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.NET Connected Logo Program Registration & Using the Windows Qualification Service http://winqual.microsoft.com Registration The .NET Connected Logo Program leverages the Microsoft  Windows  Logo Program Qualification Service.

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.NET Connected Logo Program Registration & Using the Windows Qualification Service winqual.microsoft

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.NET Connected Logo ProgramRegistration &Using the Windows Qualification Servicehttp://winqual.microsoft.com

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  • The .NET Connected Logo Program leverages the Microsoft Windows Logo Program Qualification Service.

  • Your software/application that consumes or exposes a Web service must be tested by Veritest prior to registering.

  • You must obtain a Verisign ID for secure authentication

  • This document contains step by step instructions on how to register for the .NET Connected Logo Program.

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.Net Connected Submissions

To complete the entire registration process, you must complete all steps below:

  • Pass Certification testing at Veritest

  • Sign up for a Verisign ID

  • Register for Logo Usage

  • Enter Marketing information and content (this is required to display your product in the .NET Connected Directory)

Net connected submissions4 l.jpg

.Net Connected Submissions

Test your expose/consume web service at Veritest

Expose a Web service

Applications that expose a Web service are tested by Veritest to ensure the XML Web service conforms to the technical criteria defined by Microsoft on www.microsoft.com/net/logo, and is written on the Microsoft .NET Framework. During the test, a tool will be used to validate the data formats of the exposed Web service.

Applications that expose a Web service must be accessible from the Internet. Alternatively, access to the application from the Internet can be set up via dial-up connectivity to the application using RAS.

Consume a Web service

Applications that consume a Web service should be submitted directly to Veritest, as well as access provided to the Web service it consumes. Both the application being certified and the Web service it consumes, are tested to ensure it meets technical requirements and are written on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Veritest will install the applications on both systems with and without .NET Framework and has the application being certified consume the Web service while monitoring all network activity of the test system. This allows Veritest to verify the application consumes the proper Web service.

For more information on the Expose or Consume tests, please follow instructions available at http://www.veritest.com/certification/ms/netconnected/ or email netconnected@veritest.com.

Enrolling in the service get a verisign class 3 code signing id l.jpg

Enrolling in the ServiceGet a VeriSign Class 3 – Code-signing ID

A VeriSign ID protects your company from impersonation and guarantees that all driver submissions come from your company.

If you have questions on how to do this, please download the Step by Step guide for Verisign atwww.microsoft.com/net/logo

Change ie settings setting the net connected security level for use with the net connected wizard l.jpg

CHANGE IE SETTINGS!!Setting the .Net Connected Security Level for use with the .NET Connected Wizard

  • To use the .Net Connected Wizard, you will need to set the Security Level as follows:

    • On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.

    • On the Security tab, click Internet, and then click Custom Level.

    • Under Miscellaneous - Access data sources across domains, click Enable or Prompt.

    • Click OK, and then click OK again.

Home page http winqual microsoft com l.jpg

Home Page –http://winqual.microsoft.com

If you experience difficulties reaching the homepage, please try another server:




Home page submission status l.jpg

Home Page –Submission Status

Use the status feature to get a quick status of any submission

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Establish your Account

If you do not have an account, select Not Listed

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Establish a Qualification Service Account

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Provide Code-Signed File

Sign the WLPQS.exe file and upload it to Microsoft. This step provides verification of your company name via the VeriSign ID.

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After your VeriSign ID is verified, enter contact information for 2 account administrators and the billing information for your company.

The system will generate 2 unique passwords for the two new account administrators:

Sign in to qualification service l.jpg

Sign in to Qualification Service

Sign legal agreements in account administration l.jpg

Sign Legal Agreements in Account Administration

Sample agreements are available at www.microsoft.com/net/logo

Account administration accepting legal agreements l.jpg

Account AdministrationAccepting Legal Agreements

Account Administration can be used to add divisions or users, update Verisign IDs, sign legal agreements and submit company graphics.

Online legal agreements l.jpg

Online Legal Agreements

**Legal Agreements are required to make submissions and view data.Only a director-level representative can accept the agreements for a given company. (If the administrators are not director-level personnel, they can create a login for the director.)To begin making submissions right away, accept the applicable agreements for .NET Connected

1. .NET Connected testing agreement

2. .NET Connected logo license agreements

Create a new submission l.jpg

Create a new submission

Select submission type net connected logo program l.jpg

Select Submission Type -.NET Connected Logo Program

Select net connected type consume or expose l.jpg

Select .NET Connected Type -Consume or Expose

Select net connected categories l.jpg

Select .NET Connected Categories

Select primary net connected category l.jpg

Select Primary .NET Connected Category

Primary category information is collected for directory purposes only

Select contacts l.jpg

Select Contacts

Product details l.jpg

Product Details

Product details cont d l.jpg

Product Details (cont’d)

Product detail page description l.jpg

Product Detail Page description

  • Product reference name

  • Product version please enter the version of the product – i.e.: Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET, BizTalk Server 2000 etc.

  • Product announce date – please enter the date when your product will be available.

  • Where is this product available – Some products may only be available to certain business partners through a contract. If you plan to control your product sales and require a business relationship with the customers, we give you the option by allowing you to check this box. If your product is available to anyone (even if there is a cost associated) you can check this selection.

  • Is this a BizTalk Server Adapter – many companies write XML Web service adapters that connect to BizTalk Server. If you meet the criteria and have worked with the BizTalk Server team to verify this, you can chose to select yes. If you select yes, this submission will be reviewed by the BizTalk Server team. The BizTalk Server Adapter Criteria is as follows:

    • Achieve Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partner status

    • Pass an architecture and integration review with the Microsoft BizTalk Server product team

    • Provide a customer reference using the joint solution.

  • Will the user pay to use this product – please check this box if your product will have a cost associated with it to the customer.

Platform and language information l.jpg

Platform and Language Information

If the product is an application then we ask for the platforms it runs on l.jpg

If the product is an application then we ask for the platforms it runs on:

Create upload package l.jpg

Create Upload Package

To create upload package l.jpg

To Create Upload Package

  • At this point you are asked to verify your submission information. If you want to make any changes, you must go back to the appropriate step and correct it.

  • Otherwise, click Next to create the package.

  • Click OK again when a message states that your data will now be processed, added to a package, and uploaded to Microsoft.

  • When prompted to Browse for Folder, create a path where you want the files created, and then click OK.

Prepare submission file l.jpg

Prepare Submission File

  • Issues submission ID.

  • Asks for the location to create submission file.

  • Packages logs, and submission data into a single .cab file and then uploads it to Microsoft.

Slide31 l.jpg

Package Created

Complete the registration process l.jpg

Complete the registration process

  • Download your .NET Connected Logo graphic

    From the left navigation bar, click Account Administration

    From the selection on the next page, click Logo Artwork

  • Upload your company graphic to be used in the Directory

    From the left navigation bar, click Account Administration

    From the selection on the next page, click Company Graphics

  • Enter marketing information in the Product Listing Wizard (see Powerpoint in Step 4 on www.microsoft.com/net/logo for detailed step by step instructions)

  • Login