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ICT service for care workers and care organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICT service for care workers and care organization

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Presentation Transcript

Gp health care centre
GP/ Health & Care Centre

The health and social care chosen for conducting the research on ICT used is “GP/Health Care centers” which provides medical and social care facilities to the patients of all kinds.

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  • ICT Software for Improvement in GP/healthcare center

  • Word-Processing: To be used for keeping the records and maintaining the indexes in order to find the files when needed. In case of Sengupta family, it would be convenient for the health and social care center to retrieve the previous records of Bhanu without any delays. This helps in maintaining records of patients in soft copy.

  • Spread sheets: They are used for listing the records of employees and customers such as salary records, procurement lists, purchases records and many others of similar kind. The Sengupta family could benefit from spreadsheets by entering their records in the spreadsheets of health and social care center so that the graphs of their improvement could be acknowledged.


  • Database: It helps in maintenance of the records of regular customers and keeping the customer files in place so that the history of patients’ sufferings could be easily case of Sengupta family, Bhanu can enter his name in the records of health and social care center and thus his meet ups with the nurse could be designed at the beginning of the month which would help him in scheduling his activities in a productive manner. It helps in maintain complete records of each individual in a systemized manner.

  • Information Retrieval: This could be used as a backup plan so that the lost information could be retrieved without any wastage of time, money and labor. The files of the Sengupta family would be of great significance but if they are lost due to any reason, it would be no issue as long as they have their records congruent with the information retrieval. This is used for maintaining backup of patients’ information so that it could be retrieved when lost.

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  • Internet: This is an essential tool for approaching the patients and for sustaining continuous contact with them without bugging them. The Sengupta family can save time, money and efforts by keeping contact with the health and social care center using internet. It helps in updating the patients with current and latest improvements and announcements in the medical center.

  • Email: This is a time saving and cost effective way of meet ups with patients for the discussion over minor issues. It is the safest and most time and cost efficient way of setting up meetings with the nurse of health and social care center. However, in case of Gariti it is not a useful method as she cannot operate emails and internet. This is to approach and communicate with the distant patients who have difficulty reaching the medical center.


  • Image Software: It helps in solving problem of communication gaps so that the patient could easily understand what’s communicated to them by demonstrating through graphical images. This could be most efficient way of describing something to Gariti as she has the hearing problem so she can understand the meaning of discussion. Image software is used for removing communication gap and to conduct conversations more effectively.

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Benefits of using ict for service
Benefits of using ICT for service

  • Service Users: The benefits to the patients who are basically the service users are that their needs are met individually because of the uninterrupted communication systems. The treatments are administered more effectively and the administration is improved rigorously. Besides, the records are maintained with high accurately using ICT software.

  • Meeting Individual Needs: Like sangupta family by using the email services and consistent tracking systems, the patients’ needs are addressed on individual basis without any inconvenience.

  • Administration of Treatments: the check and balance is maintained for treatments by the administration in order to eliminate the chances of patients’ dissatisfaction.


  • Efficiency of Administrative Processes: the administrative staff is highly efficient due to the systems of accountability.

  • Accuracy of Records: the records are highly accurate as they are recorded by the systems in which the chances of occurrence of error are minimized to 0.009%.

  • Care Workers and Care Organizers: The benefits of using ICT to the care workers and all staff of the medical center are that their needs are fulfilled as they are able to communicate their needs to management. This results in increase of efficiency and escalation of quality of services.

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  • Meeting Needs Of Staff: the staff needs are fulfilled by taking their feedback on improvement in the overall performance.

  • Efficiency: the efficiency is enhanced by involving each and every individual in regulating the organization.

  • Quality of Services: the service quality is enhanced as a supplement to the systems deployed for enhancing efficiency of systems.

Legal considerations in the use of ict
Legal considerations in the use of ICT

  • The patients are given certain code names based on surgeons’ names who are attending them so that it would become to recognize which patient is treatment by whom. Also, it is ensured that none of the patients would have to wait more than 20minutes for their treatment and appointments.

  • Data protection act: In GP/Healthcare center data collected on patients is subject to protection; ICT helps in making confidential records that are protected with secure systems and passwords. Also require serious consideration in protecting data with the use of ICT.


  • Accuracy, security and relevance of data: The ICT systems that are used in Healthcare centers are subject to security, accuracy and relevance.

  • errors in the systems, that has to be

  • Removed and rectified that could impact

  • Health care service.


  • Health & Safety: Use of ICT can also impact the service in GP/healthcare center, as many devices require attention to maintain health & safety, which includes postural and visual stress in using systems.

  • Health Records, confidentiality, breach of laws and policies: patients have the right to see health records, subject  to limitations by the law. It is also important to maintain confidentiality in records while using ICT and any breach of law.

  • Respect:  In accordance with “Equal Opportunities Service Provision Policy”, the practice:

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  • Will ensure that all visitors are treated with dignity and respect

  • Will provide the same treatment and services (including the ability to register with the Practice) to any visitor irrespective of age, sex marital status, pregnancy, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and will not tolerate any discrimination against visitors on these grounds.

  • This policy applies to the general public, including all patients and their families, visitors and contractors. 


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