USDA Sustainable Operations Council: First Year Accomplishments

USDA Sustainable Operations Council: First Year Accomplishments PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whitten Building Sustainable Landscaping Master Plan. Greening the New Year. Utility energy ... SOC supported development of Sustainable Landscaping Master Plan ...

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USDA Sustainable Operations Council: First Year Accomplishments

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:USDA Sustainable Operations Council: First Year Accomplishments

Boyd K. Rutherford Assistant Secretary for Administration

Slide 2:Accomplishment Areas

Department-wide Facilities Transportation Green Procurement Electronics Stewardship Environmental Management 1

Slide 3:Department-wide Accomplishments

Established the Sustainable Operations Council Created four working groups: Facilities Transportation Green Procurement Environmental Management Achieved and maintained "green" progress ratings on Energy, Transportation, and Environmental Stewardship scorecards Established website to share information and increase USDA awareness of sustainability issues Supported USDA headquarters and agency "green teams" 2

Slide 4:Facilities-related Accomplishments

$500,000 in energy cost reductions over FY 2007 "USDA Unplugged," USDA Unplugged follow-through throughout the year Compact fluorescent bulb replacement USDA recycle and waste minimization plan Whitten Building Sustainable Landscaping Master Plan Greening the New Year Utility energy service contract Publication of USDA Energy News 3

Slide 5:Energy Cost Reductions: USDA Unplugged

4 Before After

Slide 6:"Unplugged" Outreach

5 South Building George Washington Carver Center

Slide 7:Energy Cost Reductions: CFL Bulb Replacement

6 Almost 1,000 incandescent light bulbs replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs starting with the Secretary's "Cage."

Slide 8:Recycle/Waste Minimization

Plan calls for HQ complex to be flagship recycling facility DA staff participated in America Recycles Day Waste quantities and disposal costs reduced significantly in FY 2008 HQ complex currently meeting 40% of waste diversion goal established for FY 2011 7

Slide 9:Sustainable Landscaping

SOC supported development of Sustainable Landscaping Master Plan Design charrette featured in Landscape Architecture magazine 8 USDA sustainable landscaping design charrette activities

Slide 10:Greening the New Year

January 2008 event highlighted biobased products used in USDA HQ complex Conversion to biobased products major factor in USDA receiving "Closing the Circle" award in 2008 9

Slide 11:Greening the New Year (cont'd.)

10 Featuring use of biobased products at holiday events

Slide 12:Utility Energy Service Contract

Contract with Washington Gas for USDA HQ complex Ready to award first task order, which will include over $2.6 million in energy enhancements Energy savings will finance the project 11

Slide 13:Transportation Accomplishments

Surpassed all prior year alternative fuel vehicle acquisition requirements by achieving an acquisition rate of 179% as compared with the Energy Policy Act target goal of 75%. Increased alternative fuel consumption in the USDA motor vehicle fleet by 31% compared to FY 2006. Increased acquisition of hybrid vehicles in motor vehicle fleet by 95% compared to FY 2006. 12

Slide 14:Transportation Accomplishments (cont'd.)

Initiated successful campaign to place E85 flex-fuel identifiers in USDA E85 flex-fuel vehicles nationwide to promote driver awareness. Developed USDA agency alternative fuel vehicle relocation strategies to increase alternative fuel use. 13

Slide 15:Procurement Accomplishments

Revised USDA Green Purchasing Affirmative Procurement Plan in December 2007 to include four new green product categories that E.O. 13423 Implementing Instructions require: EPEAT registered electronic products Water efficient products Non-ozone depleting substances Alternative fuels/alternative fuel vehicles Developed and posted on pilot "green procurement" training for purchase card holders 14

Slide 16:BioPreferredSM Procurement Outreach

USDA BioPreferredSM Showcase at 2008 GSA Expo Public meeting to solicit comments on BioPreferred voluntary labeling rule Federal Environmental Symposia (East and West) 15 USDA sponsored/participated in a series of events to support designation of items and to promote procurement of BioPreferredSM products including

Slide 17:Electronic Stewardship Accomplishments

Achieved two of four goals enumerated in the E.O. 13,423 Implementing Instructions. Minimum four-year use of computers. Use of environmentally sound end-of-life practices. Established USDA-wide policy for enabling Energy Star settings on all computers through a ASA/CIO joint memo. Established USDA-wide OCIO Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) specifying only desktops, laptops, and monitors which are EPEAT-registered. 16

Slide 18:Environmental Management Accomplishments

Promoting and supporting development of Departmental and agency environmental management systems (EMS) Raising awareness of EMS role and benefits in SOC working groups and USDA agencies Developing toxic and hazardous chemical use reduction plan as required by E.O. 13423 Implementing Instructions Developing policy to include compliance management plans in USDA EMSs 17

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