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EMPLOYEE MANUAL. Union Information Session. Session Overview. Information session is a general overview highlighting specific policy changes Employees are expected to read the manual on their own If further clarification is needed HR Generalist Employee/Labor Relations Benefits Office

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employee manual


Union Information Session

session overview
Session Overview
  • Information session is a general overview highlighting specific policy changes
  • Employees are expected to read the manual on their own
  • If further clarification is needed
    • HR Generalist
    • Employee/Labor Relations
    • Benefits Office
    • FAQs on HR Website
employee manual3
  • Employee Friendly
  • Ease of Use
  • Official Copy – HR Web Site
  • Hard copies – Plan for every 5 years
  • Training required for all supervisors and staff
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Manual and Confidentiality Agreement for File
  • Every Page – “Subject to Disclaimer”

Official Disclaimer on Inside Cover

  • Purpose of Disclaimer
    • Preserve “At Will Status” of non-union employees
    • No implied contract (legal necessity)
    • Temple can change at any time
1 0 introduction
1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Welcome to Temple University
        • a letter from David Adamany
  • 1.2 About Your Employee Manual
        • Policies and procedures apply to all faculty and staff (including student workers and volunteers)
        • Applicable CBAs supersede any inconsistent provision
        • Employees are required to learn procedures in manual and abide by them
5 0 reporting to work
5.0 Reporting to Work
  • 5.1 Official University Office Hours
    • 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.
  • 5.2 Regular Work Schedules & Transition Plan to 40 Hour Work Week
    • Effective 7/1/04
    • 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. (Hours open to public)
    • Transition plan laid out in manual
    • T-26 and above EXPECTED to work at least 40 hours
    • T-25 and below grandfathered for current position only
    • All new hires, promotions, transfers at 40 hours
    • Bargaining unit employees are governed by the schedules in the CBA
6 0 time away from your job
6.0 Time Away from Your Job

6.6 Family and Medical Leave

  • Must use all paid leave (vacation, personal and sick)
  • Rolling backward 12-month period – look back 1 year to see if 60 work days have been used for FMLA – if yes – not eligible, if no – eligible each day unless/until 60 days used.
  • Sick, vacation, personal days do not accrue while on unpaid FMLA leave
  • Health Insurance maintained on same basis as if not on leave (employee pays co-pay)
  • Benefits Office will be contracting with a 3rd party vendor to review requests for FMLA.
  • Request form includes employee’s release – failure to sign the release may jeopardize approval of FMLA.
6 0 time away from your job8
6.0 Time Away from Your Job
  • 6.7 University Medical Leave
    • Each Union employee must refer to his or her applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement for specifics.
    • At the discretion of department
    • Up to 1 year (including any vacation, sick, personal or FMLA leave taken in the prior 12 month period)
    • TU is not required to hold the position
    • Must pay entire premium for any insurance
    • Reinstatement to TU medical benefits effective on 1st of month closest to day of return to work (i.e. return 12/16, benefits effective 1/1; return 12/14, benefits effective 12/1)
7 0 understanding your benefits
7.0 Understanding Your Benefits
  • 7.1 The Benefits Office
  • 7.2 Notice of Privacy Regarding Personal Health/Medical Information
    • Personnel files are not subject to HIPAA
    • Medical/Prescription info is protected
    • TU safeguards medical information in personnel files. Any disclosure of medical and/or personal information for reasons unrelated to the business concerns of TU is subject to immediate termination.
7 0 understanding your benefits10
7.0 Understanding Your Benefits
  • 7.3 Personal Data Changes
    • Notify HR of Any Changes in Writing
    • Name Change – need new social security card
  • 7.4 Health Insurance Benefits
    • Begins on 1st day of employment or as applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates
    • Return from an unpaid leave – 1st day of month if back on or before 15th of month; if back 16th or later, 1st day of month following
  • 7.5 Life and Disability Benefits
7 0 understanding your benefits 7 9 tuition remission
7.0 Understanding Your Benefits 7.9 Tuition Remission
  • Please refer to your applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement for specifics
  • Subject to remaining in good academic standing
  • Eligible 1st semester after full-time hire
  • Employee must be eligible at start of each semester to retain benefit, continues for the semester if the employee leaves after semester begins, continues for retirees
  • 8 credit hours per semester for AFSCME & 1199C
  • 6 credit hours per semester for BUE & 835
  • Fox EMBA limited to amount paid for standard credit hours
  • Tuition for graduate courses may be subject to taxation
7 0 understanding your benefits 7 9 tuition remission12
7.0 Understanding Your Benefits7.9 Tuition Remission
  • Dependent Children (CBA Supersedes)
    • must be legal dependent
    • Dependent step-children covered
    • Fall/Spring semesters 100% up to 10 semesters
    • Summer sessions: one or two sessions = 1 semester
    • May be full-time or part-time, matriculated or non-matriculated
    • Students enrolled/matriculated at any university eligible for summer sessions and/or Temple abroad
    • If 10 years of service and die prior to retirement, children still eligible
  • No longer limited to course work outside work hours if:
    • Supervisor and Vice President or Dean approves
    • Time is made up
    • Doesn’t interfere with work responsibilities
7 0 understanding your benefits13
7.0 Understanding Your Benefits
  • 7.11 Health Benefits Upon Termination (COBRA)
    • Self-paid 102% of premium
    • 18 months (36 months)
  • 7.12 Domestic Partner Benefits
    • For same and opposite sex certified domestic partners
    • Non-bargaining & members of certain bargaining units (AFSCME, TAUP, Law Faculty, TUGSA)
    • Health, vision, dental & other benefits available to spouse
    • Premium is same co-pay charged by University for spouse
8 0 the unforeseen injury
8.0 The Unforeseen Injury
  • 8.1 Workers’ Compensation
    • Prompt Reporting by Employees
    • Incident Report must be completed
  • 8.2 Indemnity and Medical Benefit Payment for Employees Collecting Workers’ Compensation
    • Not payable for the 1st 7 calendar days unless disability >14 days
    • Sick days should be used during 1st 7 days.
    • Will be reimbursed days if absence >14; employee needs to reimburse Temple if paid workers’ comp for 1st 7 days
  • 8.3 Benefits Continuance and Seniority Accrual for Employees Collecting Workers’ Compensation
    • Seniority accrues up to one year
    • No accrual of sick or vacation time
8 0 the unforeseen injury15
8.0 The Unforeseen Injury
  • 8.4 Position Retention for Employees Collecting Workers’ Compensation
    • Position held for six months
  • 8.5 Family and Medical Leave for Employees Collecting Workers’ Compensation
    • FMLA runs concurrently
  • 8.6 Returning to Work for Employees Collecting Worker’s Compensation
    • Modify/adjust job duties as per doctor’s restrictions
10 0 your career at temple
10.0 Your Career at Temple
  • 10.7 Performance Development System
    • Non-faculty administration and staff who work 20 hours or more
    • Union and non-union

