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MOSC Meeting Operations Market Manual updates. October 22, 2003 Presented by: Ron Falsetti Steve Cooper. Changes. MM 4.3 - Real-Time Scheduling of Ph. Mkts. IMO - NYISO Scheduling Protocol (IMDC 0051) Dispatch instruction enhanced filtering (IMDC 0053)

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Mosc meeting operations market manual updates l.jpg

MOSC MeetingOperations Market Manual updates

October 22, 2003

Presented by: Ron Falsetti

Steve Cooper

Changes l.jpg

  • MM 4.3 - Real-Time Scheduling of Ph. Mkts.

    • IMO - NYISO Scheduling Protocol (IMDC 0051)

    • Dispatch instruction enhanced filtering (IMDC 0053)

  • MM 7.1, 7.4 Policies, Procedures & 7.8 OPSRP - Changes arising from:

    • August 14th blackout + other contingencies;

    • Power system restoration exercises;

    • Operating reserve pricing initiative;and

    • Voltage reduction test results.

Slide4 l.jpg

IMOpre-dispatch schedule incorporatingNYISODay Ahead commitments posted

IMOdetermines and posts first pre-dispatch schedule






NYISO passes Day-Ahead commitments (with pre-schedules identified) to the IMO

NYISO posts Day-Ahead interchange schedules

IMO-NYISO Scheduling Protocol

IMO Pre-Dispatch /NYISODay Ahead Period

Slide5 l.jpg

IMO determines projected interchange schedules for the dispatch hour based on 2-hour ahead pre-dispatch run and passes them toNYISO

IMOandNYISO confirm final interchange schedules





Dispatch Hour




NYISOhour ahead market closes

NYISOfilters BME bids using information on interchange schedules accepted by the IMO2-hour ahead pre-dispatch

NYISOruns BME and posts BME results

IMO-NYISO Scheduling Protocol

IMOHourly Pre-Dispatch /NYISOBalancing Market Evaluation Period

Existing dispatch filtering l.jpg
Existing Dispatch Filtering

  • Filter prevents sending out dispatch instructions for small changes in scheduled quantities

  • New dispatch instructions issued for provision of energy change from the previous dispatch instruction provided greater than the lesser of 2% of maximum offer/bid capability and 10 MW

Filtering enhancements l.jpg
Filtering Enhancements

  • More adaptive filtering capability to help maintain adequacy and minimize CMSC that:

    • disables filtering of dispatch instruction within filter thresholds for:

      • energy resource dispatches to the facilities HIGH or LOW operating limit; and

      • energy reduction changes when previous dispatch instruction is > max. offer

Filtering enhancements cont d l.jpg
Filtering Enhancements cont’d

  • disables filtering every 30 minutes & prior to dispatch hour (intervals 1, 7 and 12)

  • permits filter thresholds to be energy resource configurable

Policies procedures l.jpg
Policies & Procedures

  • Enhance operational communication protocols & communication content involving the IMO, transmitters & connected marketparticipants

  • Potential changes to controlled rotational & U/F load shedding

  • Clarify procedures for emergency reduction of majorgenerating facility output to mitigate OSL after a contingency.

Opsrp l.jpg

  • Emergency Preparedness Task Force annual review of OPSRP - after the Nov. 26, 2003 exercise

  • Lessons learned from the Aug. 14 blackout

    • EPTF sponsored Restoration Working Group feedback - end of Nov.

Opsrp cont d l.jpg
OPSRP Cont’d

  • Reinforce need for key facility and critical component testing

  • Reinforce need for restoration plan market participants to open circuit breakers

Control action breakers15 l.jpg
Control Action Breakers

  • By removing from service certain circuit breakers & eliminating the breaker failure contingency there are opportunities to improve transfer capabilities

  • This is required for TLR (TLR 4), but can also help to relieve interface congestion, enhance our ability to mitigate adequacy concerns, and provide additional transaction opportunities

  • Should this policy change be adopted it would require changes to market manual 7.4 and Appendix E “EOSCA list”