Cen and the art of kayak maintenance
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Cen and the Art of Kayak Maintenance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cen and the Art of Kayak Maintenance. By Cen Campbell. October 1 st 2004. LIBR 500. cen@interchange.ubc.ca. Welcome to my twisted little world!. Here are some fascinating things about me: I have a family I have a lovebird, lots of fish and a cat I have a boyfriend.

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Cen and the Art of Kayak Maintenance

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Cen and the Art of Kayak Maintenance

By Cen Campbell

October 1st 2004

LIBR 500


Welcome to my twisted little world!

  • Here are some fascinating things about me:

    • I have a family

    • I have a lovebird, lots of fish and a cat

    • I have a boyfriend

These are my parents. They kayak a lot and are in much better shape than I am. Dad builds all his own kayaks, and Mom makes sure they don’t forget anything when they go out for their week long paddles in the rain.

This is my dad and my two beautiful nieces, paddling on Shawnigan Lake.

The fuzzy guy on the left is my oldest brother Ed. His two daughters, Elly and Liz, are next to him. Mom is at the head of the table, and next to her is my brother Chris and my sister Marie.

The Whole Fam-Damily!







Another important member of our family is our cat, zipper.

This is zipper, doing what he does best.

My dad often flies a jolly roger off the back of his kayak and keel-hauls any scurvy dogs that come his way.

Atop this dread pirate’s head is one of the loves of my life, Dean.

Dean is a snarky little beast who also answers to:

  • Bugaboo

  • Boogie

  • Stinky bird

  • Who’s-a-good-boy!

  • Any combination of the above.

    • E.g. “Oh you’re such good stinky bugaboo boy! Yes you are! Who’s my stinky winky boogie boy? ”

This is Liz, Boogie, me and Elly. Behind Liz’s head is one of my fish tanks, which is always in need of cleaning.

My wonderful boyfriend

  • At this point in the presentation, the human love of my life is starting to feel a little bit ignored because he has been usurped by the bird.

  • So ladies and gentlemen, a healthy round of applause for my other lovebird: James!

James, meet everybody. Everybody, meet James.

James and I enjoy taking long walks on the beach…

...and we also enjoy playing with the dead carcasses of the creatures that we find on the beach.

James has a nice gallery of photos that can be accessed from his website. Click on the freaky eyes to look at his pretty pictures.

In Conclusion:

My ambition in life is to be able to fold shirts as perfectly as this lady.

Thank you all, and have a fantastic day!

Cen Campbell

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