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SHARE POWER SAMPLE TRAINING PRESENTATION Guidelines for use. This is a sample presentation that you can use to educate groups about the SHARE POWER Campaign.

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Share power sample training presentation guidelines for use l.jpg

  • This is a sample presentation that you can use to educate groups about the SHARE POWER Campaign.

  • Depending on the group you are working with, you may use all of it or focus on some key parts. The length of time you’ll need will depend on how much you cover, whether you incorporate workshop activities, and how much q&a you allow.

  • The key to a successful training is to keep participants engaged by encouraging their participation.Throughout the presentation there are ideas for ways to do this included in the notes. It is highly recommended to begin your presentation with an introductory icebreaker to make people comfortable.

  • Before giving your presentation, be sure to review the notes carefully so that you feel confident. If questions come up during your presentation that you are unable to answer, write them down and then get in touch with us at [email protected] or 212-633-4288

  • Make sure you get contact information for all of the people attending your presentation so you can follow up with them and sign them up for the Campaign!

  • Delete this slide before making your presentation.

Share power sample training presentation guidelines for use2 l.jpg

  • Materials you will need to bring for the presentation

    • SHARE POWER flyer

    • Bhopal and Amazon fact sheets

    • Workshop instructions handouts

    • Pledge forms

    • CAN Brochures

      *It’s OK if you don’t have a place to show a Power Point presentation. Just print out the presentation as ‘Handouts’ and make enough copies for your audience. Go to print in the File menu, in the Print dialogue box choose ‘Handouts’ from the ‘Print what’ drop down menu.

  • Delete this slide before making your presentation.

Amnesty can presents a new way to campaign share power l.jpg

Amnesty CAN presentsa new way to campaign: SHARE POWER

SHARE your POWER to end corporate human rights abuses

Use the POWER of investment SHARES to change the world

Agenda for training l.jpg
Agenda for training

  • What is SHARE POWER?

  • Case studies: Dow and Chevron

  • AI Approaches to corporate accountability

  • Shareholder activism using SHARE POWER

  • Designing a campaign (Training workshop)

    • University

    • Institutional Shareholder

    • Investment Company

  • Resources

  • Key dates

  • Everyone is connected l.jpg
    Everyone is Connected!

    • Find your connection to a large multinational corporation

    • Influence them to change!

      SHARE POWER’s current focus:

    • Dow Chemical Company

    • Chevron Corporation

    Dow in bhopal l.jpg

    • December 2nd, 1984 > 35 tons of toxic gas leaked from a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide Corporation

    • 7,000 people died in the next 2-3 days

    • 15,000 more have died over the last 20 years

    • >100,000 people continue to suffer up to this day

    • UCC still refuses to identify all the products leaked, preventing adequate medical treatment

    Corporate responsibility union carbide and dow chemical l.jpg
    Corporate responsibility: Union Carbide and Dow Chemical

    • UC India stored “ultra hazardous” Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) in bulk, without appropriate safety measures

    • Used different standards in India than in US

    • Did not heed previous warnings

    • UCC owned 51% of UC India and maintained extensive control

    • In 2001 Dow took over UCC and is using ownership structure to avoid responsibility

    Government responsibility l.jpg
    Government responsibility

    • The Indian and state governments were aware of hazardous substances and processes

    • State government granted legal land titles around the plant site

    • Government did not impose safety standards nor press UCC for safety mechanisms

    • 1989 Government and UCC agreement left survivors living in penury

    Chevron in the amazon l.jpg

    • Delicate Amazon region in Ecuador is oil rich and ancestral land of Indigenous communities

    • Texaco (merged with Chevron in 2001) was first oil company to discover commercial quantities

    • 1993 report “Amazon Crude,” from 1972 to 1992 (the year it left Ecuador), Texaco:

      • Dumped more than 19 billion gallons of toxic wastewaters

      • Spilled 16 million gallons of crude oil (Compare: Exxon-Valdez 1989 spilled 10 million gallons in Alaska’s coast)

    Corporate responsibility chevron l.jpg
    Corporate responsibility: Chevron

    • Reports in established medical journals point out:

