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Presentation by Cisco. Click to add information And this is important also Don’t forget the little stuff And again. Presentation by Pat Cleary National Association of Manufacturers. “Cost of Capitol: Removing the Handcuffs” [email protected]/202.637.3124

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Presentation by Cisco

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    • And this is important also

      • Don’t forget the little stuff

        • And again

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Presentation by Pat ClearyNational Association of Manufacturers

“Cost of Capitol: Removing the Handcuffs”

[email protected]/202.637.3124

Fun facts about manufacturing l.jpg
Fun Facts About Manufacturing:

Over One-eighth (13%) of Gross Domestic Product

  • 80% > retail

  • 88% > construction, mining and agriculture

  • 175% > transportation and utilities

Standing alone it is l.jpg
Standing alone, it is:

  • The world’s 8th largest economy

  • Larger than the economies of:



-South Korea and Mexico combined

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-Agriculture: $60billion/yearly

  • Manufacturing is responsible for nearly two-thirds (62%) of all U.S. exports of goods and services.

  • Manufacturing is responsible for three fifths of all industrial R & D

  • Manufacturing is responsible for 90% of all patents.

-Manufacturing: $60billion/monthly

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Principles of lean l.jpg
Principles of Lean

  • “Define Value”

  • “Eliminate Waste to Make Value Flow”

Reduce the costs of doing business in the us l.jpg
Reduce the costs of doing business in the US

  • NAM Study:

    22% cost disadvantages vs. trading partners

  • Challenges:

    • Taxes

    • Health Care (1/6 of GDP)

  • Regulations:

    --$180 billion cost of regulation

    --$32 billion workplace

    --Highest environmental costs

Legal costs 2 of gdp l.jpg
Legal Costs (2% of GDP)

Larger than the economies of:

Hong Kong Hungary

Vietnam Venezuela

Portugal Peru

Algeria Israel

Romania Ireland

Czech Republic Morocco

Denmark Nigeria

Chile Kazakhstan

Norway Singapore

Finland Belarus

……..and 173 others

Our message l.jpg
Our Message

  • Manufacturing is critically important to the US economy and standard of living.

  • We are challenged as never before, here and abroad.

  • Before you vote/take action ask yourself “will this make US manufacturing more or less competitive?”

  • We will be watching how you vote and

  • We will be informing our employees.

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  • “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”


  • “The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.”


    [email protected]/202.637.3124