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1. Corporate Concerns in Sponsorship Partnerships Sport Finance

3. Sponsorship Objectives SMART Measuring items Sales figures Sales growth Media coverage Customer awareness/satisfaction Sponsor awareness Brand awareness Brand recall

4. Good Fit Two Elements: Sport image compatible w/desired image of brand Target markets of property & brand: Audience w/similar demographic/lifestyle profile to target market & image congruent w/brand “viable”. Dissimilar target profile & non-congruent image “non-viable”. Property image congruent w/brand but not audience “unlikely”. Target audiences are compatible but image non-congruent “some potential”.

5. Good Fit Indirect functional based similarity – logical link between product while spectating, but product not essential for event Target audience feels comfortable Ex. Chicken of the Sea & U.S. Synchronized Swimming 7-11 & cycling????????????

6. Sponsorship Platform Central theme around event so sponsor can have consistent message with different means of communication. In other words, the sponsorship is the within the event.

7. Sponsorship Platform Direct sponsorship Indirect activation-other costs incurred from other promotional activities New ideas-not sponsoring event but creating event.

8. Sponsorship Platform Media involvement (15-25%) 3 routes Trade-outs (TV, radio, paper, etc) Media pay cash to sponsor event in return right to sell to other companies Secure editorial coverage-satisfy customers not sponsor Other ways Signage, awards, internet, retail promotions, licensing

9. Ambush Marketing Defined as “company’s intentional efforts to weaken-or ambush-its competitor’s official sponsorship by engaging in promotions and advertising that trade off the event or property’s goodwill while seeking to confuse the buying public as to which company really holds the official sponsorship rights”

10. Ambush Marketing Kodak vs. Fuji 1984 Olympics Pepsi vs. Coke NHL Sponsors in stadium (swooshes) Two goals Weaken public perception & gain some recognition/benefits of associated w/official sponsor Also…….planned effort & not exposure-but misconception

11. Ambush Strategies Sponsorship of broadcast (Final Four broadcast) Purchasing air time in and around events (Nike & World Cup) Sponsor entities other than organizing body (Coke & Cowboys or Reebok and Nike gold shoes) Purchasing ad space in close proximity to the event venue (Umbro vs. Nike)

12. Ambush Strategies Thematic advertising and implied allusion (The Sun, England Soccer) Prizes suggesting sponsorship (trip to Final Four)

13. Countering Ambushing Legal---if claiming property rights (using logo), hard to determine Cost Courts favor ambushers Market---3 ways Comprehensive use of platform Well written contracts (web, signs, etc) Name and shame

14. Commitment Long-term thought to be most effective 3 years shortest 1st to learn 2nd show potential 3+ see benefits BUT……… With long-term if sponsor changes hard to change public (Lipton ATP to Ericsson)

15. What To Do???????? Invest in 3 year plan then review Typically 2 reasons you won’t renew Market conditions/objectives change Loss of association of sponsor w/event

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