      • Higher canter rates near oil fields

      • Higher spontaneous miscarriages near contaminated water streams

      • In some streams, levels of Hydrocarbon as high as 280 times the levels permitted in the European Community

    • Chevron:

      • Doesn’t acknowledge link between health hazards and environmental problems caused by oil

      • Hides behind controversial ‘clean up’ agreement with the Ecuadorian Government

      • Is facing an ongoing lawsuit from Amazon residents since 1993

    Chevron in nigeria l.jpg

    • Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer

    • Human rights concerns tied to oil in the Niger Delta

    • Preliminary findings of recent Amnesty mission:

      • Security forces guarding a Chevron facility used disproportionate force against protesters

      • One dead, several injured

      • Raises questions about company adherence to the voluntary code of conduct on the use of security forces

    Legacy of abuse ken saro wiwa and the ogoni 8 l.jpg
    Legacy of abuse: Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 8

    • President of the movement for the survival of Ogoni people

    • Unjustly executed, along with 8 others in 1995 for protesting devastation caused by oil exploration

    • Similar history of security problems with Chevron

    • Incorporation into SHARE POWER and International Day of Action

    What is ai doing l.jpg
    What is AI doing?

    • Direct approach: dialogues with companies

    • Activist Portfolio > Separate from AI endowment

    • Filing shareholder Proposals

      • Chevron-Ecuador

      • Bhopal-Dow Chemical

      • Other proposals this winter

    • Shareholder Activism: Using relationships with shareholders to pressure change inside a company – Top down and grassroots

    Dow shareholder strategy l.jpg
    Dow shareholder strategy

    • AI’s coalition includes: responsible investors, large public pension funds, NGOs

    • Planned to support a shareholder proposal asking the company to address the situation in Bhopal > proposal was removed from the ballot

    • AI and coalition developed alternate strategy targeting shareholders

    • AI sent representative to annual shareholder meeting

    • Thousands of postcards, demos, teach-ins, film showings, tabling, (see Webpage)

    • Plan for 2005/06 > Co-file proposal and educate shareholders!

    Chevron shareholder strategy l.jpg
    Chevron shareholder strategy

    • Amnesty is working in coalition with:

      • Responsible investors, 2 largest public pension funds in the US, AmazonWatch

    • Presented proposal asking the Board to address the issues in Ecuador, and asked a targeted question to the CEO.

    • CEO prevented other shareholders and the Board from learning more about the issues in Ecuador.

    • Hosted 2 indigenous leaders, held a rally and photo exhibit, delivered 2,500 letters

    • We will file the proposal again next year!

    How does shareholder activism help defend human rights l.jpg
    How does shareholder activism help defend human rights?

    • Can change the way a company operates

    • Highly publicized campaigns raise public awareness

    • Demonstrate solidarity with victims

    • Opportunities to collaborate with impacted communities

    Share power l.jpg

    Taking shareholder activism to the next level!

    How are you connected to chevron and dow l.jpg
    How are YOU connected to Chevron and Dow?

    Everybody has a connection to a multinational corporation!


    Investment Companies

    *Mutual Funds

    Public/Private Institutions


    Multinational Corporation

    Investment company connection l.jpg
    Investment Company Connection

    • For owners of stocks, mutual funds, variable annuity, variable life insurance, IRA, 401k or pension.

      • Right to know where money is and choose a different investment company

      • Contact your portfolio manager

      • Right to know how they vote

    • List of investment companies and sample letters available

    • On-line step-by-step campaign guide

    Public private institution connection l.jpg
    Public/Private Institution Connection

    • Nearly everyone connected to institutional shareholders:

      • Public Pension Funds, City or State Treasury, etc.

    • Large shareholders carry a lot of weight with companies, and are susceptible to public pressure

    • Sample letters available

    • Online step-by-step planning guide for institutional investors for more details!

    University or college connection l.jpg
    University or College Connection

    • You can be a student, alum, faculty or staff, or a concerned member of the community

    • Universities have big endowments or handle investments to fund their activities

    • Might be tacitly and unwittingly supporting human rights abuses thought its investments

    • Sample letters available

    • Online step-by-step planning guide for institutional investors for more details!

