Back Pain During Pregnancy How do I manage

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Back Pain During Pregnancy How do I manage

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1. Back Pain During Pregnancy How do I manage? By: Joyce Flores, MPT Cathy Villanueva, MPT

2. I’m pregnant…

3. How am I feeling? “My back hurts.” “bloated” “constipated” “I have no energy at all & I’m exhausted all the time.” “I can’t fall asleep at night.” “gaining weight like crazy” “I’m feeling extremely moody.”

4. Back Pain During Pregnancy About 50% of women experience some kind of lumbopelvic (low back & pelvic girdle pain) during pregnancy. “Many of the physiologic and morphologic changes of pregnancy persist 4-6 weeks postpartum.” (ACOG, 2002) Most of the pain disappears within 1-3 months after delivery. (Stuge at al., 2004)

5. Why do I have back pain? More mobility in pelvic joints Ligaments soften, joints loosen to prepare for birth Hormone relaxin Possible low back pain esp. with walking & stairs Center of gravity changes Uterus is heavier & larger Center of gravity shifts forward Naturally you adjust posture & movement to compensate Compensations puts new strain on low back & hips Relaxin- hormone that tends to loosen joints, ligaments and tendonsRelaxin- hormone that tends to loosen joints, ligaments and tendons

6. Why do I have back pain? Poor posture Increased lordosis Poor muscle tone Tight hip flexors from sitting too long Abdominal muscles may separate Diastasis recti

7. What can I do? Practice correct posture Shift weight when standing long periods Sit with feet slightly elevated Lift correctly Don’t make sudden reaching movements Sidelying while sleeping/ resting Exercise pelvic stabilization, back stretches, abdominal strengthening Being fit, helps a woman’s body meet the increasing physical demands of carrying a baby.Being fit, helps a woman’s body meet the increasing physical demands of carrying a baby.

8. Benefits of Exercise Helps reduce backaches, constipation, bloating & swelling ? energy Improves mood Improves posture Improves circulation Promotes muscle tone, strength, endurance, stamina ? likelihood of having an easier, shorter & less complicated labor

9. Benefits of Exercise Helps you sleep better Burns calories; maintains healthy & steady weight gain Reduces risk of gestational diabetes Helps control ? blood pressure Accelerates postpartum weight loss & recovery time Establishes permanent healthy lifestyle habits

10. Low back pain and Pregnancy Class Class will be offered every third Friday of the month (1000) & will encompass these topics: Incidence of back pain during pregnancy Why do I have back pain? Posture & body mechanics Exercise-Why it’s different during pregnancy? Benefits of exercise Contraindications/ reasons to discontinue exercise ACOG recommendations/ general exercise guidelines Exercise: safe choices, monitoring frequency/ intensity Strengthening the pelvic floor- Kegel’s Gentle abdominal strengthening, back stretches Core strengthening Please have your OB physician enter a CHCS consult to attend this class.

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