Performance Rating Categories

4=Performance consistently far exceeds expectations

3=Performance meets job expectations


2=Performance meets minimal expectations and standards

1=Performance consistently fails to meet minimal expectations

pds rating categories
PDS Rating Categories
  • Essential Functions
  • Goals & Projects
  • Competency Development
  • All 13 of Temple’s Core Competencies in FY 05-06
  • Any Role Related Competencies chosen in the planning meeting at the beginning of FY
core competencies essential for all temple employees
Core CompetenciesEssential for All Temple Employees


Clear Communication

Client/Customer Service Orientation

*Continuous Improvement





Interpersonal Skills

Problem Solving/Decision Making

*Quality Assurance/Attention to Detail

Respect and Valuing Diversity

Teamwork and Collaboration

* Moved to Core FY 2005-06

pds appraisal phase
PDS Appraisal Phase

Suggested Process:

  • Supervisor and employee meet and review information covered on Self Assessment (SA) worksheet (Part II) and PDP (Optional)
  • Supervisor rates employee on essential functions, goals/projects and competencies
  • PDP sent to manager for review (optional-at the discretion of the Department Head)
pds appraisal phase21
PDS Appraisal Phase
  • Supervisor meets with employee and discusses PDP ratings and final rating


  • Supervisor electronically sends PDP to employee for review
  • Employee must view electronic PDP and indicate “Reviewed” on the PDS web system.
  • Employee may write comments to supervisor, if desired
  • Make sure you have an active Accessnet account https://accounts.temple.edu/step1_activation.html
  • Supervisor & employee begin Planning Phase for next FY (SA Part I & PDP)
pds web site address
PDS Web Site Address
  • pds.temple.edu
s m a r t goals
S.M.A.R.T. Goals






Adapted from Ken Blanchard Management Corp., Leadership and the One Minute Manager, 1985

Please be sure to include SMART Goals in your Self Assessment for next FY .