    How to use your connection l.jpg
    How to use your connection

    Dual-pronged strategy:

    • Direct approach to company CEO/board of directors

    • Shareholder approach

      When big investors speak, companies listen!

    Direct approach board of directors ceo l.jpg
    Direct approach: Board of Directors/CEO

    20,000 Letters!!!!

    How will we get there?

    • Level 1 - 25 letters

    • Level 2 – 100 letters

      • Take the SHARE POWER Pledge!

    Shareholder approach what do you do with your connection l.jpg
    Shareholder approach:What do you do with your connection?

    We want large shareholders to:

    • Publicize investments and past voting record.

    • Make public their proxy voting guidelines (rules that guide their decision when voting on shareholder proposals).

    • Vote favorably on, and publicly support existing shareholder proposals.

    • Establish socially conscious investment guidelines.

    • File or co-file socially conscious proposals.

    Designing a share power campaign l.jpg
    Designing a SHARE POWER Campaign

    Innovative Resources:

    - Interactive webpage - SHARE POWER Forum

    - All materials online - Detailed campaign guides

    • STEP 1: Build your case/campaign

    • STEP 2: Generate support and take action!

    • STEP 3: Follow up

    • STEP 4: Track your progress

      Repeat as needed until you meet your goals!

    Step 1 build your case l.jpg
    STEP 1: Build your case

    • EDUCATE yourself

    • RESEARCH your target

    • INVESTIGATE- ask them directly

    • FOLLOW UP and ASSESS their response

    • FORMULATE YOUR CAMPAIGN –draft a letter stating what you want the institution to do

    Step 2 generate support and take action l.jpg
    STEP 2: Generate support and take action!

    • EDUCATE, educate educate!

    • NETWORK in and outside of your close community

    • Reach out to the MEDIA

    • Put together EVENTS and ACTIVITIES

      Days of Action. Networking opportunities.

      Get lots of signatures!

    • Use the PLEDGE FORM to sign up people to your campaign.


      Ideas on SHARE POWER Webpage

    Step 3 follow up l.jpg
    STEP 3: Follow up

    Your campaign will be constantly EVOLVING

    • ASSESS the response based on your demands.

    • CONSULT with your coalition about next steps and new demands.

    • PUBLISH the response

      • If it is favorable> “Thanks” > SUCCESS!

      • If it is inadequate> Your new demands!

    • Plan a FOLLOW UP letter, meeting and public actions if necessary.


    Step 4 track your progress l.jpg
    STEP 4: Track your progress

    • Set escalating objectives for your campaign

    • Get online with the SHARE POWER FORUM!

      • Post your updates on the SHARE POWER Webpage

      • Track what groups around the country are doing

      • Share ideas and learn from other’s experiences

    Workshop activity l.jpg
    Workshop activity

    • Work with your groups and come up with a plan for your SHARE POWER campaign.

      • How can SHARE POWER be applied to your case?

      • What could stop your efforts?

      • Who could be key players and coalition members in your campaign?

    • Follow the steps we have discussed and hypothesize on the answers you could get from your institution so that you can come up with a mock up plan.

    Resources for share power l.jpg
    Resources for SHARE POWER

    • SHARE POWER materials (ALL ONLINE!)

    • Web-based educational information

    • Brochures

    • Postcards

    • Films

    • Photo exhibits

    • Partner groups

    • Speakers

    Looking ahead l.jpg
    Looking ahead…

    Key dates for SHARE POWER

    • Summer 2005 – Launch campaign

    • Fall 2005 – Increase pressure on shareholders based on campaign goals

      • Nigeria report released

      • October 12 Day of Action on Ecuador

    •  Winter 2005/2006

      • Nov 10 Day of Action for KSW

      • Dec 2 Day of Action on Bhopal

      • Shareholder proposals for 2006 filed

    • Early Spring 2006

      • Intensify grassroots activism in support of shareholder proposals

      • Earth Day

    • Late Spring 2006 – Attend shareholder meetings and hold demonstrations at company facilities

    Wherever business goes l.jpg
    Wherever business goes…

    human rights were there first.