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PARTNERSHIPS THAT WORK! Henry Ford Community College Dearborn, Michigan Dr. William Barber, VP of Academic Affairs for Career & Technical Programs Katherine Howe, Dean of Nursing Ronald Bodurka, Dean of Health Careers Partnerships That Work! Accelerated Nursing Program

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Henry Ford Community College

Dearborn, Michigan

Dr. William Barber, VP of Academic Affairs for Career & Technical Programs

Katherine Howe, Dean of Nursing

Ronald Bodurka, Dean of Health Careers

Partnerships That Work!

Accelerated Nursing Program

  • Henry Ford Community College

  • Henry Ford Health System

    Henry Ford Early College

  • Henry Ford Community College

  • Henry Ford Health System

  • Dearborn Public Schools

Partnerships That Work!

Keys to Success:

  • Success of program over parochial interests of institutions

  • Shared Vision

  • Communication

  • Deal with problems, both big and small

  • Sensitivity to each institutions culture

Accelerated Nursing Program

Blending of Two Cultures

HFCC/HFHS Accelerated Nursing Curriculum

  • Response to shortage of nurses

  • Accelerated curriculum

  • Unique opportunity for hospital employees

  • Maintain benefits and go to school

  • All expenses with payback requirement

  • AAS degree program at their hospital

College Issues

  • BON Approval Requirements

  • NLNAC Accreditation Requirements

  • Required Faculty Credentials

  • Union Contract Issues

  • School Policies

  • Management of Papers

  • College Intranet Access

Hospital Issues

  • Security/Parking Access Issues

  • Room Management Issues

  • Dress Code Issues

  • Employee Job Descriptions

  • Payment Issues- Detroit Taxes

  • Employee Work Hours/Benefits

  • Employee Re-Payment Issues

Logistical Issues

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  • Keeping Student Issues Separate

  • Housing of Student Files

  • Office/Lab Staff Availability

  • Student Access to Support Services

  • Attrition Issues

  • Faculty Mileage Issue

  • Ownership of Supplies/Equipment

Keys To Success

  • Overall Commitment to Program Success

  • Consistent Scheduling

  • Clear Delineation of Responsibilities

  • Know Boundaries- Student or Employee

  • Communication Is Vital

How Successful?

  • Approximately 150 graduates over three years

  • First two cohorts funded by a grant

  • Third cohort self-funded by hospital

  • Current benchmark program in state

Henry Ford Early College

Partnerships that Work

  • A large medical system with multiple hospitals and outpatient clinics.

  • Having difficulty recruiting a quality technical staff

  • New hospital being proposed

Partnerships that Work

  • The medical center is located in an urban center

  • The area has been in economic decline for a number of years

  • High unemployment rates

  • Public school system graduating only 25 to 37% of their students

Partnerships that Work


  • Where will the clinical workforce for the future be found?

  • Is there a way to help prepare the students from surrounding communities for these jobs?

Partnerships that Work

  • Henry Ford Early College is a strategic alliance borne of a workforce need and to meet a social concerns by multiple parties.

Henry Ford Early College

  • Five year program

  • Receive High School Diploma: Granted by Dearborn Public Schools

  • Receive Associate Degree, Certificate, or substantial progress toward attainment thereof: Granted by HFCC

  • Employment opportunity at Henry Ford Hospital upon graduation


  • Small school learning environment

  • Mentors for every student

  • College courses start in 10th grade

  • Power of site – adult learning environment forces rate of maturation


  • Started with 50 students in first year

  • Build to 300-400 students

Curriculum Development

  • Primary focus centered on

    • State high school graduation requirements

    • College graduation criteria

    • Health career certification/licensure preparation

  • Curriculum plans available for ten health programs

Student Time

  • Monday – Thursday at Henry Ford Community College – Dearborn Heights Campus

  • Science laboratories at HFHS

  • Fridays at Henry Ford Health System

Respiratory Therapist Educational Plan

Respiratory Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

Surgical Technologist


Medical Practice Clinical Management

Medical Practice/Facility Business Management

Ophthalmic Tech


Henry Ford Early College Career Options

Student Profile

  • Earn A’s, B’s or C’s

  • Have had few, if any disciplinary problems in school

  • Have an interest in a health related career

  • Are willing to emphasize academics over extracurricular activities found in the traditional high school

Student Demographics

  • Currently 116 students enrolled

  • 45% from Dearborn Public Schools

  • 55% from 13 other Wayne County School Systems

  • 70% female; 30% male

  • Ethnically and racially diverse

Henry Ford Early College

  • National Middle College Consortium membership


  • Gates Foundation grant funding

The Middle College-Early College Model

  • Community collaborations between school districts and colleges, parent and business representatives.

  • Make college attainable, reduce repetition in the curriculum, yield coordinated student services and eliminate the need for remediation.

National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding

  • College Locations — located on college campuses.

National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding

  • Small Enrollments —small student enrollments of no more than 100 students per grade, beginning grade 9

National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding

  • A Five Year Academic Plan — academic plan that offers a combination of high school and college classes that culminates in a Associates Degree or up to 60 transferable college credits.

First Year 2007 – 08

22586 Ann Arbor Trail

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Paul Smith, Principal

(313) 317-1588

One Ford Place, Suite 5F

Detroit, MI 48202

Contact: Marva Brooks

(313) 874-5447

5101 Evergreen Rd

Dearborn, MI 48128

Contact: Cyndi Sheuer

(313) 317-6575

18700 Audette

Dearborn, MI 48124

Contact: Paul Smith

(313) 317-1588

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