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Personal Bankruptcy Toronto - we offer awardwinning a bankruptcy proceeding providers. To get help with bankruptcy, click-here to get a free session.

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Bankruptcy Toronto

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Welcome to

Welcome To

Services offered

Debt Solutions

Debt Consolidation

Consumer Proposals

Tax Debt Advice

Credit Counselling


Credit Repair Assistance

Corporate Practice

Services Offered

Credit repair assistance

Credit Repair Assistance

In our years of experience we have found that one of the biggest concerns our customers have is how their debt solution options will affect their ability to obtain credit in the future. We will never be surprised to hear you ask “will I ever be able to get a mortgage again?” or “can I ever finance a car again?”, as we live in such a credit- driven economy.

Debt solutions

Debt solutions is used to describe the legal means available to you to get out of your debt. Our first meeting is normally used to assess your situation, what makes your situation unique and how best to apply what knowledge and expertise that we have can work for you. Perhaps you have to choose between taking action on an informal basis or formal basis or perhaps there are things you have heard that are simply not right that you need to hear the truth about- whatever it is, we should have the answers.

Debt Solutions

Debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation

A debt consolidation loan allows you to make one easy payment over time to rid yourself of the debt, since the financial institution pays out your other debts. However, the problem worsens for you if you are turned down for this loan, or even worse, if you take on this loan, and you find you cannot manage the monthly payments because of other financial responsibilities in your life.

Consumer proposal

Consumer Proposal

The consumer proposal, often referred to by many of our customers as a “consolidation”, is basically a way to consolidate your unsecured debts for an amount that the creditors will agree to and usually results in you having to pay a significantly lower monthly payment than you are used to – a huge relief when you have been used to scrambling every month to keep yourself above water.

Tax debt advice

Tax Debt Advice

At Dodick Landau, customers are of often surprised to hear we can help you settle your debts to Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”), such as unpaid income tax.

Credit counselling

Credit Counselling

If you have finally decided to seek help for your financial problem, you will often want to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the same situation again.

The good news is that If you filed for either bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, you’ll be required to attend two counseling sessions with a qualified credit counselor.



Personal bankruptcy is a legal process that provides an honest and unfortunate debtor relief from debt obligations. When you file for bankruptcy, it doesn’t mean you lose all of your assets, and it is possible to keep both your car and your house, as well as other assets – which goes against common beliefs – which we will discuss in more detail with you at the time of your appointment.

Corporate practice

Corporate Practice

Distressed Corporate Advisory

Stakeholder Advisory

Formal Insolvency Proceedings

Solvent Liquidation

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