Internet programming with logic programming languages and constraint solvers
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Internet Programming with Logic Programming Languages and Constraint Solvers Paul Tarau University of North Texas & BinNet Corporation [email protected], [email protected] PART I: An Overview of Internet Development Trends

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Internet programming with logic programming languages and constraint solvers l.jpg
Internet Programming with Logic Programming Languages and Constraint Solvers

  • Paul Tarau

  • University of North Texas & BinNet Corporation



  • [email protected], [email protected]

Part i an overview of internet development trends l.jpg
PART I: An Overview of Internet Development Trends Constraint Solvers

  • A Goal Oriented view:

    • WHY to develop for the Internet?

    • WHAT to develop for the Internet?

    • HOW to develop for the Internet?

  • Emphasizing: from the public library to the shopping mall - the new focus on E-Commerce -

Internet growth driven by e commerce l.jpg
Internet Growth: driven by E-Commerce Constraint Solvers

  • Critical mass needed: ~20% online

  • from random graphs: sudden emergence of a big component

  • Growth of E-commerce (US)1998 -> $29 billion1999 -> $98.4 billion2003 -> $1.2 trillion (source: eMarketer)

Buying over the internet l.jpg
Buying over the Internet Constraint Solvers

  • Initial markets: software, travel, books, CDs - MP3

  • online stock trading: Schwab, E-Trade, Suretrade

  • online grocery: back to the future:-) HomeGrocer, NetGrocer, Peapod

  • online drugstores?

Auctioning systems electronic markets l.jpg
Auctioning systems/electronic markets Constraint Solvers

  • eBay, priceline

  • price comparison/item matching agents:

    • EBay's Personal Shopper

    • Amazon’s book recommandations

  • more conventional shopping chart?

  • refereal programs: Amazon, priceline

Trends in e commerce l.jpg
Trends in E-Commerce Constraint Solvers

  • Integration of e-commerce and corporate data processing systems

    • backend databases: DB2, Oracle

  • Complete e-commerce solutions vs. component based e-commerce systems

    • complete solution offerings: IBM

    • CGI scripts (Perl), servelets, SSI, Active Server Processes (ASP)

Internet based e commerce infrastructure l.jpg
Internet based e-commerce infrastructure Constraint Solvers

  • WWW - still in exponential growth for the next few years

  • payment is just Information Exhange - subject to automation!

  • Shopping by features: search, online browsing can do it better than asking a (not always) knowledgeable salesperson

  • place for LP/CP: the need for intelligent knowledge processing

Encryption digital signatures l.jpg
Encryption, digital signatures Constraint Solvers

  • conventional cryptography: DES, BlueFish

  • public key cryptography: RSA, PGP

  • confidentiality: PGP only a given group can decode, no need for key exchange

  • authentication

    • digital signature, certificates - VeriSign etc.

  • virgin territory for LP/CP: cryptography!

Secure transactions l.jpg
Secure transactions Constraint Solvers

  • SSL basic security built in most browsers, alternative: SHTTP

    • still much better than conventional paper based security

  • DES: is it good for business transactions? (40 bit ok, 128bit - truly secure)

Forms of electronic payment l.jpg
Forms of electronic payment Constraint Solvers

  • Electronic Money

    • anonymus, unforgeable, “sound” - a place for LL?

  • smart cards - downloadable from online account

  • is third party certification needed?

  • E-checks vs. credit cards vs. e-cash

Predictions trends l.jpg
Predictions/Trends? Constraint Solvers

  • E-commerce will completely reshape financial institutions

  • it is likely to replace various forms of catalog and mail order businesses

  • successful in information based (books, CDs), high margin/low volume, expensive to keep in inventory products

Search engines portals service sites l.jpg
Search Engines, Portals, Service Sites Constraint Solvers

  • Trend: from Information to Knowledge - a place for LP/CP

  • Search engines: AltaVista, Snap, NorthernLight

  • Portals: Yahoo, Lycos

  • Specialized service sites:

    • books:

    • travel:

Basics of internet infrastructure tcp ip l.jpg
Basics of Internet Infrastructure: TCP/IP Constraint Solvers

  • packet switching vs. dedicated point-to-point link

  • Post Office (small packets ) vs. Phone Center (point-to-point link)

  • IP header: address vs.

