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The HomeBook Tour. To navigate through this presentation, use one of the following methods: Use the back and forward arrows on your keyboard Use the up and down arrows below the navigation bar to the right Use the back and forward arrows on your browser menu bar. HomePro-IL Home.

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The HomeBook Tour

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The homebook tour l.jpg

The HomeBook Tour

To navigate through this presentation, use one of the following methods:

  • Use the back and forward arrows on your keyboard

  • Use the up and down arrows below the navigation bar to the right

  • Use the back and forward arrows on your browser menu bar

HomePro-IL Home

The homebook l.jpg

The HomeBook

The HomeBook is divided into 8 systems.

  • Structure

  • Electric

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Plumbing

  • Basement, Crawl Space, and Slab

  • Kitchen

  • Interior

  • Exterior

HomePro-IL Home

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  • The eight systems are divided by tabbed pages making it easy to navigate.

  • Each system in your home has its own section in the HomeBook.

  • To the right, we have included the Electric tabbed page.

HomePro-IL Home

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  • Following each tabbed page is your report page for that system.

  • This page will customize the HomeBook to your new home by identifying the types of systems that are in the home as well as offering easily accessible information for each of those systems.

HomePro-IL Home

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  • The pages following your report page in each section offer the “what to and how to” of repair for the components in that system.

  • For example, the page to your right was excerpted from the tabbed Structure section and offers the “what to and how to” of repair if a tree root causes a problem to your home.

HomePro-IL Home

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  • Just as the major problems are described and the “what to and how to” of repair is offered for those problems, they are also offered for your minor problems.

  • As seen in the page to your right, the “what to and how to” is explained for wood rot and decay.

HomePro-IL Home

Slide7 l.jpg

  • As you may have noticed, each section is also color coded to make navigation that much easier.

  • The red section contains your major problems explained with the “what to and how to” of repairs.

  • The blue section does the same for the minor problems.

  • The section viewed to your right is the blue section or the descriptive section.

HomePro-IL Home

Slide8 l.jpg

We have spoken to many people who do not know about the basic maintenance for a water heater, for example. Some water should be drained from the water heater once every six months to ensure the fullest life cycle possible. The HomeBook contains all of that information and more!

Maintenance is important as we all may know. The better we take care of our possessions, the longer they will last, and as a result, we save money. The descriptive section for each system is designed to make your home owning experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

HomePro-IL Home

Slide9 l.jpg

  • The descriptive section is included for each system in the home to offer you all the maintenance information you made need to ensure the fullest life possible for that system or component.

  • The page included here explains the maintenance for your basement or cellar, crawl space, slab, and combinations of the above.

HomePro-IL Home

Slide10 l.jpg

  • Not only does the HomeBook have all of that wonderful maintenance information and the “what to and how to” of repair, it also has pictures and diagrams to help you along your home owning journey.

  • These are located at the back of each tabbed section in your HomeBook and are entitled the Authoritative Reference section for that system.

HomePro-IL Home

Slide11 l.jpg

  • There is also a compilation of references at the back of the HomeBook so that you may find the sources HomePro used to obtain our information or research something on your own.

  • There are books, website addresses, the names and contact information for various companies, and much more.

HomePro-IL Home

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  • Also in the second half of the HomeBook is a Life Cycle & Costs section that details the average life expectancy of a component if it is properly maintained and how much it may cost to have a contractor make certain repairs.

  • For example, a kitchen exhaust fan should last approximately 20-30 years if it is properly maintained and may cost $275-$385 and up to repair or replace it.

HomePro-IL Home

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  • The Pre-Settlement Walk-Through Guide is also included in the HomeBook.

  • This guide is designed for you to use as a checklist and guide when completing your final walk-through.

  • Tips are included here as well to assist you in making your final walk-through more effective.

HomePro-IL Home

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Thank you for taking a tour through the HomeBook! If you have any questions regarding the HomeBook or its contents, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to working with you soon.HomePro-IL Team

HomePro-IL Home

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