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ait: analysing user experience

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1. AIT: Analysing User Experience Paul Cairns

2. User Experience, Paul Cairns

3. User Experience, Paul Cairns UX vs UCD Same thing! Or not UCD: Usability, usefulness, satisfaction UX: er… something else Need understanding before design

4. User Experience, Paul Cairns Where is the Science? UX Personal Unique Subjective Science Generalisable Repeatable Objective

5. User Experience, Paul Cairns Objectives Can we analyse UX? Holism vs reductionism Empirical work on UX Eduardo Calvillo-Gámez

6. User Experience, Paul Cairns

7. User Experience, Paul Cairns Reductionist Hassenzahl Questionnaire for beauty and goodness Hedonic and pragmatic qualities Let’s have a go

8. User Experience, Paul Cairns Exercise Assess your mobile phone using the AttrakDiff questionnaire

9. User Experience, Paul Cairns Hassenzahl’s Findings Beauty – HQ properties Related to self Goodness – PQ properties Related to use Problems?

10. User Experience, Paul Cairns Holistic McCarthy and Wright Technology as Experience Can’t ignore the complexity Narrative: reflected and anticipated Prosaic experience

11. Exercise Tell a story (in pairs) about using your phone in the last few days. How would you summarise the UX in the story you heard? User Experience, Paul Cairns

12. Using stories Where to focus? From holism to design? Need analysis Holism lacks teeth User Experience, Paul Cairns

13. Definitional Definitions solve the problem! Law et al: 23 statements, 5 definitions ISO def: “A consequence of a user’s internal state, the characteristics of the designed system and the context within which the interaction occurs” Does this help? User Experience, Paul Cairns

14. User Experience, Paul Cairns

15. User Experience, Paul Cairns Videogames Pure experience Before, during, momentary, after Multifaceted experience Transportation, immersion, social… UX challenge

16. User Experience, Paul Cairns Research question How do controls affect the gaming experience? HCI Mappings, direct manipulation, instruments Getting job done

17. User Experience, Paul Cairns Naďve experiments Manipulate “control” Knob vs keys in Tetris Guitar vs Pad in Guitar Hero Watching vs. playing “Measure” narratives Didn’t work!

18. User Experience, Paul Cairns What is important in GX?

19. Scoping the domain Grounded theory study Reviews of games Validated with interviews

20. Key concepts Control – eg things to do Ownership – “you but not you” Facilitators – time Environment – sound and graphics Game-play – rules and scenario

21. Puppetry Object “double vision” Player is own audience Necessary for good GX… …but not sufficient

22. User Experience, Paul Cairns

23. User Experience, Paul Cairns Validating the model Questionnaire Structural equational modelling PCA but harder Re-doing experiments

24. User Experience, Paul Cairns Outcomes Objective measures Lost “total” experience CEGE is hygenic UX No narratives, thrills or emotions Prediction and explanation Holistic? Reductionist?

25. Is this useful? Is it analytic? Is it relevant? What else could we have done?

26. User Experience, Paul Cairns Can we analyse UX? Love, happiness, well-being UX is peddling love potions? Aspects of UX (love/happiness) have a place in science

27. User Experience, Paul Cairns Reading Hassenzahl, M. (2004) The Interplay of Beauty, Goodness, and Usability in Interactive Products Wright, P., McCarthy, J., Meekison, L. (2004) Making sense of Experience. In Blythe et al, Funology, 43-53 Swallow, D. , Blythe, M., Wright, P. (2005) Grounding experience: relating theory and method to evaluate the user experience of smartphones. Calvillo-Gamez, E., Cairns, P. (2009) Pulling the strings: a theory of puppetry for the gaming experience.

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