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The news media
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The News Media. POLS 21: The American Political System. A Typology of Media Effects. Persuasion Agenda-setting Priming. There are 3 kinds of media effects:. The Law of Minimal Effects. Economic Conditions During the 1992 Presidential Campaign.

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The News Media

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The news media

The News Media

POLS 21:

The American Political System

A typology of media effects

A Typology of Media Effects

  • Persuasion

  • Agenda-setting

  • Priming

There are 3 kinds of media effects:

The Law of Minimal Effects

Economic conditions during the 1992 presidential campaign

Economic Conditions During the 1992 Presidential Campaign

News coverage of the clinton lewinsky scandal

News Coverage of the Clinton / Lewinsky Scandal

Trends in president clinton s job approval 1998

Trends in President Clinton’s Job Approval, 1998

If the media is so powerful, why haven't the polls changed? Does this suggest the limits of “priming?”

Media coverage of the war in iraq

Media Coverage of the War in Iraq

Key misperceptions

Key Misperceptions

  • That U.S. forces found weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq

  • That clear evidence was found linking Saddam Hussein to al Qaeda

  • That world opinion was in favor of the U.S. going to war with Iraq

Those who held these “misperceptions” were far more likely to support the war.

Cumulative effect of having key misperceptions on support for the war

Cumulative Effect of Having Key Misperceptions on Support for the War

The news media

Is this evidence of media bias?

Limitations on the news media influence

Limitations on the News Media Influence

  • Low media credibility

  • Alternative interpretation of events provided by other media outlets

  • Conflict with an individual’s values and political orientations

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