricity
  • Fence construction
dairy cattle skills
Dairy Cattle Skills
  • Knowledge of breeds of dairy cattle
  • Understanding of traits that lead to high production
  • Ability to evaluate and place in numerical sequence a group of animals
  • Ability to give verbal reasons for placement of animals

The Farm Business Management Contest is designed to test your abilities to make sound farm business decisions.

farm business management skills
Farm Business Management Skills
  • Record keeping and accounting principles
  • Tax regulations
  • Crop machinery and livestock management practices
  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural law
  • Land, labor, and capital management

The important part of the Horticulture Contest is the identification of plants and growing practices.

horticulture skills
Horticulture Skills
  • A broad knowledge of plant identification
  • Nursery practices
  • Horticulture terminology
  • Landscaping
  • Ability to judge quality of plants
  • Knowledge of equipment used in horticulture

The FFA Livestock Judging Contest includes beef, swine, and sheep so students can learn skills and apply them to productive livestock enterprise.

livestock judging skills
Livestock Judging Skills
  • Knowledge of breed characteristics
  • Ability to rank classes of animals
  • Ability to give verbal reasons for placement of animals
meat skills
Meat Skills
  • Grading carcasses
  • Identifying wholesale and retail cuts of beef, pork, and lamb
  • Making decisions based on visual comparisons

The Milk Quality and Dairy Food Contest is designed to encourage student use of their senses-- taste and smell to identify dairy products and single out inferior qua1ity.

milk quality and dairy food skills
Milk Quality and Dairy Food Skills
  • Knowledge of milk flavors
  • Identification of cheeses
  • Detection of flaws in milking equipment
  • Ability to rank dairy products in order of quality
poultry skills
Poultry Skills
  • Knowledge of candling techniques
  • Ability to grade eggs and detect imperfections
  • Ability to grade dressed poultry
  • Ability to judge and place classes of live layers and broilers

Food for America is an activity to involve agriculture education students in communication to elementary students the story of how food gets from the farm to the community.


The main purpose of Food for America is to provide an organized approach to help teachers and FFA members communicate more effectively with elementary students.