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Real P3 Risk Management Exam Dumps Questions

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CIMA P3- Risk Management

What is Risk Management ?

Risk management is the process of identifying, quantifying, and managing the risks that an organization faces. As the outcomes of business activities are uncertain, they are said to have some element of risk.  These risks include strategic failures, operational failures, financial failures, market disruptions, environmental disasters, and regulatory violations. Risk is a statistical concept that is measured using statistical concepts that are related to the unknown future. Almost all investments are exposed to it. providing 100% reliable Exam dumps that are verified by experts panel. Our Dumps4download P3 Risk Management study material are totally unique and exam questions are valid all over the world. By using our P3 Risk Management dumps we assure you that you will pass your exam on first attempt. You can easily score more than 97%.

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Sample Question No 1:

Which of the following statements are correct?

A. It is always possible to remove all risks when undertaking large projects.

B. If a project has high risks it should always be accepted as the rewards will always be high.

C. If a project has low risks it will usually have relatively low returns.

D. Risk can always be transferred to someone else.

E. Risk should be carefully considered when evaluating possible future projects.

Answer: C, E

Sample Question No 2:

VBN's home currency is the V$. On 1 January, VBN must make a payment of C$2 million on 31 March of that same year.

On 1 January the spot exchange rate was V$1 = C$0.4.

On 1 January VBN paid $180,000 for a call option to buy C$2 million for V$5.5 million on 31 March.

VBN's cost of borrowing was 8% per year. On 31 March the spot rate was V$1 = C$0.45.

What was the total cost, including the cost of the option, of settling the payable?

A. V$4.628 million

B. V$5.684 million

C. V$4.444 million

D. V$5.5 million

Answer: A

Sample Question No 3:

Arguments in favour of a strategic approach?

* Strategy helps minimise risk

* Avoids short-term behaviour

* Improves stakeholder perceptions

* Encourages environmental analysis e.g. critical to react to change

* Evidence indicates performance can be improved using strategic approaches

* Integration and coordination of activities and processes

Sample Question No 4:

Arguments against a strategic approach?

Difficult to plan when environment changing, uncertain or complex Encourages ‘ conformity' stifling innovation e.g. the corporate straightjacket Infrequently reviewed e.g. chosen long-term strategy may not keep pace with change Implementation often managed poorly Rational planning a complex methodology and costly for small businesses

Sample Question No 5:

The rational planning process Advantages?

For transformational or radical change Copes with the uncertain future by providing long-term plans Helps integrate and coordinate complex organizations

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