10 0 your career at temple24
10.0 Your Career at Temple
  • 10.8 The Temple University Competencies
    • 13 core competencies (ethics, continuous improvement, quality assurance/attn. to detail have been added to core competencies)
    • 10 job related competencies
  • 10.9 Expectations for Work Related Behavior
    • Take advantage of educational opportunities
    • Meet performance standards and expectations
      • Failure could lead to discipline
      • Serious violations warrant immediate discharge
12 0 a new position
12. 0 A New Position
  • 12.1 Employment Selection and Placement
  • 12.2 An Open Position
  • 12.3 Applying for a New Job within Temple
    • Check applicable CBA for length of time on job required in order to apply
    • Satisfactory work record and job performance
  • 12.4 Being Interviewed
    • Disclosure to supervisor
    • Hiring Supervisor is encouraged to call
    • Employees can contact HR with questions
  • 12.5 An Internal Offer
    • No counter-offers
    • New position takes effect in 4 weeks
12 0 a new position26
12. 0 A New Position
  • 12.7 The Introductory/Probationary Period – New Hire
    • 6 months or per CBA / can be extended for another 6 months
  • 12.8 The Introductory Period for an Existing Employee
    • 6 months or CBA
    • May return to prior position if still open
    • HR will work with to help identify alternative positions
  • 12.9 Posting Freeze
    • 1 year
  • 12.10 Being Rehired by Temple University
    • Effective July 1, 2004, a rehire into non-union position will receive past service credit for vacation and seniority if he/she left within last 10 years for reasons other than performance, sick days reinstated if rehire returns within one year
anti harassment policy
Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Temple University is committed to creating and maintaining an academic and work environment free of all forms of harassment
  • Includes harassment based on:
    • Sex/Gender
    • Race/Color
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Religion
    • National Origin
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Marital Status
    • Pregnancy
enforcement of anti harassment policy
Enforcement of Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Actions will be taken to Prevent, Correct, and if necessary Discipline behavior which adversely impacts the academic or work environment
  • Use of University communication, voice mail or email/computer system in a harassing manner is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge
  • Retaliatory actions will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge
what is sexual harassment
What is Sexual Harassment?


  • Sexual advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Dissemination of sexually offensive or suggestive written, recorded or electronically transmitted messages
  • Other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual naturewhen…
sexual harassment
Sexual Harassment
  • “Submission to such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of instruction, employment, or participation in a University activity; or
  • Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for evaluation in making academic or personnel decisions affecting an individual; or
  • Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive University environment.”
consensual romantic relationships 14 3 14 4
Consensual Romantic Relationships(14.3, 14.4)
  • No instructor shall:
    • make a sexually suggestive or intimidating remark
    • ask a student for a date or sexual favor
  • Sexual or romantic relationships are prohibited even if consensual between:
    • instructors and students in their courses
    • instructors, advisors, coaches, physicians, or other similar individuals and students they are advising, supervising or evaluating or whose academic or career opportunities they are directly or indirectly effecting
    • supervisors and subordinates
retaliation is prohibited
Retaliation is Prohibited
  • Temple Policy prohibits adverse action against:
    • Complainants
    • Witnesses/other participants in investigations
  • May occur regardless of whether charge of harassment is founded or unfounded
what to do if you are harassed
What to do if you are Harassed
  • Confront the Harasser – tell them behavior is not welcomed
  • Keep a Record
  • Contact Supervisor, Ombudsperson or HR
  • File a Formal Complaint with the Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Contact SACE for counseling 1-7276
office of multicultural affairs
Office of Multicultural Affairs

