What information is in a SEED?
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What information is in a SEED? Seed DNA Technology Rice gnome Information capacity = 466 million A/T/G/C = 466*2/8 MB = 116.5 MB. Stored in nucleus = 2.5 µm radius = 65.45 µm 3 Pen Drive Size of a cell: = 0.025X0.03 µm 3 Required space for 116.5 MB = 733 X10 3 µm 3

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Dna technology l.jpg
DNA Technology

Rice gnome

Information capacity

= 466 million A/T/G/C

= 466*2/8 MB

= 116.5 MB.

Stored in nucleus

= 2.5 µm radius

= 65.45 µm3

Pen drive l.jpg
Pen Drive

Size of a cell:

= 0.025X0.03 µm3

Required space for 116.5 MB

= 733 X103 µm3

Space ratio for storing 116.5 MB:

  • Rice cell nucleus is 11 thousand times more compact than flash memory

  • Human nucleus has 1.6GB information and is 1.57 lakhs time more compact than Flash memory of similar capacity

  • We have not considered other functionalities of a Nucleus !

    • E.g., a nucleus can reproduce itself autonomously

Slide5 l.jpg

Is it wise to say that Man created Flash memorywhileNUCLEUS is created in a natural/random process without a Creator


Where is the creator l.jpg
Where is the Creator?

Where is the owner of this thing?

The fish need to know what pond is first?

Slide7 l.jpg

Where do we live? A simple view

Solar System

Milkyway Galaxy


Universe !!



Galaxy Cluster


Planetary system



How large is the universe l.jpg

  • Farthest space probe.

  • Speed: about 17km/s

  • Distance from earth, as on May, 2008:

    • 16 billion km

    • 14 light hour

Milkyway Galaxy

How large is the Universe?

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_year

Implications l.jpg

  • What we see in the night sky is the past – 1 year to 1 million year old picture of the visible universe!

  • The Visible Universe is a well designed system in perfect harmony.

    • Cosmic objects are orbiting/moving in their own path.

    • In a regular manner

    • In a fixed speed

  • Creator created all these from nothing (Big Bang)

  • Creator is not within His creation.

  • The fish now atleast knows that the thing he lives in is a Pond !

Is death the end l.jpg
Is death the end?

  • What is death?

    • NDE: clinically dead then comes back to life

    • Coma: clinically alive but has no consciousness for long time.

    • So scientifically we don’t understand death!

  • Death is the end of our body.

  • What about our soul, the element that is constantly speaking within us!

    • How much do we know about the soul?

    • Can we prove that the soul also dies?

  • Hence, we don’t understand death neither we can prove it to be the end.

  • If death were the end then there is no meaning of life!

    • Why are we doing all the hard work?

    • Why are we honest then? Whey do we build?

    • Go enjoy the life! Get money in whatever means you can.

    • Why do we take children? They become just burden. Look at the West.

Science religion a simple view l.jpg
Science & Religion a simple view

  • What is science?

    • Systematic knowledge of what we can comprehend

    • Shows what we don’t know as well – the frontier

    • Rejects anything that is not provable though it exists

Facts : proven knowledge of what we can comprehend. E.g. Newton’s law of motion.


Hypothesis/Theory: not proven or fully understood; e.g. Darwin’s theory, Cancer research

Belief: we feel but can not explain with our current knowledge; e.g. Soul, Life, Death

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

– Albert Einstein


Major religions l.jpg



Date of Origin




1500 BC

Upanishad, Vedas, Gita, Mahabharat



30 AD




622 AD

Quran, Ahadith

Major Religions



/ Prophet

Book from

Creator ?



A book from the creator l.jpg
A Book from the Creator?

  • Expected properties of such a Book:

    • Immense intelligence of the Creator should be reflected.

    • His book should be unparallel in every aspect.

    • There should be no errors (syntactical & semantically).

    • His book should provide guidance for mankind.

  • Religious scriptures are believed to be from the Creator.

  • The one we investigate here is the Quran.

Some facts about quran l.jpg
Some Facts about Quran

  • Quran was revealed, part by part in 22.5 years, 1400 years ago in Arabic.

  • Entire Quran was memorized by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and many of his companions before it was compiled as a book.

  • Today about 10 million people bear the entire Quran in memory.

  • Some characteristics:

    • It is poetic / rhythmic & easy for memorization

    • It prescribes a way of life in simple, straight forward manner.

      • The Quran is composed of about 2000 different root words.

    • About 1000 verse in Quran mentions scientific facts many of which are discovered in last 100 years.

    • It has some integrated error-checking mechanisms.

Numerical compositions in quran l.jpg
Numerical Compositions in Quran

Noisy Transmission Line



  • In verse 16 to 31 of Sura 74, it has been mentioned that

    • “… he had been stubborn to My revelations… he turned away in pride and said: This is nothing else than magic from old; This is nothing else than speech of mortal man. Soon will I cast him into Hell-Fire! … Over it are nineteen. And I have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and I have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers,- in order that the People of the Book may arrive at certainty, and the Believers may increase in Faith,- and that no doubts may be left for the People of the Book and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the Unbelievers may say, "What symbol doth Allah intend by this?“ … “








Same if there was no

error in transmission

Numerical compositions in quran17 l.jpg
Numerical Compositions in Quran

  • There are many types of 19-based encoding in Quran

  • The full encoding is not known yet

  • We present example of three encoding types here:

    • Book wide checksum of 19

    • Chapter wide checksum of 19

    • Semantic reflection in word repetition

Example of book wide 19 checksum l.jpg
Example of Book wide 19-checksum

  • This signature exhibits following properties:

    • It has exactly 19 letters

    • It occurs in the entire Book 114 (= 19X6) times

    • Occurrence of each word in the entire book :

      • ISM : occurs 19 times

      • ALLAH : occurs 2698 (19 X 142) times

      • AR-RAHMAN: occurs 57 (19 X 3) times

      • AR-RAHYM: occurs 114 (19 X 6) times

Chapter wide checksum l.jpg
Chapter wide checksum

  • In Quran, many chapter starts with standalone letters.

  • Repetition of these letters in corresponding chapter are multiple of 19.

  • Example:

    • Sura 50. has letter ق 57 (19X3) times in it

    • Sura 36. has letter ى 237 time and س 48 times; a total of

      285 (19X15) times

Semantic reflection in word repetition l.jpg
Semantic Reflection in Word Repetition

  • Repetition count of some words and their antonyms :

There are many more …

Conclusion l.jpg

  • We have discussed the following questions:

    • Is there any Creator ?

    • Is Death the end ?

    • Is there any message from the Creator ?


Is Death

the end ?


Ignore all the signs of the CREATOR

Acquire knowledge on CREATOR & Hearafter

Enjoy Life?

Live according to the rules of the CREATOR