  • domain based naming:

Static vs dynamic ip addresses l.jpg
Static vs. Dynamic IP addresses Constraint Solvers

  • self contained server and web site: static IP

  • connecting through an ISP: dynamic IP:-(

    • in fact, this comes from running out of available IP addresses - upcoming extended IP numbers might solve this - it is quite humiliating for users to be: instead of being :-)

How to create and register a new domain l.jpg
How to create and register a new domain? Constraint Solvers

  • (not a NSI monopoly anymore!)

  • new agency:


  • Whois service:

How to create a web site l.jpg
How to create a Web Site? Constraint Solvers

  • Dedicated server

    • T1 (large volume, high cost) or ISDN (metered, slow, starts to look outdated)

    • new: DSL from GTE (in Dallas-FW area)

    • What OS? Linux+Apache (more flexible) NT (compatible with other MSoft tools)

  • Through Web hosting (inexpensive and reliable but less flexible)

Web site design issues l.jpg
Web Site Design Issues Constraint Solvers

  • Usability issues (quick access to frequently visited pages)

  • Artistic issues (colors, layout, style)

  • Designing for speed (*.mid *.jpg vs. *.wav, animated *.gif)

  • Good and bad business web sites - ratings!

  • Style: look at major media companies:,!

Hypertext markup language html basics l.jpg
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) basics Constraint Solvers

  • <HTML>

  • <HEAD>

  • <TITLE> Welcome To My Page </TITLE>

  • </HEAD> <BODY>

    • other html code

  • </BODY>

  • </HTML>

Adding links l.jpg
Adding Links Constraint Solvers

  • <A HREF=

  • “”>

  • My Company

  • </A>

  • In the Web page it looks like this:

    • … My Company …

  • <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">my email</A>

Including images and sound l.jpg
Including Images and Sound Constraint Solvers

  • <IMG SRC=pictures/me_and_my_dog.gif>

  • good compression: JPG

  • animated GIFs - easy to make - size can be a problem

  • Sound: MID (small) WAV, AU (older formats) MP3 (high quality)

  • static (tag: EMBED, BGSOUND) vs. streaming audio/video: RealAudio

Including cgi scripts l.jpg
Including CGI scripts Constraint Solvers

  • <form method="post”

    • action="http://a.b.c.d/cgi-bin/myscript.exe?query=who" >>

    • <input type="submit" size="40" value="Search">

  • </form>

  • Including java applets l.jpg
    Including Java Applets Constraint Solvers

    • <applet

    • code=”myapplet.class"

    • height="200" width="600” >

      • <param

        • value=”999”

        • name=”default_price" >

    • </applet>

    Tools for building web sites l.jpg
    Tools for Building Web Sites Constraint Solvers

    • HTML, tables, forms, CGI scripts

    • server side tools: SSI, ASP, servlets

    • Media formats: GIF, JPEG, MPEG, real audio

    • Executable content: Java

    Design tools l.jpg
    Design tools Constraint Solvers

    • Composer, Microsoft Word, FrontPage

      • Generating HTML

    • Generating Java applets: Symantec, J++ 6.0

    • Generating 3D content: VR Creator, TrueSpace

    • LP/CP tools need to interoperate with them!

    Alternative content formats l.jpg
    Alternative Content Formats Constraint Solvers

    • VRML - now supported also by Java3D

      • has links like in HTML

      • has superior navigation

      • has higher information density

    • The future is 3D - the Nintendo generation grows up:-)

    • LP/CP tools should interoperate with the emerging 3D Web

    Conclusion l.jpg
    Conclusion Constraint Solvers

    • LP/CP comes late into the Internet Business

    • it should get into fast growing or still emerging areas

      • e-commerce

      • intelligent search, knowledge processing, agents

      • 3D Web, new Internet infrastructure