Chief compliance office

204-7303 or 204-7335

10th Floor, Carnell Hall, Main Campus

1803 N. Broad Street


  • Rhonda Brown, Associate Vice President
  • Sandra Foehl
  • Tracey Hamilton
  • Sonia Moroz
  • Sandra Swain
13 0 university standards
13.0 University Standards
  • 13.1 Non Discrimination
    • Race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status
  • 13.2 Anti-Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment
    • Expanded scope
  • 13.3 Disability -- Reasonable Accommodation
    • TU must engage in interactive process if employee asks/gives info
  • 13.4. Employee Dispute Resolution
    • Supervisor, manager, HR, AA
13 0 university standards36
13.0 University Standards
  • 13.8 Drug Free Workplace
  • 13.9 Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    • Use of unlawful drugs or abuse of lawful alcohol or drugs is prohibited
  • 13.10 Drug & Alcohol Testing
    • Reasonable suspicion/after an accident
  • 13.11 Gambling in the Workplace
    • prohibited
  • 13.12 Political Activities
    • May not use position or university connection in any way
    • If elected, duties cannot interfere with work
13 0 university standards37
13.0 University Standards
  • 13.13 Software and Computer Usage
    • Policy governing software, hardware, and computer related equipment/resources owned by Temple – usage strictly for Temple purposes
    • See also Policy on Computer Internet and Computer Games
  • 13.14 Safety
    • Employees must follow all safety regulations promulgated by EHRS
    • Employees responsible for reviewing EHRS website
  • 13.15 HIV/AIDS Non-Discrimination
  • 13.16 Social Security Number Usage
14 0 employment standards
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.1 Weapons on Campus
    • Prohibited except for Temple Police/Campus Safety
  • 14.2 Violence in the Workplace
    • Threatening or violent behavior towards anyone prohibited
    • Physical, written, oral, expressions, behavior, email, telephone, stalking
    • Reporting of such behavior required
  • 14.3 Conflict of Interest -Employment of Relatives (“Nepotism”) and Consensual Romantic Relationships
    • Prohibited within reporting relationships – nepotism and vol. relationships
    • Including relationships between administrators and students where reporting relationship exists
14 0 employment standards39
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.4 Faculty and Student Relationships
    • Including academic advisors
    • Prohibited
  • 14.5 Confidential Information
    • Everyone must abide by policy
    • Everyone will sign a confidentiality form
    • Failure to sign/abide = insubordination
  • 14.6 Workplace Surveillance and Searches
    • Employees on notice that Temple may
    • For safety related concerns
14 0 employment standards40
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.7 Use of Communication Systems
    • For lawful TU purposes only
    • TU has right to investigate concerns regarding unlawful use
  • 14.8 Monitoring and/or Recording of Telephone Calls
    • For business purposes
    • Employees will be notified if department monitors
    • Employees must consent.
    • HR will try to move if consent withheld – but no guarantee
  • 14.9 Voicemail and E-mail
    • Notice to employees that Temple has right to review for business purposes including investigation of inappropriate use.
14 0 employment standards41
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.10 Computer, Internet and Computer Games
    • Not on work time
    • Not in a way that violates harassment policy
  • 14.11 Office Attire
    • Adm. Dept Head/Dean sets standard for area.
    • Must look professional
  • 14.12 Outside Activities or Employment
    • No conflict
    • Disclosure
    • Approval for certain positions needed
14 0 employment standards42
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.14 Smoking in the Workplace
    • Prohibited
    • 25 ft from any entrance
  • 14.15 Solicitations and Distribution of Literature
    • No distribution of literature
    • No sale of merchandise
    • No solicitation of financial contributions or for any other cause
    • Exception – Temple related
14 0 employment standards43
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.16 Severe Weather
    • If classes are canceled, all admin/staff expected to report
    • If Temple is open and employee does not come to work – vacation/personnel time/ work rules/collective bargaining contracts
    • Employee is responsible for checking status of Temple
  • 14.17 Emergency Closings
    • Policy pertains to closure of University for extreme conditions
    • Does not pertain to cancellation of classes
    • All staff in designated “essential areas” must report
14 0 employment standards44
14.0 Employment Standards
  • 14.18 University Investigations and Internal Hearings
    • All employees are required to cooperate with University authorities on internal University investigations and hearings.
  • 14.19 Use of University Property
    • Must abide by policies, regulations, procedures and/or guidelines governing fire and safety, workplace safety, ventilation, evacuation, etc.

14.20 Procurement and Use of Cellular Equipment

15 0 your employment file
15.0 Your Employment File.
  • 15.0 The Official Personnel File
    • HR maintains all “official” files
  • 15.2 Emergency Contact Information
  • 15.3 Access to Personnel Files
    • Employees can view
    • Must make an appointment
    • Cannot take anything out
    • Can request a document be placed in file – HR will review
    • Can request a copy of file - $75 for 200 pages
16 0 leaving the university
16.0 Leaving the University
  • 16.1 Termination of Non-Introductory Employees
    • Must be reviewed by HR
  • 16.3 Resignation
    • Vacation cannot be used to extend final date of employment
  • 16.4 Discharge
  • Further Questions Contact
    • HR Generalist
    • Employee/Labor Relations
    • Benefits Office
    • FAQs on HR Website

Acknowledgment Form & Confidentiality Agreement

  • All Employees must sign forms
  • Please leave forms with signature and printed name
  • Complete evaluation